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The Basement: Club - Grand Street: East

Immediately to the right of the black metal stairwell, several couches of many rich colors and leathers are arranged in a secluded manner, the circle of these sharing their organic pattern with the curvy bar that lies further to the right. With built-in containers that resemble huge lava lamps and matching wall decorations, the bar snakes about the far wall. A few tables are spaced around this area along with the couches and separated from the large dance floor by a waist-high black railing; bartenders serve these two sections with almost any drink imaginable. A raised stage takes up the opposite corner, hosting wet t-shirt contests, amateur performers, live bands or DJ in their absence, and many other shows of entertainment.

Bouncers patrol with an immensely tolerable eye, and the attitude of its patrons matches the plush crimson walls, dark polished furniture, stone tiled floors, and mixture of flashing and black lights.



Tonight The Basement club is hopping, there are a lot of people here tonight. The music is loud and blaring, the black lights and strobe lights are a flashing. The crowd on the dance floor writhes almost in time, dancing and grooving and having as much fun as humanly possible it seems. Some people are wandering about the club as if looking for something in particular. One woman is sitting on the stares, staring wide eyed at the bottom of them. She has goose bumps fled all over her flesh, and even though she can be heard over the music she seems to be talking to someone.

Samuel blinks as he enters the club. He is not here for the writhing or the music. Writhing, of course, presents certain problems for him, and there are better venues for music. No, for those who know much about the Asian man at all, he’s almost certainly here on a case. He moves to skirt the woman occupying the lower stair or two, and then pauses as he starts to get a sense of her emotional state. He focuses on her for a moment, head tilted curiously.

Hunting. That’s most likely what Mirage is here for. Food. As such, she’s heading down the stairs, not to far behind Samuel, and gets caught up in the small traffic jam, frowning just a bit, “Something wrong?” comes the quiet question from the Russian.

Jeremy has come to the club for a bit of a night out. His favorite vamps are busy and he was bored out of his mind. As he comes down the steps he makes a face and calls forward to the people holding up the line. “Hey Sam, stop flirtin’ with all the ladies and let people in.”

Mary Jane does seem to follow the line of people, actually having a night off to clear her mind of the ER and the events of the past few days. Heavy on her mind that she doesn’t really even see the line of people trying to get in and oofs softly against Jeremy. She blinks and ohs softly. Yeah the doctor is tired but this is a break she needs. “Ah … what’s going on?”

Samuel seems to be, coupled with the distraught woman, causing a traffic jam. He looks over his shoulder at Mirage and then Jeremy. “Sorry,” he says and then finishes descending the stairs, but turns to look at the woman. “Heh, looks like we’re backing up traffic, plus I can’t imagine that stair is even remotely clean.” He smiles offers her a gloved hand - a hand up with no real touching. “Want to come over here so you don’t get stepped on or something?”

The girl at the bottom of the stares shivers a bit more, she wraps her arms around herself and nods softly. She sucks in a breath and closes her eyes quickly. For those close enough the area around her grows even colder. Her breath coming out in puffs of air. Her eyes open and they are a darker color now. The girl has long black hair, pale skin, and freckles across her nose. She appears average height. She seems to have a strange power. It prickles around her like a pins and needles sensation. Leaking out and trying to find… something. Her voice is odd, far away and almost echo, “I… Who are you?”

Emerald eyes flash faintly in the dark stairwell, “Samuel?” Mirage asks, moving down the stairs, stepping far around the girl. Cold doesn’t truly affect someone like her, but the prickling of power is something she feels.

Jeremy gets down the stairs and looks at Samuel and the person. “Ummmm…What’s up?” If he was at any other time, fur would be standing on edge. Making sure he’s out of the way for the most part, he glances at Sam. “Need some help?”

Naturally to this doctor the cold is quickly felt, hey she has a hot body temp wise that is. Mary Jane does move her head a bit to see what’s going on and sees Sam and Mirage. She nods her head politely to both of them as she slowly starts to move down as others are filtering in. She looks to Jeremy and adds in as well. “Everything okay?” Though her hands slide up to her arms to start rubbing them to warm herself up.

Samuel looks up at Mirage, but has no real answers yet, so gives her a small shrug and says, “Not sure yet.” He inhales sharply as he reaches for the girl. He pauses in his motion, and instead lowers himself into a crouch, putting his eyes on level with hers. “My name’s Samuel.” He smiles wanly and says, “Not to sound cliche, but did you, ah, see a ghost?” His smile takes an ironic twist. He glances up at Jeremy and Mary Jane. “Just trying to get her off the stairs first.”

“Be careful,” Mirage murmurs, moving slightly to settle in at Samuel’s side. Apparently, the vampire’s going to play guard dog, to make sure that the little Asian’s alright.

“Do you…” That strange, almost watery, voice asks. “Do you know my Nelson?” The woman on the stairs rocks back and forth, and then suddenly stands and takes a few steps down the stairs. Tears start to roll down her eyes as if she has remembered something painful.

Jeremy frowns a bit. “Ummmm I guess that someone might have lost someone else. Not really my personal bit of expertise and stuff.” He smiles at Sam and then Mary Jane. “Nice ta meet ya here.”

Mary Jane’s head nods gently to Sam’s words as she slowly moves to drop her backpack just a bit past the stairs. Of course she goes into doctor mode, standing by the stairs close to the situation to make sure she can assist quickly if she needs to. Her backpack close by where she has a kit ready. She looks to Jeremy. “Ah, always a pleasure to see you.”

Samuel nods at Mirage. “As careful as I ever am.” At the woman’s question he just stares for a moment, then mutters, “Oh shit.” He bites the inside of his cheek then sighs. “I know him in passing. He’s a friend of a friend you might say.” He shifts to better balance himself in his crouch. “I don’t recall your name though, could you remind me.” He waits for an answer, then looks at the people hovering nearby, and says softly, for their preter-only ears. “Don’t touch her. I’ll explain later.”

Mirage hadn’t planned on touching anyone. Nope. A brow raises very faintly though, and the Russian glances around, “Do you need the crowd gone?”

The woman tilts her head toward Samuel, considering him quietly. The woman stops at the bottom of the stairs, and stares up toward the man. “You know my Nelson?” She bites her lower lip a little and then closes her eyes once more. A soft sigh escapes her lips, and she comments gently, “My Nelson… doesn’t love me.” She frowns. “Willow.”

Mary Jane blinks a moment and thinks to herself, glad she brought her leather gloves. Of course she gets them out and puts them on, but hey doesn’t every doctor have some? Nice thick leather gloves with the fur inside, they are sooo toasty! She looks to Samuel for a moment with a brow arched as she watches the woman. Keep quiet and observe they teach you in medical school and for once she’s actually doing it.

Jeremy blinks at the advice and definitely tries to make sure his hands are close to his sides. He’s confused and that just calls lots of attention to the stranger willow. He uses all his senses to try and figure things out.

Samuel shakes his head at Mirage’s question. “Let’s not create a commotion. I’m not even sure if it would be bad to touch her.” He hesitates, then nods. “Sort of, like I said.” He frowns as she reports on the status of Nelson’s affections. “I’m very sorry to hear that. Do you want to go somewhere a little quieter to talk about it?” He looks around her and asks, “Do you have a purse we should make sure you don’t forget?” He looks to the others. “Can someone make a call for me?” He fumbles at his satchel, apparently going for his phone.

“I can…” Mirage responds, even though it’s clear the vampire isn’t a big fan of phones. She holds out one pale hand, careful to move slowly, not wishing to startle the girl.

Mary Jane watches softly as she moves to lean against the side of the stairs. Sensing powers watching the woman, she even keeps her hands to her side. Her eyes watch the women looking for any health problems or concerns that would jump out at the doctor right away.

Jeremy GASPS and shakes, eyes staring at Willow. His silver eyes look a bit more unnatural. He stifles an anguished note in his throat and grips a nearby chair with one hand for support. It creaks and groans with the strain put on it. “S-s-sam… can…Umm… can….you get her ta stop… please?” The last word is rather plaintive as he bores those predator eyes onto Sam.

Willow lifts a hand to brush away one of those tears. Her gaze shifts from Samuel to Mirage, then to Jeremy. She crosses her arms over her chest and sobs, “I’m sorry! I can’t live without him! I can’t.” She hugs herself title and starts to back away from the group.

Samuel hands his phone to Mirage. “Try Sophie and then Gema if you can’t get Sophie.” He scratches his head. “Unh, and if you can’t get either of them, Wyeth. They’re all in the contacts.” He looks back at Willow and blinks several times at the same time Jeremy gasps. He shakes his head. “I don’t know.” He takes a breath. “Willow,” he says, voice strained, “I know it feels awful now, but we have to go upstairs. Please.” When she starts backing up the stairs he looks at Mary Jane, “Keep a path clear if you can?”

Mirage nods, turning her attention to the phone. The vampire’s brows furrow as she begins to push what seem like random buttons before she gets the first name, calling.

Mary Jane’s eyes blink a moment, okay cue words to something she protects against. She nods her head gently and goes behind the woman and clears the stairs quickly, MJ has that talent give a doctor a taste and they can do anything.

Into her phone, Mirage’s voice is quiet, heavily accented, Eastern European flavored, “Is this Sophie? I am calling on behalf of Samuel…he is needing your assistance in a delicate matter.”

Into her phone, Mirage says, “The Basement.”

Samuel hears Mirage get Sophie. “Tell her it’s about the, ah, girl we met in the basement of the Basement. She’s a bit more solid than before.”

“No!” The woman responds, shaking her head. Her voice loud and carrying a chill with it. Power much like that of an animator’s trickles through the room. Willow continues backing up, “You don’t know! You don’t know anything.”

Into her phone, Mirage says, “It is about the girl from the basement of The Basement…and she’s solid…”

Mirage relays the message, then glances over, “She said she can be here in ten minutes…..”

Into her phone, Mirage says, “Very well.”

Jeremy frowns and swallows. “Please ummm calm down Miss. Please. It’s not going to be good if ya don’t calm down.” Cause he’s not going to be able to calm down himself if she doesn’t stop. He shivers a bit and puts a hand up to try and catch her attention. “Hey look stuff is bad. Everyone has ta deal with bad stuff. But ya need ta chill…please? We’ll all be willing ta talk ta ya and hear ya out. But ya have ta calm down.”

Mirage hangs up, glancing over once more, “She’s on the way now.” She states, since the information is rather pertinent.

Mary Jane’s body stiffs up as she remembers what Sam told her one time. What a hell of a time to freeze up and try not to freak out. She takes a deep breath and tries to swallow; she looks to Sam and really wonders what she’s going to do now.

Samuel stops worrying about anyone else and works on projecting calm toward the woman. “It’s okay, Willow. I know I don’t understand. I /don’t/ know how much it hurts. I want to go somewhere were you can explain it to me.” He watches her, expression sad, sympathetic, nodding at Mirage’s words. He glances at Mary Jane, more to make sure she’s keeping the path clear than because he has any advice or assurance for her, then at Jeremy, “Help me calm her?”

Mirage hands Samuel back his phone, “Is there anything more that I can do?” She asks, it unclear if she’s offering mundane help, or her own brand of super-help.

Willow shakes her head at the man. Her voice is still pitched with sorrow, but there is something else coming through. The quality getting further away as if her control were slipping, “No. No. He doesn’t love me.”

Mary Jane keeps the stairs and the hallway clear. She does her best to make sure she doesn’t get close to Willow but she keeps an eye on her. She does her best to keep her emotions now in check and become almost non emotional.

Jeremy is taking some rather deep breaths as he tries to not to shift. Now as long as willow stops projecting or at least doesn’t get upset he’ll be fine right? He really REALLY doesn’t want to have to explain to anyone why a snow leopard was at a club.

Sophie drove like a mad woman. She has no clue HOW she didn’t get pulled over, but perhaps the fates are being kind for once. Fortunately, just giving her name at the door got her escorted down here fairly quickly, and the necromancer makes as quick a step down the stairs as her very pregnant form will allow. Stepping into the room, especially for those who don’t know her, is a woman who looks about night and day from a mistress of death as possible. She’s in a pale blue maternity top with a gathered empire waist and a pair of white capri pants that show off at least her legs still being lithe and toned. She gives a worried smile, “What’s going on?” She asks breathlessly.

Mirage’s eyes shift between Samuel and Jeremy and MJ, “Samuel…perhaps we should treat this small problem a bit more aggressively before someone gets hurt.” She murmurs, pitching her words carefully.

“Shit, I’m not sure what to do,” Samuel admits as he takes the phone back. “I’m just hoping Sophie does. Or knows someone who does.” He turns back to the anguished Willow. “I know. I know it’s not fair. It seems unbearable. It will get easier though. I promise. Try to calm down, please.” He looks to the others, then looks back at Jeremy. “Mirage, get Jeremy out of here.” He looks at Sophie with relief. Someone who knows /something/ about the dead. “I think that ghost is possessing her.” He nods at the dark-haired woman above him on the stairs.

Willow wraps her arms around herself and sinks to the crowd. - At this time now they are starting to draw a crowd. People have formed a ring around “Willow”. A few people call out to ask if she needs help, and what’s wrong. Willow Wails loudly. Power like that of an animator or a necromancer, mixed with pins and needles sensation starts to emit from the small dark haired woman sobbing hysterically on the ground.

Mary Jane looks up to Jeremy and then groans out deeply. She turns and sees Sophie come in. She smiles happily for a moment. “The lady is all yours.” She says before using that great skill at moving around problems easily. She looks to Jeremy letting her wolf come out and reach the leopard. “Easy there honey, stop back and go to the bar. Come on…” She says as she now starts to get to Jeremy. She winces herself at the pins and needles. “Damn!” She says trying to get to Jeremy. God, have to hate the cold when you’re hot.

Mirage’s eyes flicker over towards Jeremy at Samuel’s words, then the vampire moves quickly, a hand reaching out to touch Jeremy’s arm, “Come…we shall depart here, and let them handle the poor girl.” Her words are quiet, silky, but without any push of power.

Jeremy stumbles back and tries to get out of the way of people. He goes to his knees as she wails and lets lose another barrage of energy. He makes it a point to hate empaths, empathic beings, and anything that isn’t down to earth like a nice normal shifter. Though right now he’s wishing that shifting wasn’t so damn painful. And that someone is grabbing him just makes him turn his face and HISS at the vamp.

Sophie gives a double take look in Jeremy’s direction and though, well, she doesn’t know exactly what he is… her instincts and sense of power are enough that she walks past fast and attempts to escape further into the room. Her eyes widen as she looks upon Willow, frown crossing her lips. She doesn’t hesitate to go to work and immediately reaches out, trying to do her very best with her power to do… Something. But what? Well… people will see, if it works. Though, people might guess from Sophie’s words…”Get out of her now! That is NOT your body! I will free your body if you let me!” She promises…

Mary Jane moves to help Mirage with Jeremy.

Samuel grimaces at the attention they’re garnering. And Jeremy’s near to shifting. Once Mirage heads for Jeremy he moves closer to Willow. “Willow, lets get out of here. It’s no place for you to have to deal with your pain.” He stops his advance at Sophie’s words. His power unfurls and he looks from Sophie to Jeremy, Mary Jane and Mirage, and then to the crowd. For now he seems to be on hold, waiting to see what he might need to do.

Someone in the crowd lets out a scream, when they spot Jeremy shifting. Other people rush back away from the group.

Mirage sighs faintly, “May Master forgive me.” She murmurs, then grabs Jeremy’s chin, holding it tight as she looks into his eyes, eyes flashing as she finally puts power into her voice, “Stop and follow me.” God please don’t let her have to fix a room full of people’s memories. No good!

Willow shakes her head at Samuel. She steps back and away from him. Her eyes flares, she shakes her head a bit more, “No! Leave me alone. You can’t understand my pain. You don’t know what it’s like to not be loved.” She turns and tries to run away, off into the already panicking crowd.

Jeremy feels the vampire’s power and the cat hesitates a moment before roaring past the attempt at rolling him. This would be one of those situations that Jeremy’s growing power is NOT a good thing. Luckily Jeremy had been fighting his shift and has some sense. Unfortunately for him, that doesn’t matter when one wears nice clothing. The Snow leopard growls angrily as he comes to the conclusion that his clothing was too new to shred decently. And nothing is more annoying then having one’s tail bunched uncomfortably in a good pair of jeans.

When Willow makes a run for it, Samuel moves quickly after her. For those who can sense it, his power unfurls and moves over her and she slows. He moves to put his arm around her and help her out of the club. Jeremy’s shifting is ignored for the moment. Hopefully between then, Mirage and Mary Jane can get him out of the club at least. To Sophie he says, “Stay close. Let’s get the hell out of here.” He heads for the door, the power-wrapped ‘Willow’ tucked against him.

Unsuccessful in her attempts, Mirage sighs faintly, almost sadly. She flicks her fingers, causing the shadows to darken around herself and Jeremy, an attempt to keep things hidden, or mostly hidden, from the crowds, “This, comrade, is going to hurt.” She murmurs, starting to try and man-handle the shifting leopard out of the club. The vampire is doing it heedless of any possible swipes at her, perhaps wishing to avoid drastic measures of beating the snot out of him. Master wouldn’t forgive her for that.

Sophie swears, clearly completely useless…she just isn’t certain what to do. She nods to Samuel mutely and steps after as fast as she can… She’ll keep trying, forcing her power ahead of them, but who knows if she can even get through Samuel’s psychic barrier now..

Willow turns around, as if propelled, and heads up the stairs, tucked up against Samuel.

Willow leaves the main floor by means of the stairwell.

Jeremy finds himself bound in designer clothing hefted around by the vampire. this is NOT what he had in mind when he went out. Oh this is NOT his day. Jeremy is very very hungry now. But he’s shifted enough times to not be out of control. But perhaps the vampire needs to be reminded of just how hungry he is going to be now that he’s hungry. The cat starts licking Mirage wherever he can find skin available with his sandpaper tongue.

The Basement: Foyer - Grand Street: East

Stepping in from the streets highlighted by advertisements of neon, the immediate indoors of this establishment suggest an area of widely varied tastes. The ground floor is a large split level square with plenty of subtle tones and recessed lighting, mostly covered windows, floored in hard woods, and the visible bar room carries this trend onward. A wrought iron railing encloses the front left corner, open to the much more vibrant lower dance-club portion, and the bouncer here beckons you choose your preference.

  • Poses in the Bar/Pub and Lobby can be mutually seen *

Out: Features: Apartments:
<O> Out <C> Club <EL> Elevator
<B> Bar
Samuel ‘checks’ Willow empathically once they’re in the foyer. He looks to Sophie and grins though the effort he’s putting forth. “You’re so glad you met me, aren’t you?” He keeps heading for the outside, then asks Sophie. “Unh, do you think if we get her far enough away the ghost will leave in order to stay close to its anchor?” He sounds hopeful, but not exactly convinced. “Oh, check her pockets once we get her outside? Maybe she has an ID on her.” He looks back to see if Mary Jane and Mirage are managing to get Jeremy out.

Mirage’s managing. It’s rather amusing. The corset wearing, pale Russian is carrying a leopard dressed in designer clothes. Amusing. But, Mirage is moving quickly, allowing herself to move with all the speed of her kind.

Jeremy trills with his weird snow leopard sounds as he’s carried off. He gives a grumble and wiggle before sighing again that he can’t get out of the clothing.

Sophie isn’t saying much, as she’s just focusing her power as strong as humanly possible upon the ghost to get it out. She does pantingly breathe out…”Ghost… can stay… as long as people pay attention…” But then she focuses again. She swears she felt it move, but she doesn’t know. She curses beneath her breath, eyes widening a bit as she continues with the metaphysical force.

For Gabe, there’s a pale woman moving off at rather quick speeds, carrying a…leopard in clothes? Odd. And, Sophie and Sam and Willow are doing stuff. But, who knows what!

Willow goes still for a moment, being propelled solely by Samuel for a moment, her feet not working. She lets out a muffled sound through her closed slips that sounds a little bit like a muffled shriek. She closes her eyes, and lets out a small whimper.

Jeremy is a snow leopard! And can’t help it if Koray got him addicted to nicer clothing with better seams.

Willow is also still emitting goose-bump inducing power.

DIG! The elevator doors open up and out comes a gangsta extreme; better known as Gabe. The black woman glances at the scene and frowns a little. “The fuck?” She stalks toward them slowly, eyeing the area. “Someone wanna clue me in on what’s going on here? Why is there a… snow leopard in clothing?” A glance is shot to Jeremy and then to Mirage. “Ms. Tarkhan?” Her tone is a little snide to the pale vampire, “Perhaps you would like to tell me what is going on?” A glance is tossed to the woman who is being propelled by… uh something. Her eyebrows raise a little more and she stalks a little closer. Only to back up as goose bump inducing power, “The fuck?”

Mirage doesn’t really stay to chat, instead, the vampire hurries off with her kitty prize. Or… something. She’ll let the uh…normal people handle things. She’s handling her end of things.

Samuel grunts and nods at Sophie. “Pocket? Let’s see whose body this is and try talking to it instead of Willow?” He pauses in his motion to the door to let Sophie check for ID. “We need to get her to stop paying attention to Willow as well, right?” He hears the elevator opening and the questions and curses behind him and then starts heading out once me.

Sophie follows after them both, reaching over and trying to find a wallet, but the sheer expenditure of power is exhausting her. She stumbles a moment, catching herself on Samuel’s arm…”…I… need to stop…fuck… She’s not budging… I’m better with dead bodies than I am just ghosts… dead bodies don’t fight back against my power…”

Gabe grunts a little at Samuel. She continues to stalk forward and says, “Hey! What are you doing?” Her gaze shifts toward Sophie and her eyebrows a little. She stalks forward real quick, and grabs her arm, to help study her. Maybe it’s because a pregnant woman. She asks in a calm even tone, “What exactly are you doing?”

Willow is quiet once still. The power flows out a bit, as if rejecting the invasion of Sophie’s power trying to push her out of the poor woman she is in. Her eyes close, and silent tears run down her face.

Samuel stumbles a bit as Sophie grabs his arm. Luckily he’s got Willow to support him, though it’s more like him supporting himself in an indirect sort of way. He considers how to answer Gabe’s question - the truth being a bit out there. His mouth opens and closes once, then opens again as he finally figures out what to say - and does so quietly. “Ah, the truth? She’s possessed and we’re getting her out of here so she,” he nods at Sophie, “can try to evict the ghost.” He smiles wanly. “Fun, eh? See if you can find an ID on her if you want to help.” He looks to Willow again finally, but speaks to the body’s owner. “It’s okay. We’re going to get her out. But you have to help us. Stop paying her any attention, it’s only making her stronger.”

Sophie is indeed quite pregnant. Especially on her short form, seven months is looking to be a rather nicely large belly. A trickle of sweat crosses her brow, this having been the most use of her power she’s gotten in ages. “I’m… doing my best to use my…command of the dead… to push this ghost out of the woman’s body. She’s possessed. See… this is why they needed to let us raise up and bury that girl in consecrate ground!” Sophie reiterates Samuel’s words, but she does try to take some of her weight off of him as she shuts her eyes and tries another wash of power in the ghost’s direction.

“Eh…” Gabe lifts a hand to scratch the back of her neck, even as she continues to try and help steady Sophie. A small shake of her head is given. She murmurs softly, “I, uh… I’ll try to help, I guess? Though does your power mix well with mine?” Gabe’s power reaches out and tries to help Sophie’s along. But it won’t be very helpful, maybe it is just too different.

Willow shakes, and shivers, the pins and needles sensation bursting over those closest to her. And then suddenly it’s almost as if her image were splitting in two. She is pushed out. The woman doesn’t actually “blur” but there is an overlay of someone else, someone taller. And then standing not far from Samuel is the ghost. She sobs softly, into her hands.

The woman, sags, but remains standing because of Samuel’s power. Her crying stops however.

Samuel gasps as Sophie’s power pushes again. His skin pimples and he shivers. “Ah!” he says, trying to stifle it. “Fucking finally,” he says with relief when he feels and sees the ghost go. That glance is all he gives it before he turns to the woman in his arms. He releases her jaw first, then shifts his power to support her, since he’s not sure he can do so on his own at the moment. “Heh, it’s okay. You’re free. Safe.” He touches a gloved hand to her chin and tilts her head up to look at her face. Is she conscious even?

Sophie lets Samuel deal with the fallen woman as Sophie turns her body and faces the ghost head on. She breathes out to Gabe, unsure if the woman’s power helped or not…”Thanks…” But her strong blue eyes do not stray from the ghost before her. “…Leave us. Go to your resting place and I will find you a final place to be at peace soon, I promise.” And with that, she turns away. No more attention paid to the ghost at all. She looks down to Samuel and the girl, “How is she?”

Gabe reaches down into the girl’s pocket, while leaning her support to Sophie still. She fishes in for a moment and pulls out a wallet, flipping it one. She comments, “I.D. says Wendi Klein. Wendi are you alright?” She paces the wallet to Sophie.

Wendi looks up at Samuel, breathing out slowly. She whispers softly, “She’s so sad…” Her fingers lift to touch her own jaw, and the lifting to wipe away some of the remaining tears. “The girl,” Wendi murmurs softly, “She killed herself for him.” A glance is given to Gabe, “I’m… I’m alright… They, they don’t usually enter me like this.”

“She’s alive,” Samuel answers Sophie without looking up from the Wendi’s face. “Ah, and awake.” He nods at Gabe when she gives the woman’s name. “I know she is. I ‘read’ her.” He sighs and then says. “Can you stand? I’m going to let go with my power.” He looks to Gabe. “I can’t keep supporting her.” So whether the woman says she can stand or Gabe offers some support, Samuel will release his hold on her with his power. “What were you trying to do when she entered you?” he asks and rubs his temples.

Sophie wavers, just a little bit. She manages to catch herself on the outside wall, but she has most definitely overtaxed herself. “I… I think I need to get going. We’ll get that body moved soon, Sam. We have to. I just… I can’t stay here.” She really doesn’t anyone to see her off her game, and she’s certainly not feeling all that well. “Hope I helped. You all be safe.” With that, she heads down for her car.

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