Vampire Bloodlines

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In Eurasia and the Americas there are eight primary bloodlines of vampire, all descended from the Parisian Council (who meet in the Musee Carnavalet). Fountainheads (AKA: Sourde de Sang) of these lines are:

Other "breeds" of vampires exist, but only those with associations with the Mother of All Darkness generally exhibit the bloodline-style traits. The vampires that were created before the Mother of All Darkness or who exist elsewhere in the world than her influence obviously do not always subscribe to the above pigeonholes. As far as preterologists can tell, "master vampires" are a phenomenon brought about by the lines affected by the Mother of All Darkness, with other lines (like those in China, Australia, etc…) being almost completely devoid of "masters". Obviously, this leads to a high number or runaway vampires turning Revenant among those lines, or those lines having an inclination towards resisting Revenancy. In this way, the Mother of All Darkness is the source of all modern European vampires, yet she was far from the first vampire — much like how automobiles existed long before Ford established his automotive industry, or how moving pictures and sound recording existed long before Edison opened his first film or recording studio.

Oftentimes there are Abilities possessed only by particular bloodlines, but found in Master vampires of 'improper' bloodlines (used as a telling sign of who is a Master vampire and who is just amazingly powerful). In the United States, the line of Belle Morte is the most commonly found, followed closely by the line of Padma.

Although aptitudes for Abilities are carried down along the bloodlines, any other traits are purely a matter of selection (EG: Not all Belle-made vampires are attractive/sultry/touchy-feely/et cetera, not all Morte-made vampires are creepy/morbid/scary/et cetera, but the Belle vampires tend to select attractive folks to bring over and the Morte vampires tend to select creepy folks).

Back in the Dark Ages, the Mother of All Darkness, Morte d'Amour, the Queen of Nightmares, and the Dragon were the primary go-getters furthering the vampire lines in Europe. This led to the legendary idea of vampires being generally creepy. In more recent times, Belle Morte and Padma have been picking up the slack, as well as the Earthmover and Traveler to a lesser degree. This is due to the first four being in repose and the latter two having interests in pursuits more research-oriented than power-oriented.

Although hardly iron-clad, those of particular bloodlines often show a bias in what sorts of people they decide to bring over. Belle vampires will often select those who either reflect beauty and/or sensuality, or who have high aptitude in creating such. Padma vampires will often select those with a knack for animal handling or those who would do well in the wilderness. Morte d'Amour vampires often go for the straight-creepy, selecting the insane, disfigured, or morbid. Queen of Nightmares vampires largely work around notions of fear, getting into a psychological take on things. If Queen's vampires work off of the effects of fear, Drac Ul tends towards the causes; Dragon-line vampires are often very aristocratic and socially active in a 'control and terror' way (see the local library for Vlad the Impaler). Both Earthmover and Traveler focus on the more erudite, the former with historical research/preservation and the latter with information gathering/recording.


---------------------=<< Vampire Bloodlines: Belle >>=----------------------

Belle Morte is also known as Beautiful Death or simply as Belle. Beautiful, luscious with dark brown hair and honey colored eyes, Belle Morte has the ability to induce lust from a distance (extending to at least hundreds of people at a distance of miles), the ability to draw power from lust, and the ability to call all of the "great cats" (presumably lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, etc.). All members of Belle-Morte's bloodline tend to be selected for their beauty or their ability to create beautiful things. Belle-Morte can make mental contact with all new vampires of her bloodline, and can serve as a mental "bridge" between willing members of her bloodline. In some cases, Belle Morte has shown the power to actually "resculpt" the features of vampires in her bloodline, making them still more beautiful than when they were chosen.

Active from 1700-1800 AD on, most likely brought over in the 11th Century AD.

Passed through Chicago in July 2001.

---------------------=<< Vampire Bloodlines: Dragon >>=---------------------

The Dragon, rumoured by some to be female and by others to be male (possibly was Vlad Dracul), is a lover of battle and power. The line once flourished, especially in ancient Rome where the line had a fondness for gladiators and senators, but fledglings have become more and more uncommon in the last few centuries. The Dragon has the power to draw all the energy from another vampire, killing it permanently. Like Belle Morte and the Queen of Nightmares, the Dragon has the ability to project power. The vampires of Dragon's line tend to be rage-fueled warriors or cut-throat executives, if not both. A vampire of Dragon's line is a formidable opponent, and a master of the line can be quite terrifying. Also, the power of a Dragon tends to hold heat, an unusual quality in a vampire's aura.

Possibly brought over in the 3rd Century BC. Now Dormant. Although "asleep", her (or his?) will has been known to manifest in dreams.

History has no recent record of him/her passing through Chicago.

NOTE: Yes, in books after Obsidian Butterfly, we found out that it was Ms.Dragon and not Mr.Dragon. The above file was established as IC continuity before that book, though.

-------------------=<< Vampire Bloodlines: Earthmover >>=-------------------

Mr. Oliver, also known as Moteur de Terre or the All-Father, is rumoured to be a homo erectus vampire and about two million years old. Mr. Oliver's abilities include the ability to cause earthquakes, the power to wound, levitation of himself or others, the ability to remain awake during the day and mask his vampire nature almost totally, voice powers, and the ability to call snakes and snake-like supernatural creatures.

Rumours of his death are greatly exaggerated, and his protest to the laws making American vampires into citizens is well known — largely a belief that there is no better system to deal with errant vampires than that of other vampires, and that human law and vampire law can not and should not mix. Much like the Traveler, Earthmover's agenda is largely information and research based, concerned more with details of the past and how they might effect the present and future.

History has no recent record of him passing through Chicago.

---------------------=<< Vampire Bloodlines: Morte >>=----------------------

Morte D'Amour is also known as Lover of Death but more accurately Death of Love or Death from Love. Little is known about the sourdre de sang, but the line is often full of sadists, debasers, and the criminally insane.

Although he is considered a Council member, he is generally dormant. Known to manifest in dreams, Morte has been gradually becoming more active since the mid 1970s, around the time of the rise of the alternative Goth culture (although it is unconfirmed which was the cause and which was the effect or if it was coincidence).

Presumed to have been brought over in the 5th Century AD, and having created a wave of thousands of vampires in the British Isles around 600-800 AD.

Passed through Chicago in July 2001.

---------------------=<< Vampire Bloodlines: Mother >>=---------------------

The Mother of All Darkness is also known as Mother Darkness, the Sweet Dark, Marmee Noir, Kali Ma, and the Dark Maiden. The Mother of All Darkness is the source of all modern European vampires (but not all vampires, since they existed long before her time) and the head of the Parisian Vampire Council. Although she may not have been brought over until 5th-6th Century AD, which is when she first appeared in India, her ability to focus the powers of vampires into Bloodline Fountainheads has made her into the effective "mother" of the modern European vampire. The Mother has control over vampire/lycanthrope mixes and other kinds of felines and their werecat counterparts. Little is known about the vastness of the Mother's powers and abilities, and nothing is known about her true nature.

She has been dormant for centuries, often not counted as part of the Council due to being the head. Although "asleep", her will has been known to manifest in dreams.

History has no recent record of her passing through Chicago, thankfully.

---------------------=<< Vampire Bloodlines: Padma >>=----------------------

Padma, also known as Master of Beasts or Maitre des Betes, can bend animals and shapeshifters to his will, and can also use the power as if it were a shapeshifter's beast - forcing his power into another, controlling their shapeshifting, and even killing them.

Newest in office, possibly brought over in the 14th Century.

Passed through Chicago in July 2001.

---------------------=<< Vampire Bloodlines: Queen >>=----------------------

The Queen of Nightmares is also known as Morvoren, Moroven, Morrigan, Nemhain, and Lillith. The Queen of Nightmares is described as a pale blond vampire, beautiful but terrifying to behold. Well over a thousand years old, she once ruled her own lands (possibly Iceland), later invaded by Vikings. The Queen of Nightmares is rumored to be able to walk in daylight and can project fear and panic over great distances, especially when her name is invoked. With enough fear, the Queen of Nightmares can easily and safely kill her targets. She has a tendency to kill those of her line who are more beautiful than she.

Although she is considered a Council member, she is dormant. Although "asleep", her will has been known to manifest in dreams.

History has no recent record of her passing through Chicago.

Possibly See:

--------------------=<< Vampire Bloodlines: Traveler >>=--------------------

The Traveler or Le Voyageur has the ability to possess other vampires' bodies, though that vampire's consciousness is still awake. This seems to be limited only to vampires considerably weaker than himself. He also has the ability to lend power to lesser vampires temporarily, bolstering their inherent strengths, and he can shield others from sensing him.

Quite active, Traveler and his line are almost like a vampiric internet, gathering and storing information and details.

Manifested in Chicago in October 2008.

Minority Bloodlines

---------------------=<< Vampire Bloodlines: Triste >>=---------------------

Triste, the Sorrowful. It is said that this old vampire was once of Belle Morte's line, but that the powers of lust and beauty did not awake in him. Rumors in Europe are that Belle addicted him to her early on in his existence, then cast him aside, and that he wept for a century straight. Some accounts hold that he still weeps every night, and that wherever he goes an aura of sorrow envelopes the city surrounding him. What is known for certain is that instead of powers of lust and beauty those created by him and his get awake to powers over sorrow.

Vampires of this line often have an affinity for Control Emotion (Sorrow) even as Non-Master vampires, and when they control the senses of people they usually have an affinity for causing sorrowful or painful sensations.

---------------------=<< Vampire Bloodlines: Buffalo >>=---------------------

The White Buffalo Woman is generally considered a one-shot mythological character of the Lakota tribes of North America. When faced with starvation, the Itazipcho band was guided by this entity who was, in fact, a member of a non-Eurocentric bloodline, circa 8,000 BC.

In the face of the European vampire immigration, the White Buffalo Woman bloodline (like many other bloodlines not represented in the Parisian Vampire Council) has declined to near non-existence. About the only defining ability in the White Buffalo Woman's bloodline is the power to (gradually) control weather.

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