Vincent's Vitals
Name: Vincent Theodor McArthur
Race: Were-Wolf
Shortdesc: dark brown hair, brown eyes, 1.75 cm tall, generally in business suit
Position: CEO of US branch of McArthur Technologies Ltd.
Fame: To the Preter Community —> Old Ulfric of the Chicago Wolf Pack
Temperament: Cold, calculating, controlled and downright manipulative hidden under a layer of politeness and perhaps even apparent kindness.
Themesong: n/a
Aki Palmos as Vincent Theodor McArthur


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

From England, Vincent came to Chicago to take over the branch office of the family business. McArthur Technologies Ltd. It specializes in Robotics and other such things and had recently scored some major deals for Drones with the US military.

Infected during a hunting trip in England, and then smuggled out of the country before he became a known disgrace to the family and business, Vincent came to Chicago where he met up with Bernard who helped train him. In time, when the Ulfric would attempt to force Vincent to compromise his company into taking shady deals to make money, a challenge for Ulfric would come about between the two. Vincent would win the challenge but the power struggle that occurred during that time, not counting the war with the mafia that came about because of the old Ulfric's ties, would leave the Pack in disarray and low in alphas. Thus the call for alphas from other Packs to come in and take up positions, along with a promise to help get the Pack back on it's feet.

Vincent would take a female, Joclyn, to be his Lupa there in the beginning, but she would prove to be unworthy of the position. Crazy, in fact. Crazy enough that she just upped and left both City and Pack, and was never seen again. As Roxie rose in the ranks, proving herself to him and the Pack by attaining Geri, he would then take her as his new Lupa.

There was one thing to be said about Vincent: He was very proud of the Pack and the history of the Indian Tribe that spawned it. (Warrior cult, protection of the weak(er) tribes, but demanding absolute loyalty, dedication) He was known to keep his business and Pack dealings separate. One could not say he did not rule his pack with iron control, his Lupa often providing the necessary softness to counter-balance it. The pair served the pack for several years (1999-2001) before leaving unexpectedly, likely for England.

Pack Info
During this time, the Pack was known towards Humans as the Chicago City Pack. But the Lukoi and other Preters, knew they by another older name: Mowowak Nodno Mwi, or the Crying Wind Wolf Pack. The Lupanar was located in a hidden area on Wavecrest Island.

Favorite Quote: "The Strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the Strength of the Wolf is the Pack." - Rudyard Kipling, "The Jungle Book"

Others of Note
Bernard, NPC, Vargamor of Pack
John, NPC, Freki

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