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IC time: Wed Jul 11 19:41:36 2007 (Scene was set much later, around 3 am.)

[Note: Sophie was pressed for time, so poses got a rushed and weaker near the end of the scene.]

The Basement: Club - Grand Street: East

Descend the stairway into a cacophony of multicolored lights and rhythmic music, a world of pure entertainment in its many forms. Almost anything goes as people flood the bar in search of drink, dance the night away, relax in a seat for loud conversation amongst peers and strangers alike, or perhaps even attempt to seduce a possible lover.
Immediately to the right of the black metal stairwell, several couches of many rich colors and leathers are arranged in a secluded manner, the circle of these sharing their organic pattern with the curvy bar that lies further to the right. With built-in containers that resemble huge lava lamps and matching wall decorations, the bar snakes about the far wall. A few tables are spaced around this area along with the couches and separated from the large dance floor by a waist-high black railing; bartenders serve these two sections with almost any drink imaginable. A raised stage takes up the opposite corner, hosting wet t-shirt contests, amateur performers, live bands or DJ in their absence, and many other shows of entertainment.
Bouncers patrol with an immensely tolerable eye, and the attitude of its patrons matches the plush crimson walls, dark polished furniture, stone tiled floors, and mixture of flashing and black lights.



Samuel met Gema in the foyer and then led her down to the club area of The Basement, which is, in fact, in the basement. Go figure. “Yeah, so I got some emotion off the cold spot and figured I’d wade into it and see what I got. Frankly, I think there’s a woman’s body set in the cement of the floor, but I’ve not got enough to go to the cops with. I’m hoping Sophie, the necromancer I mentioned can help us.”

Well, here she is. Truthfully, she was elated to get the call. Not that she’s happy some girl is dead, but her body has been itching to raise so badly that she knows if she doesn’t get it out soon there will be accidents. Better to do this than to let that happen… so, here she is. She’s in her working clothes, a big old sweater and jean shorts, a duffel bag over her shoulder. Silently, she steps into the room, her eyes a touch wary and worried.

“Sophie,” At the name Gema lights up, “I like Sophie, she’s going to have a baby you know.” She breaths in deeply and turns around as she hears the scuff of shoes on the floor. “Hey there, how are you doing.” Heading over to Sophie, Gema offers to take her bag for her. “What do you need?”

Samuel nods in response to Gema’s question. “Indeed I do.” Seems to be going around in fact, pregnancy that is. He looks at Gema curiously, but doesn’t pry, not here at least. “Heya, Sophie,” he says as she joins them.” He nods at Gema’s offer to help. “A gather the cold spot moves around, so we’ll likely need to help her locate it, no?”

Sophie smiles as she sees Gema, a hint surprised as her bag is taken but not entirely minding..”Thanks… and yes… I… Well, with ghosts… the more attention you give them the easier it is for them to be solid. Do we have a name? Do we know what she looks like?” Sophie then passes into the room, reaching out… searching for where she can feel that grave and walking towards it..

Gema slings the bag over one shoulder, “I will start over here” she comments figuring out that Samuel has the information that can help Sophie. With an eye on the other woman, she decides that cool is what she is seeking so she starts in one corner and begins to walk down the wall, then back up taking it in short steps her palms pressed down towards the floor.

Samuel shakes his head. “No name, but I can tell you what she looks like.” He goes on to describe the young woman in a fair bit of detail. “I Read the spot, so I got a good look at her even before she manifested.” He unslings his satchel and sets it on a chair. “Okay, I’ll take the other side. Sophie can walk the middle.” It’s late, after hours, but the staff was kind enough to let them stay to further investigate the chill which is creeping the dancers out.

Sophie nods quietly, though she stands over where the grave actually rests for a few more heartbeats… for others it is just dead cement, but to her… the true death beneath it lights up like a halo. She breathes in deeply… and begins a slow walk across the room, saying little else, just focusing her mind upon the girl and the ghost..

Gema has addressed the job with a military mind set walking back and forth, each movement across the floor in a long grid pattern. The bags on her back bouncing slightly, though she glances over at Sophie with a grin.

As Samuel draws near to the spot where the air takes on a goose pimple raising chill, the sensation of heart wrenching misery seeps into the very air. Then it fades only to return in a spine tingling chill that touches his hands, and then skitters away…seeking something….

Samuel’s power flows out, probing for power or emotion. He ignores Gema and Sophie or course, a small trick he can manage with his empathy. He stops as he feels the cold and his skin pimples. “Ahhh, here it is.” He takes a step back from it, rubbing his hands suddenly. “It’s, ah, shy. Or playful. No idea how to tell.” He makes a face.

Sophie’s eyes go wide as she hears those words and she turns towards the area. A faint smile flickers over her lips, half worried…half curious. She takes a few steps in that direction…”Hullo?”

It has skittered away to something, or someone that calls to it. And thin faint fingers creep out of the floor a pale image of long fingers touching at Sophie’s legs…trying to pull itself up…or her down? The misery in the air now has a sound, a faint wail of wretched melancholy that quivers….

Gema turns and heads towards Samuel when he comments on the finding the spot. She draws up as she sees the fingers slip upwards. Her eyes going worriedly to Sophie and she slings both bags into her hands.

“Your show, Sophie,” Samuel says quietly as he tracks the ghost as best he can with his metaphysical senses. “Just let me know if you need anything.” He too eyes the grabby hands warily, but other than staying nearby he’s not got much to do at the moment.

Sophie hears that sound and, though it might seem she is being pulled down, she seems to handle herself fine. She leans over and tries to ‘take’ one of the hands, encouraging the girl to slip upwards…”…Come here, with us… we can’t come down there…”

The hands slip back into the concrete never really touching Sophie other than to cast their ghostly image upon her feet. Rejection causes the wailing to echo in the room…”love me not” The three words seem to quiver in the room, each of them filled with such sorrow.

Gema looks ready to bash the hands if they had actually hurt Sophie, then she scowls. She needs better weapons for this type of battle. She is trying to track the creature in the concrete determined to help her…or bash her.

Sophie sighs, a touch in disappointment… shaking her head…”She could manifest now if she wanted… We have given her attention, given her power.. it’s now her choice..” She tells them both, a touch of disappointment in her voice.

Samuel makes a small sound of disappointment. “She was saying that before. I assume about her boyfriend, but now about everyone. Or something.” He nods at Sophie’s explanation.

The wailing continues, and then in a distant corner a figure appears, slim with hair that seems to billow about…and then it turns holding out hands, and slips down into the concrete. “Nelson”

The appearance of the figure has Gema turning around to look at her, she even takes a few steps forward to pull her up.

Samuel gives the ghostly woman his attention, helping to lend her the transcendental energy to manifest further.

Sophie steps quickly over, but the girl is already going into the concrete. Sophie sighs…”Truthfully… I work with the bodies. if we can get permission to raise her… I.. might be able to help a bit more. Get her lain in consecrated ground so she can move on, you know?”

‘Doesn’t” The word comes from one side of the room. “Love” The ghostly echo comes from the other corner…”Meeee” The last word sends a chill racing along the floor.

Samuel nods as Sophie explains once the ghost vanishes again. “Okay, fair enough. Gema and I will get to work on that. I don’t think the cops are going to be any help until we have a friggin’ body.”

Gema nods and picks up her feet in response to the cold. “I would rather there was a body as well…” A body something to hold on to…

Sophie nods quietly, looking to where the ghost was…”I can raise her. As soon as you get permission, I will…that will help.” She admits gently…

Wailing Willow
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