Uploading Images 101

1) Make the page that it's going to be on.

2) Look down at the bottom right (not while editing it) and look for the 'Files' button.


3) Click on that and it'll prompt uploading a file.


4.A) Once it's uploaded, edit the page and look up with the little graphic icons for the 'Insert Image Wizard'


5.A) The 'wizard' will let you select from the image files you've uploaded.


4.B) If you want to have various pictures in a Gallery, skip using the Image Wizard and just do it manually.

: Picture1.jpg
: Picture2.jpg
: Picture3.jpg
: Picture4.jpg

  • If this gallery thing is up along the top of the page, you'll probably want to break it up into blocks of four pictures (so the pictures don't overlap the text-box on the right).

4.C) If it's for the character info box on the top right, one can again do it manually.


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