Vampire History

Vampire-to-Human population ratios are roughly 1:5000. Downtown Chicago has a little under 3 million residents, and the vampire population is currently somewhere between 500 and 600 (the PC vampire population is about 1/20th of the entire PC and NPC population).

Much of global vampire history preceding the Day of Cleansing is only recorded in the lives of the Fountainheads.

Master of the City Timeline

Although not the first vampire (nor master vampire) in Chicago, Metella (Earthmover vampire) was the city's first vampiric Master of the City in 1849. She influenced the early growth of the city into a metropolis before her death during the Great Fire of 1871, and her replacement by Raymond Dire (Morte vampire).

V. Dire was killed and replaced in 1958 by Lukas (Dragon vampire), who was the MotC for Chicago for much of the 20th century. Fearing what the 21st century might bring, Lukas killed himself midway through 1999, supposedly cursing future MotCs to never last in office longer than a decade, and leaving no immediate replacement.

Months later, December 1999 and Ian (Morte vampire) was the MotC. He was apparently on good terms with Isabella (Morte vampire), and he handed off the office to her in December 2000. She found the office didn't suit her, so she handed it back within a month. Ian continued to hold the office until February 2001 when he left, Stepka (a Padma vampire, focusing on rats) taking over.

Stepka reigned for about four months until he was killed (along with St.John, then head of the Rodere) in June 2001. Following his death, Council Members Belle Morte, Padma, and Morte d'Amour were in the city for a few weeks. Seven months passed with no MotC. Ezra (Padma, wolves) moved in around January of 2002 and incited a war between the Lukoi and Vampires (by killing folks of both sides and making it look like the other side did it). Ezra was stopped and boxed up by Antal in March 2002, and Antal (Belle) then took office.

Antal left office in April 2003 to head to Paris, and Scarlett (Belle) took office. She was the MotC for almost a year, but retreated from the public (and private) eye for a few months before Satine (Belle) deemed herself MotC Pro-Temp in February 2004. During Satine's reign, Ian made another stab at trying for MotC but Satine wouldn't hand it over to him. Scarlett also began to re-appear (having been lurking in Cleveland), but never made an attempt to claim the office back. In September 2005, Satine appointed Koray (Belle) as co-MotC, then fully gave him the office in October 2005 (so she could return to her music career, commuting between Illinois and California).

In October of 2008, following a disturbingly magical rainstorm that lasted nearly a month, Koray left office, the position going to Lillith (Belle) in the following November. During the transition, the Traveler and three Council representatives (Elise for Belle Morte, Geneva for Padma, and Einar for the Queen of Nightmares) were in town. Lillith's quiet reign was ended in July 2009 as she was killed in La Pomme Rouge by Parvani (human marked by Amalesh Kapoor (Mother)) through telepyretics. Mr. Kapoor had previously agreed to not using assistance from his marked associate, so the office was presented to Theodore Kincaide (Dragon). A month later, Amun (Mother) challenged. Ted gave it to him.

Amun began to appear less and less in public (much like Scarlett, five years earlier), finally resulting in Reed Edwards placing a 'cattle call' for potential replacements for the office, in late July of 2011. The next month, Vespasiano 'Brand' Vulpi (Dragon), took office but had to leave town two months later, leaving Amalesh in charge of the city (MotC by Proxy) unless a replacement could be found at some point. That replacement was Stasia (Queen) in early December 2011, who left office again after the investigations of the November bombings started to settle. Obviously, this has led some to believe that Amalesh has been the true MotC of Chicago since mid-2009, with any supposedly following his office as figureheads. The position was then claimed by Maximillian (Padma), who had recently arrived in the city along with a Circus and entourage. Brand made his return from Paris in March, reclaiming the office. When away on business, Royal Stewart (Belle) stepped in as MotC pro-temp. Summer of 2013, Royal himself left town for unknown reasons.

The following spring, Irene (Dragon) breezed into town and assumed a quiet MotC office with little to no resistance.

Know Your Masters of the City
irene.jpg Irene March 2014 Present
nopic.jpg (no MotC) Jun 2013 March 2014
Royal.jpg Royal Nov 2012 Jun 2013
Brand2.jpg Brand March 2012 Nov 2012
max.jpg Maximillian Jan 2012 March 2012
stasia(2).jpg Stasia Dec 2011 Jan 2012
Brand2.jpg Brand Aug 2011 Dec 2011 Nov 2011 - Bombing of the CoEL
Amun.JPG Amun Aug 2009 Aug 2011
Ted.jpg Ted Jul 2009 Aug 2009
Amalesh.jpg Amalesh Jul 2009 Jul 2009
lillith.jpg Lillith Nov 2008 Jul 2009
Koray.jpg Koray Sep 2005 Oct 2008 Jan 2007 - Vandalism of the CoEL
Sat0.jpg Satine Feb 2004 Oct 2005
Scarlett.jpg Scarlett Apr 2003 Feb 2004
Antal.jpg Antal Mar 2002 Apr 2003
WCEzra.jpg Ezra Jan 2002 Mar 2002 Feb 2002 - Arson of the CoEL
nopic.jpg (no MotC) Jun 2001 Jan 2002
WCStepka.jpg Stepka Feb 2001 Jun 2001
WCIan.jpg Ian Dec 2000 Feb 2001
WCIsabella.jpg Isabella Dec 2000 Dec 2000
WCIan.jpg Ian Dec 1999 Dec 2000
nopic.jpg (no MotC) Jul 1999 Dec 1999
Lukas.jpg Lukas Dec 1958 Jul 1999
RD.JPG Raymond Dire Oct 1871 Dec 1958
Metella.jpg Metella Feb 1849 Oct 1871

The February 2002 Church of Eternal Life arson incident resulted in the fatal departure of Presbyter Samuel DeLisco. The Church's rebuilding was with the appointment of the Presbyter Xanthus for the Chicago parish, who has remained even with the January 2007 vandalism.

Other Cities' MotCs

Detroit — Flashy and extravagant male vampire of the Padme bloodline, 'Doctor' by alias, MotC since the mid-1960s. Dresses pretty much like a caricature of a pimp from a bad exploitation film (huge plush hat with a yard-long feather, silver platform shoes with goldfish tanks for the soles, gold-capped fangs, etc..) Seems to operate on the theory that if he appears like someone -so- inane as to not possibly be a vampire, much less one in power, it will keep him from being thought of as a clear target. So far, it seems to work. When he killed the previous MotC, the Detroit vampire community was not only amazed that this apparent idiot of a no-body was able to do it with such ease, but also while singing a medley of James Brown hits. When vampires were granted legal citizen status in the United States, Doctor gave a televised conference that began with a rendition of "Living in America". He seemed pleased with the new-found freedom (or as he put it 'the fang-gang no longer keeping it on the down-low for the eternitime') and ensured the citizens of Detroit (both dead and alive) that he would bring about an era of peace, tranquility, and 'thirty-one flavors of funky'. Leads about 180 vampires.

St.Louis, MO — Male vampire of the Morte line, 'Black-Eyed Man' by alias, MotC since the 1930s. Is quite blatantly of the Morte line since he has never been seen in a fully 'solid' state, yet does not seem to be degenerating (like vampires who feed off of critter blood do). Rarely speaks, which is a good thing since his throat is never fully solid. Rumoured to prefer killing those he's extremely mad at by way of doing the decomposing thing, icking into the orifices of the target, then re-solidifying (thus tearing the person apart from the inside). Called Animal: Flies. Leads about 70 vampires.

New York City — Male and female vampire 'co-masters' of the City, 'Glen and Glinda' by aliases, MotC since 1984. Twin androgynous Master vampires, with the resemblance being to the degree that one cannot really be sure which is which (both look equally male and female and tend to dress the same as well) — Even those who have had intimate relations with one (or both) of them have been left unsure which is which. The Vampire Council in Paris is not exactly fond of a double MotC going against tradition, but has yet to take any action against them.

Vancouver — Spencer. Frequents the 'GasTown' neighborhood.
Indianapolis, IN — Savak. She is a dark, androgynous figure of the Belle line. She is of Cree and Irish descent, from Canada, and turned in the late 1700's when Western culture first came to the new world. Leads about 160 vampires.
Milwaukee, WI
Des Moines
Minneapolis, MN
Cleveland, OH — Male, possibly able to call wolves, doesn't get along with the Rodere. Leads about 90 vampires.
Pittsburgh, PA
Kansas City, KS
Cincinnati, OH — Female, Minerva Hastings, able to call tigers. Leads about 70 vampires.
San Francisco, CA — Alain D'Evereaux, Parisian Belle Morte, formerly of the Church of Eternal Life.
(previously Misère. AKA: L'épée de Chagrin. Formerly a member of Belle Morte's court, but recently left France to become the Master of the City of San Francisco. Her history is lengthy, much of it shrouded in rumor and speculation. Her claiming of the city was made in a public manner, exposing her to the scrutiny of the human population as well as the preternatural community. She was killed in a daytime shootout.) Leads about 160 vampires.
Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg, FL Dominic, a master of Belle Morte's, once very well known in Rome. He is over 1000 years old. Cats are his to call, especially tigers. Savina is one of his "children."
Louisville, KY — Kendrick. 40 of his Kiss were wiped out on August, 6, 2007 in what is referred to as the Louisville Slaughter. Humans First found the domicile of many of the city's Vampiric population and killed them while they were 'sleeping'.
Flagstaff, AZ — Rojas. In power for about ten years. A Padma master who has rats as his animal to call. Very old and came up from Central America.
Bend, OR — Albrecht. In power for twenty years. He's an Earth Mover master vamp with Germanic origins, under five hundred years old. A bit dense by vampiric standards but a bruiser.
New Orleans, LA — Keahi Windriver. MotC since 2005, post Katrina. He is a Dragon of around 500 years old. He was originally from the Mwuekma Ohlone tribe outside San Francisco. He runs with a firm hand, but has the charisma to gather folks in to follow him.
Luxor, Egypt — Ramla. Vampire of the Padma line, rules with Heru as her Enforcer. Rumored to be around 1000 years old, has ruled for 200. Calls snakes. Nuri and Sebastian are their 'children'.

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