Una Walker
Una's Vitals
Name: Una Walker
Race: Werewolf, Native American
Shortdesc: A tall, Native American woman with dark hair and eyes, often dressed in jeans and graphic t's.
Position: Grad Student at UoC. Freki.
Fame: The great unknown.
Temperament: Laid back. Occasionally intense.
Themesong: All Wound Up - She Wants Revenge
Kelly S as Una Walker

Beat your wings, change the world…


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Arrived in February of 2011 from Phoenix, Arizona; a relative unknown. She seems to hang out at any club that has a DJ capable of spinning a good beat. Party-girl, and grad student at UoC.

Una has taken a day job as public relations for C.L.A.W and registered herself as having wolf-strain lycanthropy.

Una arrived in Chicago in February, 2011 and quickly found herself welcomed into the pack. She's not an alpha, but doesn't seem to be a push-over, either. She's slowly finding her place in the pack structure, and generally seems pretty happy-go-lucky until she's given good reason to be otherwise.

Una has taken the position of the pack's Freki, the third in command under Logan.

Una is a grad student at UoC, transfered from AIC in Phoenix, AZ. Originally on the path to a career in childhood education with a specialty in music, she has veered off this track since coming out of the closet at a werewolf. Who wants a monster teaching their children, after all?


Una was born to a simple, albeit poor, life on the Hopi Reservation in Arizona, a member of the Butterfly Clan. Scion of an ancient culture in a modern world, life was a thing of balance between both, of adaptation and change. She was raised according to tradition— on her 20th day of life she was given her name, meaning 'remember', second daughter born but the first to survive. She was a happy child, quick to laugh, enamored of dance, bright and outgoing. When the time for college rolled around, she accepted a free ride to the American Indian College of the Assemblies of God. It would mean leaving behind the Rez, and taking her Bachelor's in Education, but one must learn to know when it's a one-time-chance knocking at the door. And so, Una's life in Phoenix began.

The four years in Phoenix were ones that would change Una forever. Her mind was broadened in more ways than one, and along the road she picked up a passion for being a music-maker, quickly becoming a DJ. It was her second year that brought the most change, however, when a boyfriend shifted in the midst of passion, and made her Lukoi. Una never saw it as a curse, but quietly embraced what she had become. She found pack, and family, and also heartache when her Ulfric was usurped by an outsider. Soon after, her final semester at AIC was complete, and she decided it was time for another move, and that she would pursue her Master's degree. The letters of acceptance, and rejection, came in. And, after much pondering, planning, and eventually the time-honored tradition of throwing darts at a wall with the letters placed on it, Una decided on the University of Chicago. It also did help that she managed to both get a healthy grant, coupled with money put together by her Clan back in Arizona, to cover the majority of the fees.

And so, Una's story in Chicago begins.

Logan - Ulfric. You're not one of the good guys, are you? But that doesn't mean you're one of the Bad Guys, either.
Rex - Student. Little brother. Trouble.
Russell - Captain Tightpants. We fight almost every time we talk. How is this going to work out?
Alessandra - The Lupa. I'm not sure what to think of you, yet.
MaryJane - The Doc. The Supportive one. Perhaps we should've become friends, earlier than this.
Stella - Welcome back, old friend.
Riley - Man, how many guns does a wolf need?
Monty - The Once-Outcast. Former running buddy. Penpal.
Robert - Dead Ulfric. Una loved Robert, in that not-quite-unrequited way. Her mourning of him has been a quiet thing, thus far.
Victor - Hello, Professor. This could get interesting.

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