Valentine Cordelia Williams's Vitals
Name: Valentine Cordelia Williams
Race: Shifter
Shortdesc: Redhead, petite woman.
Position: First Chair cello at the Chicago Philharmonic.
Fame: One of the youngest people to play First Chair in the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.
Temperament: Depends on the moment/scene/current events.
Themesong: In Chains — Depeche Mode
Ms.Witt as Valentine Cordelia Williams


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

For those who enjoy the classical music scene, you might know that Valentine Williams was one of the youngest members of the Philharmonic to take first chair for Cello. She left the orchestra in New York when her parents were killed in a car accident. Since then she has donated to M.A.D.D and several other charities who fight against drunk driving. Currently she is playing for the Philharmonic in Chicago (along with Antigone Harlowe) and studying on a scholarship at the Chicago College for the Arts.


NOTE: This is the background that she was approved with, as a human character. When reading this, keep in mind, Valentine has had almost four years, real life, to change and evolve.

The thunder was loud enough to make the tin roof shake, strikes of lightening painting the world outside the little garage with flashes of blue and white. Clutching the instrument case, Valentine closed her eyes, resting her cheek against the curve of the case. The cello case was nearly as big as her seven year old body, but it was comforting. It's cool, firm case was protection from the monsters that were fighting inside the house.

The beginning of Valentine's life was not very easy. An abusive mother, a drunk father, we've all heard the stories. But unlike some, there was a happy ending to Valentine's story. She was taken in by child custody services on Valentine's day (hence her nick name) when she was ten. It was then that her musical career had it's beginning.

She had always had a knack for music. It is perhaps the one thing she can contribute to her parents, as at one point in their lives they were both musicians. In the womb, she was treated to music of all kinds. Classical to the more modern Bob Marley and other rock classics, she was even read to while in the womb. It's just unfortunate that circumstances changed after her birth, driving both their parents into actions they lived to regret.

Her foster parents were Rose and Kennedy Williams, who lived in a nice, middle class suburban neighborhood. When finding their foster child had an unbelievable talent with the instrument, the cello she had brought with her, one of the few things she refused to leave her home without, they did everything they could to encourage it. They enrolled her in music lessons, she was part of the school music programs and by the time she had reached high school people were already offering her music scholarships.

She progressed through school as most 'band nerds' did, under the radar. She wasn't the prom queen or the lead cheerleader. She was however, first chair cello in the school band. They won several awards in competition and during talent contests, others would hesitate even to sign up if they saw Valentine's name on the list. It seemed she had a God given talent. Finishing high school, she took the scholarships she was offered to Julliard and moved to New York, leaving her home town of Chicago for the first time.

Graduating from Julliard with a BA in Music History, she was welcomed into the Philharmonic in New York. Being a part of one of the oldest, most celebrated orchestras was the thrill of a lifetime for Valentine. On stage, she was not just a musician, she was part of the music. The notes flowed through her mind and fingers, soon she was composing her own music pieces and performing them on stage. At the tender age of twenty three, she was among some social groups, a musical genius. Her performances drew packed houses, all of them wanting to see Valentine.

She had been performing with the orchestra for nearly five years, when news from home brought her tidy, perfect little world to a stand still. Her parents had been involved in a drunk driving accident, an intoxicated man ran a red light and smashed into their car at high speed, putting her father in a coma and killing her mother instantly when he hit the passenger side. Rushing home, no sooner than she had arranged for her mother's funeral, her father pass away. Putting her foster parents into the ground was one of the hardest things she had to do, considering their untimely and cruel death.

It was after the funeral, that Valentine decided not to return to New York. Instead, she decided to return to school when offered a spot at the Chicago College of the Arts and a position in the Chicago Philharmonic. Returning only long enough to pack her things, rent out her apartment in uptown New York and tie up the remainder of the loose ends, she has returned to Chicago.

This formerly pale skinned, natural red head has been out in the sun. She's now sporting a light tan that has no apparent tan lines. It doesn't come from a tanning bed, or a can, but instead likely from the beaches of Brazil. Ringlets and waves of silken hair, it's naturally red with highlights of darker red that is almost burgundy at the darkest points, strawberry blonde at their lightest. Frame and form come to a petite five foot and four inches, slim but not unnaturally so. Symmetric features make her alluring to some, full lips a blushing rose that nearly matches her hair and high cheekbones. Freckles the color of cinnamon mark the bridge of her nose, her eyes a very light green that looks more golden and yellow than jade. Perhaps the one thing that is not as others might be? Her hands. Slim, long fingers that were made to make music by God himself. Trimmed fingernails are done with a French manicure. Upon closer inspection some callous can be seen on the tips of her fingers and thumb.

Fashionable clothes, she looks as if she shops from the higher end up stores. Skirt suits, long hemmed dressed with teasing slits and low slung jeans with cute tank tops; it all appears well cared for. Dressed for whatever the weather, from summer to winter, including a long coat to keep the rain out should the need arise. No piercing or jewelry, she has to her a simple beauty. The subtle smell of roses seems to linger, like perhaps it's her favorite bath oil.

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