Visiting Frank and Others

April 23, 2011


Small Victorian House: Living Room - 3958 Ashland Avenue(#4034RAM)
Through the front door is a small foyer. On the righthand side is an antique mirror. Its decorative metal border has an old fashioned, traditional feel and complements the wrought iron on the narrow wooden table . Flowers have been placed upon the table as well as a small dish for keys or a wallet, and coats may be hung on the hooks that line both sides of the mirror. A small rug has been laid across the floor, while a door leads to a small mud room and possibly a basement.
Beyond the foyer is the living room, which has an old fashioned style — an air of cozy luxury. The ceilings are high, and the walls have been painted in a neutral, but warm, ivory. Wooden trim runs through the house. It is dark, like the hardwood floors, and both are polished to a high shine. One wall is lined with dark wooden bookcases, while the other contains a 40" flat screen plasma t.v. that sits above the mantle of a fireplace.
An oversized brown leather sofa sits in the center of the room, set atop a thick, cream berber rug. It is separated from a few matching chairs and an ottoman by a heavy, square wooden coffee table. A few books are laid out upon the table, as well as a decorative dish or two. Further back is an antique dining room table and eight chairs, and a chandalier of the same wrought-iron antique style provides an intimacy of low lighting.
A small corridor leading to a kitchen and a stairwell to the second floor is off to the other.




(scene joined in progress)

It's afternoon and the house has a warm feel to it Cale is sitting on the couch, a cup of tea on one knee, cookies on the other. Frank is seeing to Ruby and Auranna, who prepare to go out for shopping and Dominique is taking an empty plate into the kitchen. The door is likely still unlocked, if closed and the mood is relaxed for most.

Dominique emerges from the kitchen a few minutes later, wiping her hands on her jeans. "Frank, I'm goin' to go ask bout a job an' all," she says. "There's lots in the fridge if you're 'ungry, you an' Cale. Don't eat me out of 'ouse an' 'ome now, an' if there's anythin' you want, call me eh?" She goes over to Frank and kisses his cheek lightly, resting her head against his for a short moment. "Ruby, don't come back wit' anythin' that'll give your brother a 'eart attack." A grin.

Auranna watches as Ruby goes to get ready and finishes her tea. She sighs softly. "Well will be a few minutes." she says softly and shakes her head a bit. She folds her hands in front of her and settles to wait.

The sound of a familiar truck can be heard pulling up outside and a few minutes later, a knock comes to the door. Forest's energy easily recognized standing just outside.

"Oh, you know me. Not one to impose overly," Cale offers to Dom with a smile. "I still tend to eat on my dime as often as not, but I'll remember." He dips his head low and looks over to Frank thoughtfully. "I think I'm more likely to have one first over something like that," he muses. When the knock comes, he transfers his things to the arm of the couch before he gets up. "I'll snag it," he says, moving towards the door. When he open the door and confirms Forest he smiles and dips his head low. "Forest, to what do we owe the visit?" He steps back, opening up a path for him to enter.

Frank looks up the stairs after Ruby, then takes Auranna's cup and refills it before offering it back to Auranna. "Have another, she might be a little while," he says. "Have a seat and a cookie, too." And then Cale's going to answer the door, and at the name Frank turns. "Come on in, Forest." Where 'Forest' is said in the same tone one would use for 'Your Majesty'.

Auranna blinks and stands up straight even before Cale opens the door. She goes tense and then pushes even what little emotion she hadn't away. She accepts the second cup. "Maybe I should wait outside." she says but does turn and moves over a little, "Hello Forest." she says her words soft, and she bares her neck in his direction.

A nod is given to Cale as Forest walks into the house, another nod to Frank as he moves inside. He heads over to one of the chairs and sits down, he doesn't give any reason for his being here, just shows up and comes in. A glance is given to Auranna and her reaction to his presence, lips pursing together briefly before he looks back to the others.

Cale closes the door and then heads back over to the couch. Once Forest has settled, he pauses by where the tea pot lingers. "I'm still looking for more information with regard to the humans that Ahikam and Crystal were with," he supplies as he picks up his cup. "The library has a lot of material to go through. I hope I can find something that will help matters. As soon as I do, I will pass it along." He then asks, "Would you like some tea, Forest?"

When the door has closed and Forest is seated, Frank steps forward to the Nimir-Raj, kneeling to take the man's hand and rub it against his cheek. He doesn't seem to think there's anything unusual, different or wrong about this - he's treating it just like a handshake. And then, provided Forest doesn't stop him, he's heading into the kitchen to find another cup for Forest's use whether Forest asks for one or not. "Cookies are on the table, Nimir-Raj, help yourself," he adds to Cale's question.

Grace attempts to shoulder the door as its closing. "Hey!" Her hands are full of a tray, but the door closes on her anyway and she's left kicking it in place of a knock. "This thing is gettin' hot!"

Auranna looks over towards Cale for a moment, "What information?" she asks softly and then after Forest is seated, she does move over there to kneel and offer her throat again. She is tense and it is hard to hide that, though she is trying to keep all the rest of her emotions in check. She doesn't move as she hears Grace, she stays kneeling there, though one might say her hackles raise a bit.

Forest accepts Frank's greeting, but still he doesn't speak. He seems to be in a quiet mood, his expression difficult to read. His eyes move to the cookies on the table but then Auranna is before him. As she bares her neck to him he lets out a soft sigh and his fingers move to brush over her neck in a gentle motion before he reaches out and pulls her up onto his lap, brushing his cheek across hers.

"Just finding out who they are, what they do," Cale replies to Auranna. "That sort of thing and anything related that might be important. The sort of things you want to know when you try and figure out what a person is about." With Frank going to get the cup, Cale turns his attention to the door again and goes over to open it up for Grace. "Sorry, Grace. Come on in," he offers as he holds it open for her. "What've you got there?"

Frank emerges from the kitchen with two cups. "Hey, Grace," he says, and then his nose twitches. "Pasties!" He starts clearing space on the table for the tray, all other thoughts going clean out of his head for the moment.

Grace eyes Cale as he lets her in. "I wasn't expecting so many, only got two trays…but it'll do." She looks about. "They's pasties, CAle." The smell of little meat filled breaded goodnesses fills the room. "I promise Frank I'd make him some more." What's that? Grace can cook? Yeah…in fact she can. Once the tray is put down Grace greets Forest. "Raj," Bowing her head over Auranna then moving back to rub her cheek on Frank's hand too.

Auranna blinks as she finds herself pulled into Forest's lap like that. At the brush of his cheek and look in his eyes, Aura lose hold and a few tears roll down her cheeks. She sniffs a little and doesn't move, just sits there for a moment. She looks at Cale, "The male is named Dwayne, he is a student last I knew majoring in Preternatural studies, he knows quite a few of the Preters in the city, his Fiance the female is Electra, a detective in the Chicago Police Department, and gifted." she shakes her head a bit, "They are engaged to be married." She looks at Grace for a moment but then back to Forest.

Ruby's arrival isn't quiet, clattering down the stairs, talking before she arrives. "I'm ready to rock when you are, Aura, if Dom isn't forcing tea down you." She stops half way down, silenced by the newcomers, and moving the rest of the way in silence, her fingers reaching out to brush against Cale's. "Raj." She waits for Grace to be out of the way before she moves to brush her cheek against Forest's hand.

Grace and Ruby's greetings are returned and he loosens his arms around Auranna, fingers moving up to brush away the tears. Still he doesn't say anything, just seems to be in that kind of mood. The pasties draw his attention, his nose working to draw the scent to him, they smell delicious. His eyes move to the nearest window and he gazes out it in silence. Yeah, he's acting a little strange, maybe he's just tired, maybe he has things on his mind.

Cale sniffs the air and smiles at Grace., "I'm surprised," he notes to her witha grin. Though when Aura speaks, Cale looks over. "Their names I knew.. she's a police officer?" That makes him frown. Their relationship status noted, but not moving him terribly. "I'll confirm that, but that may present a problem." But he doesn't elaborate on what sort of problem, though. Looking to Ruby as she descends. He brushes his fingers against hers, but doesn't cling to let her do her thing. For now he lingers on his feet, giving some thought to things himself.

Frank sets the two cups on the table next to the teapot, and then he retrieves the remote and switches the TV off. Silent, he returns to his seat, looking from one face to the next to the next.

Grace comes to claim a couch seat next to Frank (if he's not on the couch, she sits on the arm of his chair), perched there and looking about, with a tilted head. The silence seems to make her look around more and finally she just reaches forward to grab a few of the pasties for Frank, holding them out for him. "Why are you surprised Cale?"

Auranna looks over at Frank for a moment and then back up to Forest. She doesn't know what to say to him, or say at all really as he brushes the tears from her cheeks. She looks back over to Cale, "Yes, I have seen her badge and she used to work with my Girlfriend, who is a cop, though I think she is assigned to Homicide now." she says, "Why would you need to confirm, you don't trust my words?" she frowns at him for a moment. She looks back to Ruby and bites her lip, "Um, yeah, maybe just a moment."

Greeting done and accepted, Ruby reaches out to snag a pasty, giving Grace a grin. Her glance at Aura is questioning, as she moves back to where Cale stands. She nods at Auranna, giving her a quick smile as she leans against Cale, eating the pasty. She lapses into silence though, letting the conversation flow past her, ready to leave.

Forest looks over to Frank, eyes resting upon the man for a brief moment before he nods then pats Auranna on the back and gestures that she can get up if she wants. He leans forward and grabs one of the pasties, eating it in silence as he continues to just listen to the conversation around him.

"I trust you Aura, but I want to make sure precisely what the situation is," Cale offers to her. He goes to her and lays a hand on her shoulder lightly. "You sound a little uncertain, I'll confirm the details and all." He smile to her is a light, easy thing. He then looks to Ruby and says, "What don't you two go and enjoy the daylight, it's burning away, after all." His arm slips over Ruby's shoulders as he makes the suggestion. He then smiles at Grace and offers, "I'd not taken you for the homemaker type." Amusement edging his voice.

Frank acquires himself a pasty when Forest's got one. "A copper," he grimaces. "Bet you sixpence that they've gone and babbled all our secrets to a copper and a preternatural student. God, could they have found two worse people to go talking to? Thank god they don't know about this place."

Grace frowns at Frank simply ignores her and she goes about eating what she took herself, hrumping a little. Cale gets an eyebrow, "The surprises never end."

Frank takes the pasties off Grace with a quiet, "Thanks," when Forest's got one. "A copper," he grimaces. "Bet you sixpence that they've gone and babbled all our secrets to a copper and a preternatural student.
God, could they have found two worse people to go talking to? Thank god they don't know about this place."

Gracefrowns at Frank simply ignores her and she goes about eating what she took herself, hurmping a little. Cale gets an eyebrow, "The surprises never end." She then looks between where Forest and Aura are sitting and Cale. …Just go with that…fucking work phone.

Auranna blinks and turns to look at Frank, "They would never babble our secrets. I told Cale that and I will tell anyone who wants to listen that. They aren't a threat to anyone, except maybe Johnothan and that is only if someone goes after them." She looks at Cale, "I am not uncertain about them." She shakes her head a bit and then moves to stand, "Can we go Ruby?" she asks looking like she feels she really needs to get out of there now.

"Sounds like a plan to me. Aura, you ready to make tracks?" Ruby slips into slang easily, and she brushes a kiss over Cale's cheek, shooting him a look that does bode for the man. "Shoe time." She murmurs, her gaze flickering to Frank, as he speaks and then to Auranna. "Let's shop, luv. Come on, you can help me with this frilly business." She steps away from Cale then, offering a hand to Auranna.

Cale frowns faintly, but seems inclined to let the subject drop for now. "Stockings," he notes to Ruby with a slight smile, his arm dropping when she moves away. He selects a pasty for himself then, handling it lightly as he takes it with him back to the couch to settle with the tea and cookies. A good little spread for him. He gives Grace a casual grin and offers, "You should talk to Dom. She's a kitchen wizard as I am told and taste. I'm thinking of asking her for some formal lessons soon."

Grace shakes her head at Auranna, "People do strange things when their pissed Auranna. It is something we have to consider." Grace eyes Frank as now he decides to take one off her hand. She doesn't stop him but simply raises her eyebrow with an 'uhuh'. Grace nods at Cale, "I know, Frank told me." Then she's throwing a pasty at Cale's head. "Don't give me that look, you'll ruin my 'reputation'." She laughs.

The look Frank turns on Auranna is full of gentle understanding. "Go shoppin'," he says, then adds, "Enjoy yourselves." He settles back into his chair with a wink for Grace. "Dom's out interviewin' at the moment," he offers, then coughs. "No food fights in the house, please an' thank you."

Forest continues to sit quietly, listening to the conversation around him, idly nibbling at the pastry in his hand.

Auranna nods and rises and takes Ruby's hand. She squeezes it a little for support. Now Frank she wouldn't talk back to or give disrespect but she has no problems doing so to Grace, "Not everyone is like you Grace, not everyone gets pissed at everything that happens and acts stupid. They aren't angry, more hurt than anything. And Crystal and Ahi, lived with Electra and Dwayne for months, if they had told them anything, the cops wouldn't have had a problem finding Crystal for questioning when they were looking, and yet, wow, they had no clue." she shakes her head and looks at Ruby, "Yeah, lets go." she says softly.

"Maybe if you are lucky, mate." Ruby's reply is a quick jab at Cale, teasing him casually. "Dom'll have your guts for garters if you break anything, Grace. Use a cushion, they bounce." She nudges Auranna lightly with her shoulder as she opens the door, an oddly affectionate movement, sisterly. "Enough, leave it." She murmurs softly, letting Auranna out in front of her, shooting a look behind her. A swirl of her coat and a slam of the door and they are gone. Shoes!

A good thing Cale hasn't taken up his cup yet, a free hand there to lift and catch most of the pasty. "Hey! Don't waste the good food. If you don't want it, I'll eat it." And he does carefully slip that one on top of the other in his hand. And for the moment, he'll tend to those creations, letting the two be on their way.

Ruby opens the door and steps outside, closing it behind herself.
Ruby has left.

Frank watches Ruby and Auranna leave, making sure he hears the door close behind them, then settles back in his seat. One hand rubs at the bridge of his nose, while the other holds the pasty; the first hand then reaches for his cup of tea, and he sighs.

Grace simply shrugs at Auranna's responce. Then after they are gone she looks at Cale. "Why were the cops looking for Crystal?" She doesn't say anything about the thrown food, just goes back to perching herself on the arm of the chair and actaully smacks Frank's hand in order to get the pasty for him in a very 'my job' sort of way.

Auranna has left.

Forest finishes off his pastry, watching the interactions between those in the room, then rises to his feet and moves to stand at the window, looking outside. A hand moves up to rub over his face before he turns back to watch the three of you.

"This was a little while ago. Had to do with the shifter killer, a rogue wolf who was doing nasty things." While Cale's words aren't hard, his voice firms as he speaks of the incidents. "Some of the police were looking for her and through that the killer. But that's history now. This Electra being a police officer obviously makes certain courses of action less advisable," he observes, glancing towards Frank a moment at the last. Though after that his attention turns to FOrest and his brow furrows softly. "Forest, is something wrong?"

Frank's hand retreats when it's smacked, though within a couple of seconds there's a cushion winging it's lazy way towards Grace's shoulder. Given that Frank hasn't got any cushions left and there's extra on the sofa, coupled with the fact that Frank had to retrieve the TV remote from the floor, perhaps things haven't been as staid as usual.

Grace oofs as the pillow gets her. "Hey?" She sticks her tongue out at him. "I'm being nice!" She nods up at Cale though, "Alright. I doubt that has to do with anything now however. I hope Aruanna figures herself the fuck out." She eats a treat then…almost…shoves one towards Frank's mouth, but stops, sighing and just holding it out for him. She couldn't do it, even jokingly.

A certain sadness can be sensed from the Nimir as he stands there, watching you three. Finally he speaks, his tone firm "We have lost the sense of being a family. The unity we have right now is solely based on who can out challenge who." He pauses for a moment, eyes watching the three of you as he speaks, "Yes, we need to be strong, yes we need to be united, but we have lost the one thing that was most basic and most needed by us all. We have lost each other along the way." His eyes move to Grace, then Cale, then Frank, "It has to end, now. We -will- be a family again, we -will- support each other again, and we -will- be stronger because of it."

Cale grins at Frank and Grace, though when Forest speaks he listens quietly. His brow furrowed slightly at what is said. "I'm not sure what you mean, Forest. AT least, not from my perspective. I've done what I can to support those around me. I even attempted to help Crystal and Ahikam, though I doubt what words I shared with them bore much fruit. There are one or two who try my nerves, but I don't let that get in the way of what's best for the Pard. You should know, I've never been about the challenge of things." He grins, the expression a bit lopsided.

Frank grins at Grace, unrepentant. "If 'nice' means you hit me, I don't want to see nasty," he says, then takes the pasty with a nod. And then Forest speaks, and Frank nods. "Yeah, we will," he says. "Dunno if you noticed, Forest, but Dylan an' Grace have been tradin' jibes instead of insults. Auranna's off with Ruby gettin' cheered up. Cale's stayin' here 'til his own place is safe. Things *are* settlin'. I hadn't never met Cray before he made his challenge, but from what I can see losin' Crystal an' Ahikam weren't such a bad move. I hear they actually been leopards for *years*, so they'd got no excuse for behavin' like kids."

Grace turns to look at Forest then and mentions, "We're doing fine, now, obviously. We're working together, relaxed." She shrugs. She simply nods to what Frank says. "Everything is settling.

Forest listens to what the three of you say and nods once. Then he turns and heads for the door, "Just make sure to keep doing so, I won't tolerate otherwise anymore." His hand moves to the doorknob and he turns back, "To all of you it may feel like a family, you're all fairly new, but most of mine is gone now. And yes, some of it may be for the best, but it doesn't make it any easier."
"I'll be honest, Forest.. I do sort of agree with Frank," Cale offers lightly. "Not for want of trying and hoping for better. I had thought Ahikam was improving a bit. Then this happens." He shakes his head. "I'm hoping what's going on now can settle neatly. There's been enough violence and tragedy for a few lifetimes recently. As soon as I have the information, I'll make sure you, Gage and Frank have it so a decision can be made on what, if anything to do. And if you want any help in securing the compound, I'll do what I can. I'll be happy when everything is quiet again, regardless of the means to get there."

Frank's expression reveals the magnitude of his shock, and then his eyes narrow, teeth gritting. "You asked me an' mine to 'elp make this Pard strong, Nimir-Raj," he says. "You hired the Form. An' *now* you're changin' the rules, with the job half-done? Will you at least tell us what the rules are now, or am I gonna get beaten an' exiled for wantin' to put Cray in his place without writin' poetry or givin' him flowers?"

Grace frowns deepily at Forest. "Sometimes being a working unit and understanding what's what is better than being a broken 'family' that will get chewed up and spit out by the first thing that comes along." She gets up off the arm of the chair and stalks towards the kitchen apparently pissed. "It's natural selection, the stupid get eaten…but in this case..oh, just kicked out to run amuck." She snarls as she reaches the kitchen unless someone stops her.

Forest lets out a little laugh and shakes his head before he moves over to sit on the chair he recently vacated. "I think you guys are missing my meaning here." His voice is lighter, perhaps showing that the man is tired. "Come here, all of you, and sit." He gestures to the floor before him, even though his voice is softer, it's still a command.

Cale furrows his brow slightly at the talk that goes back and forth. But when Forest bids them move, he rises. The second pasty brought with him, but he leaves the tea and cookies on the arm of the couch as he approaches. For now he decides to keep his silence, settling cross legged in the rough area indicated. Willing to listen.

Frank isn't happy, but he isn't going to disobey the Nimir-Raj. He moves, grabbing his tea on his way to take a seat where indicated. He too remains silent.

Grace frowns still, her most common trait, and crosses her arms under her chest. A snort at the motion to sit and a moments hesitation before she too is moving to sit. "Fine."

Forest reaches his hand out, rubbing each of your cheeks, Frank, Grace, then Cale, it's a rub that has a fond sense to it. "I need each and every one of you, all of us. I want us to work together as a family, a unit, a team. You are all my responsibility, but you are more than just that to me. I don't want to loose any more of us." His words are sincere as he speaks, his power moving out to brush against each of you, encompassing you in his warmth. "I want us to support each other. Family has always been important to me, and I've lost some, not just those recent, but before, and it's hard to think of loosing any others. This thing with the cops, it makes me nervous, yet I did what I had to do at the time." His eyes move to Grace, "If they had been killed, or even disappeared, what do you think would have happened when the cops knew who they were last seen with?" Then to Frank, "Cray has challenged me, it stands, it will be dealt with the way that it should. I am not saying challenges won't happen anymore, I fully expect them to, I just want the rules we have set to stand." Then finally to Cale, "You have also lost recently, I think you can understand my desire for us to be a family." His hands move back to his laps and he grows quiet, looking at the three of you with a tenderness, yet strong desire in his eyes.

Cale leans into the touch slightly and is thoughtful as he listens and towards the end he nods and says, "I'm doing what I'm doing to try and prevent it from happening again. The project. THe website, the security service idea. And I'm glad that you didn't act too quickly. Though I'm not really sure what suggestions to offer on this." He glances towards Frank.

Frank relaxes a little at the touch, but some of his doubt remains in his eyes, his expression, his voice. "Forest, Nimir-Raj - to me, the way that beta needs dealin' with is for either you to laugh in his face or me to hand him his backside in a way that it'll grow back in a week." He shrugs. "I'm not interested in killin' the guy if he's gonna accept his hidin' an' stop hidin', y'know?."

Forest nods at the two of you, a small laugh given, "I highly doubt Cray will be much of a workout for you Frank, but you deal with him how you see fit." He rubs a hand over his face again, he looks tired, and honestly like he could just use a good kitty pile. "We need to make sure the compound is safe to return to. I never got to know Johnothan well, but I don't trust the man, never have. I'm not sure what he may be thinking of as a way to seek revenge, but I have no doubts about him doing so."

"That would be unfortunate, but he's the one that decided to step out," Cale replies with a soft frown. "I've not felt close to him either. I'd prefer if the three went on their way and simply forged whatever path they want for themselves. But I'd be careful with him in particular, though Ahikam did have a tendency to backbite himself. Which is why he got thumpings from time to time. Never made much sense." He shakes his head slightly. "That's why I'm here. I don't think he liked me and being at my place alone.. until matters are resolved, this is a good place to be." He gives Frank a smile.

Frank nods. "I'll go and start scoutin' in the mornin'," he says. "Want to be sure the girls get back okay before I go. Dom suggested somethin', Forest - did this Johnothan bloke have any silver? 'Cause that stuff's illegal, in weapon form. I'd be a lot happier if I was sure he didn't."

Forest nods to Cale, "I'm glad you've found somewhere to stay, you'll be safe here I'm sure." Looking to Frank he frowns thoughtfully, "I honestly don't know, but I wouldn't put it past him. I think your best bet would be to assume that Johnothan has silver. He just strikes me as the type to have that."

Cale frowns a little and considers as he looks to Frank. "If we knew where he was, we could tip off the authorities. See if that would remove him from the picture. One can only guess just what he was planning for anything like that if he has it. Though if Electra is friendly with him, she could cover up." Idea tossing once more. he then looks to Forest. "If you approve, of course. It seems the.. most moderate course if we can't simply trust them to do right by us."

Frank nods slowly at Cale's response. "Maybe find a copper who can be trusted," he says. "We've done nothin' wrong. Ahikam shifts if someone gets growly, though. That ain't the sort of thing that's goin' to do anythin' for the public image of the rest of us. But I dunno, I don't got the braincells for this stuff."

Forest frowns in thought, "I believe they all went to stay with Lenore and Jacobi. Ahikam said something about her offering them protection and I imagine she would accept them easily." He stands up, hands moving out to brush against your cheeks once again, "I don't know any of the cops that I trust right now. But I believe Emerald and Electra are not safe bets in this as people to trust to not be emotionally involved. Right now, let's concentrate on making sure we are all safe, along with the other things we've discussed."

Cale nods his head to Forest and says, "Lenore.." Thoughtful on that. He shakes his head then and smiles lightly to Forest. "Don't worry. Protecting the Pard and the rest of those like us is a top priority for me. I'll be going back out tomorrow to dig through some more microfiche and ask around a bit. Do some searching online as well. Once I have a clear picture, it'll have a bow wrapped about it for consideration."

Frank pauses. "Um - tell me if I'm bein' thick an' need to shut up," he says doubtfully, "But I saw that interview with the Ulfric. Are we in that CLAW thing, with the lawyers an' stuff?"

Forest nods to Frank, "We are, we are also allies with the wolves and the lions." He yawns a bit, "I need to go find somewhere to rest for awhile. It's been a long few days for me." He gives the two of you a bit of a smile, feeling somewhat better than when he came in, which in all honesty is one of the reasons he came by.

Cale nods his head to Frank. "I was actually considering having a word with Robert on that. He might know someone we can trust. Someone in law enforcement. Or with some sort of connections. He seems to have a few." He grins a little and rises smoothly. "I've got to see him anyway.. get the project officially off the ground soon and make everyone a litlte bit safer." He looks to Forest and dips his head. "Have a good rest, Forest."

Frank rises to his feet with a nod. "Borrow my bed if you need it, but sleep well either way - an' thanks for comin' over, Nimir-Raj. Hope we've managed to set yer mind at rest a bit."

Forest nods to the two of you, "Yes, speak to Robert, he will be a good source of information." To Frank he nods, "Thanks, I think I will. If Zack comes around, let him know where I am." With that he turns to find his way to Frank's bed.

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