Twilight Haven
Twilight Haven's Information
Type: Apartment
Rating: 5 Stars
Location: 1430 Blue Island Avenue: Crimson District
Fame: N/A
Atmosphere: Upscale
Owner(s): N/A
Manager(s): N/A
Employee(s): N/A

Marble columns of rust and gold flecked marble rise, 6 pairs of them, to support the 30 foot high lintel of this building, giving it the visage of an ancient grecian temple. Three columns huddle together on each side, leaving a large central area, from which a large Stained glass window shines, light by artificial lights so that, even in the full of day, this rather sheltered entrance gives off a light. The scene it depicts is rather deceiving. It appears almost to be a work of angels lounging in lush red, flowing waves of velvet. upon closer inspection; however, one can see the fangs in each of the angelic mouths, and that the flows of velvet are actual rivers of dark blood. The bubble of a glass dome is visible just beyond the apex of the almost cathedral like entrance, and scralled in giant roman letters across the lintel is the name "Twilight Haven" in bold black letters, resting on the long, thin line of blood red, the setting sun stylized as a red-orange half circle behind the writing. A series of 13 steps leads up to the entrance while, the steps and floor picked out from stark black and grey marble.


Towering all four stories, the heights of the lobby are shrouded in shadows that twist and twine about flying buttresses. Normal eyes can barely make out the carvings and ornamentations, however those with more gifted sight can see that detailed figures of demonic and angelic forms lurk in the shadows, the angels twisted visages as the demons corrupt their so called sanctity. 5 columns of rust red marble fill the space, rising into the so called heavens, trailing feathers carved in relief on their surfaces, flowing from the broken wings.
A dark, circular mahogany desk dominates the center of the space, surrounding the middle support. The towering stained glass entrance is curved so that light only falls in toward the center during the daytime, the tips of the 2 story arched glass dripping gentle splays to the base of the desk. Directly behind the desk is a glassed-in elevator, spanning the height of the room.
Soft music of violins and string quartets flows with an easy grace about the space, radiating from the columns themselves. Scattered throughout the rest of the entryway are dozens of soft, deep, high wing-backed chairs, a few more delicate divans also allowing for seating and private conversations. Amber lights surround the place, hanging from the ceiling on long chains of wrought iron, the glowing lights traced in filigree of ivy, dripping with an almost lethal looking seductiveness.

Desk Clerk

Desk Clerk

Seated behind the counter, a secretary is seated to attend to visitors, preventing entry of those who have no legitimate reason to be wandering about.


Please note, Twilight Haven is a very very posh residence. There is no way for a guest to just head up (or down) to visit a tenant without having the desk-clerk call ahead and get the go-ahead from the tenant. Generally, tenants never see any bills for rent or utilities, since it's all a case of "their people" handling it and it being directly deposited through their accountants. The average tenant of Twilight Haven most likely makes at least $150,000/year, can easily spend $1,000 a day without too much concern, and wouldn't even notice if they were having $100/day embezzled from them.

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