Wailing Willow6


The Basement: Club - Grand Street: East
Immediately to the right of the black metal stairwell, several couches of many
rich colors and leathers are arranged in a secluded manner, the circle of
these sharing their organic pattern with the curvy bar that lies further to
the right. With built-in containers that resemble huge lava lamps and
matching wall decorations, the bar snakes about the far wall. A few tables
are spaced around this area along with the couches and separated from the
large dance floor by a waist-high black railing; bartenders serve these two
sections with almost any drink imaginable. A raised stage takes up the
opposite corner, hosting wet t-shirt contests, amateur performers, live bands
or DJ in their absence, and many other shows of entertainment.
Bouncers patrol with an immensely tolerable eye, and the attitude of its
patrons matches the plush crimson walls, dark polished furniture, stone tiled
floors, and mixture of flashing and black lights.



After entering Constance pauses to look around, thinking of wich way she wants

Wes comes in down the black stairwell, with a glance towards the bar first
before he looks across the club for familiar faces. He starts to head towards
the former with his usual cheerful, jaunty stride.

Amalia makes her way into the club not too far behind Constance. A hand flicks
over the top of her sweater. Luckily she hasn't seem to have noticed Wes just
yet. A soft humming escapes from her lips as she does so.

Abram is already in, sitting as unobtrusively as someone of his bulk can sit
over by the bar, watching the patrons quietly, taking occasional gulps from a
pitcher of beer (ignoring the glass standing next to it).

Nick has that new-kid-in-town look to him. The way he walks, the unsurety in
his gaze, even his clothes may be suspicious. He's wearing a large turtleneck
sweater that hangs down to his thighs, and a pair of tight-fitting black
pants that look to be made of a soft material. Looking a bit lost, he lets
his chocolate eyes sweep over the place, checking it out.

"Oi," Wes says, rubbing his arms, he takes a few steps away from the chill. "Is
that you again, ghostie?" he says, talking to where he perceived the chill to
be originating from. "'ate to sound like a bad song lyric but…wot's your
name again?" he asks the air around him, most likely looking like a complete
twat in the middle of the club.


The lights over head explode and the room is filled with darkness.

Nick comes over one of the couches and sits down.. and just as his butt touches
the seat suddenly the lights go out. He lets out a surprised yelp and jumps.

Constance plays wallflower as she makes her way closer to the bar. Not an arms
length away from the wall she reches out running her fingers of the surce.
Pulling closer to the wall she almost takes a 'duck and cover' pose.

Amalia lets out a shrill sound when the overhead lights explode. She drops to
the ground, and wraps her fingers across her cross. Under her breath she
starts whispering prayers in latin.

"What the fu…?" Abram rumbles, carefully placing the pitcher on the bar
where it will be safe. "Who the Hell is pissing around with the lights here?"
He stands up, trying to look through the darkness for anything he can see,
barging through the panicking crowd if necessary.

Wes was looking over in the direction of Constance, midway through a wave as
the lights explode. He puts an arm up over his head, blinking in the
darkness. "Dark, innit," Wes says, usefully, as he removes his arm from over
his head to…stay standing really, somewhere near where the chill was.

Nicolas is up on his feet, awkwardly grabbing for whatever his hands can find,
using them instead of his eyes now that everything has turned pitch black. He
feels a couple more sofas and stares intently through the charcoal-dipped
air, attempting to make something out. He jumps a bit more when someone else
lets out some shrill scream… "Everybody ok?" He calls out, a little twitchy
in the dark. "One of you has to smoke.. Come on where are the lighters?"

GAME> Abram rolls 88 against 50% <+9%> : 29% failure

GAME> Amalia rolls 65 against 50% <+10%> : 5% failure

GAME> Wes rolls 19 against 50% <+34%> : 65% success

GAME> Nicolas rolls 41 against 50% <+25%> : 34% success

"I'll get the handles from upstairs!" Someone calls out, and then a moment
later a flashlight turns on from behind the bar. The beam dances across the
room quickly, to fast to see anything really. And then it moves toward the

The murmur of frightened voices raises in the darkness.

"OK, enough of this crap!" Abram says, annoyed. "Where's my damned lighter."
He roots around in his pocket until he finds his zippo, buried beneath his
stash of cheap cigars. "Now what is going on?" He strikes the spark.

"What the bloody 'ell is that?" Wes says, looking down at the dance floor. "Oi,
there's sommat there in the center of the dance floor," he says. "You with
the flashlight, come 'ere," Wes says to the direction of the person with it,
and goes to meet them halfway.

Nicolas watches the dance floor as well. He slips closer to Abram, standing
beside the man with the light.

GAME> Constance rolls 66 against 60% <+30%> : 24% success

"Eh? What there ain't nothin' on the dance floor." The voice responds and the
flash dances over the dance floor. Showing that there is nothing there.

The sudden shock over Constane stands back up though remaing close to the wall.
Turning her head slowly to the right she watches the dance floor.

GAME> Wes rolls 3 against 30% <+34%> : 61% success

GAME> Constance rolls 51 against 30% <+30%> : 9% success

GAME> Amalia rolls 22 against 15% <+10%> : 3% success

As the dance light flashes over the dance floor there is /something/ on it. But
it's gone as soon as the light hits it. An explosion of shadow disbursing so
quickly that someone without good eyesight would miss it.

"Oh god." Amalia whimpers, rocking back and forth where she is. "What the hell
is that?" She starts to pray again. A bit harder this time. As she does so
her cross starts to glow, a faint light spilling out between her fingers that
are clutched against the silver metal.

Constance steps away from 'That' and the girl with the glowing cross. She's not
running or freaking out, she's actually doing ok seeing whatevert 'that' is.
With each step she's close to Wes rather than Amalia.

"There it goes again," Wes says, briefly taking his eyes off the dance floor to
attempt to snatch the flashlight off the owner. "Borrowing that for a moment,
mate," Wes says to the flashlight's keeper as he does this, without really
any other form of politeness.

GAME> Melpomene rolls 29 against 50% <+21%> : 42% success

As Wes snatches away the flashlight from it's owner there is a cracking sound,
and the flashlight goes out.

"Look what you did! You broke it, you asshole!" The flashlight's owner growls at
Wes. And then makes stomping noises as he tries to make his way to the exit.

"I do not fear for the lord is with me. I do not fear for the lord is with me.
I do not fear for the lord is with me. I do not fear for the lord is with me.
I do not fear for the lord is with me." Amalia repeats this mantra over and
over, and over and over and over and over again.

"Too bloody slow with the beam, you twat," Wes grumbles, though keeps a hold of
the flashlight. "Word o' god 'aving any effect on this blot o' darkness you
think?" Wes says as Constance steps closer. He's trying to find it again,
eyes scanning the club.

GAME> Wes rolls 88 against 25% <+30%> : 33% failure

GAME> Amalia rolls 100 against 25% <+10%> : 65% failure

Constance keeps low again, one hand at the wall guiding her closer towards the
direction of the one with the flashlight, Wes. "That way Over there." Her
eyes held on where she belives 'that' is.

It is utter darkness in the basement at the moment. There is the murmur of
scared voices, and now people are trying to get, rushing up the stairs,
stumbling around blindly. They flee out into the night.

"I don't see it!" Where did it go? Amalia whimpers, and press down further
against the bar. She shakes softly and starts to pray again. Her words
fervent. The tone of a True Believer.

"'ve lost it," Wes says as he tries the flashlight again. "Might 'ave blown the
bulb," he says about it as he flicks the switch on and off, looking in the
direction that Constance indicates. Wes is not one of the people stumbling
around blindly or fleeing, instead, he starts to walk towards whatever it
was. "Going to see if I can get a bit closer."

Kashka wanders in, so innocently. He's seen people coming from the place, and
naturally he's wondering what might be going on. Perhaps it's one of his
brethren, misunderstood. Perhaps he can help. Although he's certainly not
particularly flashy or gaudy, there's a very soft luminescence, a sort of
greenish aura, that surrounds him as he plunges into the darkness. "Is
someone lost…?" His voice is songlike and refreshing, his tone and his
visage the picture of innocence and genuine honesty.

GAME> Wes rolls 93 against 15% <+34%> : 44% failure

"Something's cut out the lights." Someone says as they pass by Kashka and head
up the stairs. A moment later the sound of locks can be heard clicking. The
same voice calls out, "Hey! Open up the door! This isn't some kind of joke!"

GAME> Constance rolls 19 against 10% : 9% safe <NO SHIFT>

"What? Are the doors closed?" Amalia asks turning toward the sound of the man's
voice that's shouting about the doors. Her cross still continues to glow. She
pushes herself up a moment later, letting go of it. The bright light shines
on the area infront of her and suddenly she lets out a scream.

In front of Amalia is a shadowed shape. A woman it seems. Her head tilted
awkwardly to the side, and her mouth open farther than any human woman really
could open their jaw. A hand reaches out to Amalia.

Constance watches the shadowed shape allowing her hand to leave the wall to
step up close to Wes, "What is this?" asks the latino girl, "Your light over
there." She urges Wes to shine the beam more towards Amalia.

GAME> Amalia rolls 91 against 15% <-20%> : 96% failure

"'s broken," Wes is saying as Amalia screams. He turns around to look, and the
hair on the back of his neck stands out straight. "Bloody fucking Christ's
left arsecheek," Wes says as he catches partial sight of the woman. He darts
towards the bar with the intention of pulling Amalia back a bit from the
creature. Reflexive thing, really.

Kashka doesn't seem too worried, as he wanders over towards where he hears
people speaking. Wes, Amalia, and the light. Surely with all that screaming,
they might be in trouble. Perhaps he can help. He continues onward with
superhuman grace, carefully moving so as not to run into or over anything or
anyone. "Hello? What's wrong…?" If he sees the woman with the jaw problem,
it seems not to bother him at all. Differences in perception and all,

The thing lets out an unearthly sound, and flings a hand backward as Wes tries
to move forward.

GAME> Wes rolls 7 against 50% <-21%> : 22% success

Abram, standing stock-still for most of this, observing, and generally acting
as a wall for those trying to flee, snaps into action. From beneath his
cavernous leather jacket he pulls out his battered old camera, slipping a
flash into it's shoe in the darkness. "Say cheese, motherfucker!" he grins,
chewing on his cigar stub as the flash whines to charge. It's a loud whine.
This is going to hurt.

GAME> Amalia rolls 67 against 25% : 42% failure

Amalia lets out a another scream, her eyes wide as the creature flings a hand
backward, and then forward once more. Reaching out for her, toward her
throat. She tries to back away from the woman, and a strange aura starts to
form around her. Bright blue and fiery. But.. nothing happens of it.

Amalia will also be easily grabbed by Wes, once he gets there.

Constance follows Wes towards the bar, keeping low with her eyes on the
shadowed form before Amalia.

Wes shudders, slightly, as if pushing through some invisible force as he darts
towards the bar. He reaches out, and grabs Amalia by her waist, pulling her
back and away from the thing. "Could be dangerous, yeah?" Wes says, wondering
what the whirring sound was. "Constance, want to 'elp get the doors open?" he
says to her.

Kashka wanders over towards Wes and the others. "Is something wrong…? Can I
help…?" He speaks so quietly, but his voice manages to carry easily over
the din, somehow. It's just so clear and songlike. "I am Kashka…!" He may
not be aware of the real gravity of the situation, but he's certainly
enthusiastic enough about assistance.

The …thing.. rotates its head toward Abram now. Jaws opening up wider.. Face
stretching unnaturally. It starts to float toward him. One hand stretching
out. It makes a horrible hi pitched sound.

"Great shot!" Abram exclaims, pressing the trigger on the camera. The flash
goes off once. Twice. Three times. Four. The autowinder sounding off between
each powerful flash — the kind of flash used to light ampitheatres to a
significant degree. "Now *THAT* is money in the bank!"

From outside the door there is a sound, apparently someone has contacted the
police. "This is the Chicago Police Department, we have a report of
suspicious activity going on here. Let us in." The door is tried from the
outside to no effect. "Anyone on the inside, if you will just step to the
side." Apparently making room for some more effective means of entry than
bashing the shoulder against the door. As noted by the heavy battering ram
that a couple of officers carry up to the door.

Someone calls out from the doorway, "We can't! The door is locked." The door is
beaten against. And people start to wail, "Oh god! Make her stop that sound!
AAAAARRG. It hurts!"

GAME> Wes rolls 88 against 45% <-34%> : 77% failure
GAME> Kashka rolls 9 against 50% <-11%> : 30% success

GAME> Wes sustains 2 points of damage <passing injuries>

GAME> Amalia rolls 75 against 45% <-10%> : 40% failure

GAME> Constance rolls 69 against 45% <-30%> : 54% failure

GAME> Amalia sustains 1 point of damage <passing injuries>
GAME> Constance sustains 1 point of damage <passing injuries>

The nasty lets out a shrill sounds, loud, but not quite as obnoxious as the
first sound. And suddenly whisks across the room, somewhere after the second
shot is taken. It hides now in the darkness.

Amalia lets out a cry as the sound happens, lifting her hands to cover her
ears. She shakes it off a moment later only to get an eyeful of flash. A hand
is flung over her eyes but it is too late. "STOP IT!" She shouts. Amalia
cries out softly and nudges at Wes, "Let me go! It's time to send this bitch
back to God!"

GAME> Kashka rolls 53 against 45% <-11%> : 19% failure

Pausing her advance, Constance shakes her head to Wes and replies, "But I will,
First Dinner." Lookinging quickly to the 'thing' as she moves to the door,
"And now this, dancing. You know how to treat a chica." Hip turns towards
Kashka as does the latino girls gaze. "Que?" Takes a few blinks before she
can focus on Wes's request. Off then she heads back to try to get the door
open. Thats when the 'Thing' makes the horendous sound. Stumbling her hands
go to her ears as her eyes clench tight. That dosnet help, the lights! Agony,
tossing her head back she screams, her hands now covering her eyes. Her
stummble turns into a full drop to the knees. Hugging her head close to
herself the girl cries in rocking back and forth in agony.

Wes lets go of Amalia, holding his hands over his ears. Additionally blinded by
the lights he groans, "Whoever the 'ell is taking the pictures is going to
get that bloody broken flashlight shoved up their arse." He staggers around,
trying to get a hold of it all. He misses the thing's reaction to the lights.

Kashka looks around, the lights…the lights…they aren't helping. Shiny
things plus Faeries equal a bit of distraction, especially for the childlike
Kashka. He just stares towards the shiny lights, or where they once were. Why
is everyone running around and falling over themselves…?

GAME> Constance rolls 42 against 50% <-25%> : 17% failure
GAME> Constance rolls 38 against 17% : 21% safe <NO SHIFT>

<OOC> The pose order is: Amalia Constance Wes Kashka Abram Dakota

A predatory grin spreads over Abram's face. "So, you don't like bright lights,
do you?" he rumbles dangerously, stalking forward while the flash whines to a
full charge again. "Let's get you in the spotlight again!" He pushes his way
through the crowd, ignoring the pain his flashes caused as he approaches his
prey. "Let's get another look at you, bitch!" he snarls.

Those near the door can hear outside a countdown to three, then a hard and
loud *THUD* as the door is hit with a battering ram. A second count to three
happens moments later, followed by a second *THUD* which buckles in the door,
but does not open it.

GAME> Amalia rolls 22 against 40% : 18% success

GAME> Abram rolls 82 against 1% : 81% failure

GAME> Abram rolls 66 against 11% : 55% failure
GAME> Abram rolls 5 against 50% <+11%> : 56% success

As Abram advances on the dance floor, suddenly he goes flying backward.
Knocking over a few chairs and maybe a table in the darkness.

GAME> Constance rolls 29 against 31% : 2% success

Amalia literally starts to glow as she too advanced on the dance floor. Her
cross is pulled from her neck, and it glows even more brightly than she does.
The woman holds the cross out to it mutters in Latin. And then she says,
"Make sure it doesn't stop me!" She once more starts to pray in Latin.

Holding her head and squinting Constance pushes from the ground away from the
'thing'. Looking quickly side to side she's trying to get her bearings on
something or someone..or something? Trying to move forward the dark haired
waif staggers back a few steps. Standing she heads forward, one eye clenched
shut and her head lowered.

Wes continues to blink and shake his head out. "I'll do me best," Wes says, his
voice confident. There was a slight upwards quirk to his brows, though, that
suggests he felt much less so. He stays beside Amalia, nonetheless, hands at
his sides. "Do your bloody best, God-girl," he says.

"Has anyone tried to talk to her…?" Kashka offers, a bit bashfully.
"Maybe…maybe she's just upset…" He doesn't really understand what's going
on, but he's had his share of encounters with…well, all kinds of things and
people. "Let me try…?" But he doesn't move from the spot, not wanting to
get in anyone's way or interrupt…very retreating and probably more than
slightly shy, despite his appearance.

"Oh, fuck me!" Abram grunts as he slowly gets to his feet. "Dumb bitch wants a
piece of me, I see." The whine from his flash, stopped from his flight, fails
to restart despite his level best beating of the equipment. "Now it's
personal," he grumbles, stepping in the direction he was sent flying from,
watching the "God-girl" cautiously, ready to leap in if something substantial
is seen.

*THUD* The battering of the door hits a third time, buckling the door back with
force into any civilians who were not wise enough to get out of the way the
first time the door buckled in from a blow. With it comes a handful of cops,
weapons drawn, coming in high and low. "Everyone hold it, Hands where we can
see them." The orders come ringing out in that paramilitary style that all
law enforcement officials master, "Someone Hit the lights NOW!"

GAME> Dakota rolls 85 against 15% : 70% failure
GAME> Dakota rolls 69 against 15% : 54% failure
GAME> Dakota rolls 37 against 15% : 22% failure
GAME> Dakota rolls 48 against 20% : 28% failure

Just as Dakota finishes her words she.. and her men go flying back out the
doors once more.

GAME> Amalia rolls 59 against 40% : 19% failure

Amalia looks toward Wes and pauses in her prayers for a moment and calls out,
"Anyone else with any kind of faith in God our Father, start praying now.
Lend me your faith!" She continues to glow, and step toward the dance floor.
But it pushed back just a little. Her clothing being tugged ad as if
something were trying to pull her away. Her voice waivers a little but she
doesn't stop. She speaks now in English, "In the Name of Jesus Christ, our
God and Lord, strengthened by the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary,
Mother of God, of Blessed Michael the Archangel, of the Blessed Apostles
Peter and Paul and all the Saints."
Not looking pleased Constance is about a few steps behind Wes and Amalia.
Working her jaw to try to ease the pain in her ears she blinks her eyes all
the way open. The loud thuds at the door steals her attention. Stepping more
towards the wall she looks from Amlia..the 'thin'..and then to Wes.

"Don't think me prayers count for much, but…" Wes says, and adds to Amalia's
own prayers, a much shakier version of the Our Father. He meets Constance's
eyes somewhat wryly and briefly stops his prayer to whisper to her, "Always
imagined getting a faith this way, next to a bar, with a wailing ghost…" he
says, before continuing with the prayer, attempting to match Amalia's words.
"Come on you lot," he says, "Any'un who wants to try n' send this creature
back to where it belongs, come n' pray. The rest, up the stairs!"

Kashka walks towards the poor creature. "Why doesn't anyone just talk to
her…?" He looks to the others, then stops short of actually getting much
closer to the ghost. "People always become so upset over things…but it
always seems like nobody wants to talk about it, or be calm…" His voice
remains so soft.

The police that are tossed from the room bounce into other cops, and when they
hear the order to pray, those who believe begin to pray. However this does
not stop them from trying to retake the room. Dakota who had escaped serious
injury, this time, comes into the room low again. Looking for who deserves
her wrath for daring to metaphysically toss around police officers.

"God arises; His enemies are scattered and those who hate Him flee before Him.
As smoke is driven away, so are they driven; as wax melts before the fire, so
the wicked perish at the presence of God." Amalia's voice is stronger now,
louder and more confident. Her small silver cross is held infront of her like
the holy weapon it surely is at the moment. The glow intensifies as something
divine is surely working with her.

The ghost lets out another one of those obnoxious shrieking sounds. Loud and
angry. As if flies toward, attempting to get at the glowy God-Girl.

GAME> Constance rolls 84 against 50% <-30%> : 64% failure

GAME> Wes rolls 4 against 50% <-34%> : 12% success

GAME> Abram rolls 5 against 50% <-9%> : 36% success
GAME> Dakota rolls 70 against 50% <-10%> : 30% failure
GAME> Dakota rolls 5 against 50% <-10%> : 35% success
GAME> Dakota rolls 44 against 50% <-10%> : 4% failure
GAME> Dakota rolls 2 against 50% <-10%> : 38% success
GAME> Kashka rolls 10 against 50% <-11%> : 29% success
GAME> Dakota rolls 22 against 50% <-10%> : 18% success

GAME> Constance sustains 2 points of damage <passing injuries>

Constance stummbles and finds a moment to smile at Wes's words and if able she
places a hand on his shoulder to right herself. And again it hits..the shriek
from the 'thing'…unless helped she drops to her knees screaming in agony

There are two light sources at the moment. That coming from the entrance at the
top of the stairs where the door has been broken. And a pale short, pink
haired girl holding a cross. Yes. She is glowing. She is glowing right
brightly. And she is all but shouting prayers as a… /thing/ comes flying
toward her. Something vaguely humanoid, but seemingly made of shadows. It
shrieking a horrible, horrible sound.

GAME> Nalio rolls 54 against 50% <-41%> : 45% failure
GAME> Jack rolls 70 against 50% <-38%> : 58% failure

Wes would have very likely have helped Constance, but there was a ghost trying
to get at the one that Wes was hedging his bets on at being able to banish
the ghost. He winces at that, and the sound, but does attempt to get between
the ghost and Amalia, taking out his own lighter he holds it up a la style of
a Queen tribute concert towards the ghost.

GAME> Nalio sustains 1 point of damage <passing injuries>

GAME> Amalia rolls 67 against 50% <-10%> : 27% failure

Kashka clasps his hands over his chest and frowns. "Will you please listen to
me! This isn't necessary! If you'd just try to be nice for once…! I know
it's difficult, but if you could just wait for a moment…if you could just
wait for a moment and listen, and maybe try to be a little kind…" He looks
down at the floor, meekly. "You're…you're all being ridiculous. If you
could just take time to listen…"

GAME> Constance rolls 70 against 19% : 51% failure

"OK, let's play it your way," Abram grumbles, effortlessly picking up a chair
and throwing it — hard — at the apparition flying toward the glowing chick.
"Wanna throw things, let's throw things."

Dakota watches as the screeching sound has some of the officers grabbing their
ears, blood actually seen on the face of one of the young men praying. And he
is stunned, falling to the floor dripping from his nose. "Who or what is
that?" She points her gun towards the creature with the hideous voice. "Cease
and desist…that…noise!' She shouts though she winces.
You paged Wes with 'You basically go straight through the ghost. And GOD it is

"Jesus H. Christ," an English voice yelps in pain from the top of the stairs.
Jack, apparently just arrived on the scene, has one hand over one ear and the
other ear pressed into his shoulder, the pistol in his hand hanging limply
from his fingers.

Wes, and the Chair, go straight through the ghost. The chair slams against a
booth and breaks apart. Wes, manages not to break into a million pieces,

GAME> Wes sustains 1 point of damage <passing injuries>

Nalio decides to get out of her apartment, no use wasting away alone all night.
She get's off the elevator only to cover her ears and drop to her knees.
"What the Fuck!" She closes her eyes as it feels like many needles attack her
ear drums in a vein effort to reach her brain.

GAME> Amalia rolls 75 against 10% <-52%> : 117% failure

"AAAH!" Amalia cries out in pain as the the THING literally picks her up and
carries her backward at a hurdling, speed slamming her into the bar. She
small form rattles for several moments and she plummets to the ground.

As she is helped to her feet Claudia watches Wes 'attack' the 'thing' then
quickly looks to the lightbulb of faith. Squinting she steps to the side
looking between Amalia and her effect on the 'thing'..or vice versa? The
effect of the shriek keeping her holding onto her head. Gritting her teeth
she just watches the 'thing' assult Amalia…did she smile? Nah that was a
painful expression not a smile of enjoyment.

Wes scrubs his arms as he passes through the ghost, his teeth gritted together.
"Oi," He says, as he recovers, looking around as the ghost smashes Amalia
into the bar. "Bloody frigid bitch. Come on over 'ere. Wot's your name…"
Wes says, trying to remember. Been a long while. "Willow, innit!" he says to
the ghost.

Kashka sees the results of what is happening. "Please stop! Please stop…I'll
listen. I'll listen to you. I know you're upset…" He's trying to talk with
the ghost, hoping that perhaps even if no-one else listens, she will, and
then perhaps he can prevent anyone else from being hurt. He doesn't mind so
much calling attention to himself…he's usually fairly noticeable anyway.
Then Wes at last tries to speak to her…well, sort-of. Not quite so nicely
as Kashka had hoped, but at least it's something.

GAME> Wes rolls 49 against 31% : 18% failure
GAME> Kashka rolls 70 against 24% : 46% failure

"OK, let's see how fireproof you are," Abram snarls. He rushes to the bar to
grab a bottle of something strong. Vodka. Perfect. He whirls around and
tosses the bottle at the "feet" of the apparition, following through with the
cigar in his mouth. "Don't like light? Try flames on for size, you piece of

The assault on the young woman has Dakota and the police still standing moving
to assist her. The creature is obviously dangerous, but anything that can
pick someone up, can maybe be captured. The praying cops return to their
muttered Hail Marys, Our Fathers, and one "Now I lay me down to sleep".
Dakota glances back at that fully expecting to hear a dinner blessing as the
next chorus. Of course the alcohol and cigar moltov cocktail has her trying
to shield the woman at the bar with her body.

Jack's firearm goes back in its holster as he starts down the stairs, a silver
cross extracted from one pocket and something else taken from another. He's
moving more slowly and more carefully than he otherwise might, picking his
way down the stairs with a care that isn't quite like him, and with a
lingering grimace. And then there's flames. "Shite."

Nalio looks up and notices who is doing the tormenting. "Willow Honey?" She
shakes her head and runs forward hands up showing the girl nothing is in
them. "I read your journal you left me…" She sounds calm and a touch sad…
"Nelson may not have loved you but he cared… why are you so angry Baby
girl?" Nalio is trying real hard to stay calm as her ears beat with what was
pain. The cocktail and all that is upsetting and none of this needs to be
going on really.

GAME> Abram rolls 18 against 11% : 7% failure

The spirit screams once more as if in agony when Nalio says the name 'Nelson'.
It shrinks back away from Amalia and the bar. It hide once more in the

On the other hand Abram's cigar goes flying through the air and misses it's
target. It lands somewhere in the darkess.

GAME> Amalia rolls 96 against 40% <+18%> : 38% failure

The glow around Amalia starts to dim just a little as she staggers upward, only
to get knocked down by Dakota as she tries to shield the pink haired woman
from the fire.. She sobs softly and continues on her prayer though her voice
is a little weaker now, "In the Name of Jesus Christ, our God and Lord,
strengthened by the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of
God, of Blessed Michael the Archangel, of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul
and all the Saints, we confidently undertake to repulse the attacks and
deceits of the devil."

Constance's attention isn't on the 'thing' people are calling Willow..she looks
for the nearest exit. For now she steps back against the wall kneeling down
as she appears to have lost track of the 'thing'.

"Bloody tired o' this ghost," Wes mutters, waving, despite the oddness of the
situation, to Nalio. "Wot we need is an exorcism o' some sort." he says. He
takes a stand by the bar, Dakota and Amalia though, trying to look for the

"Come on out, you stupid bitch!" Abram growls. He gives his flash another few
whacks and grins ferally as the capacitor whine starts up again. "I've got
another gift for you. Maybe you can join this 'Nelson' guy you're whinging
about in Hell!" He waits this time for the flash to charge before moving.

As Dakota knocks the woman down, she rolls over trying to point her gun at the
"creature". "Everyone who is Human…please go into the bar now…" She
stairs at the Ghost…"You…stop, raise your…"

Jack, his cross hanging by his side from its ID card chain, calls above the
crowd, "Ladies and gents, please make your way slowly to the bar before
someone gets injured." His voice is calm and authoritative, and his accent
very English. "Anyone who knows anything about this being, please come and
talk to me."

All is chaos. Two sources of light can be found. That from the stairway
entrance shining down into the darkened club. The other source being a
faintly glowing young woman who seems to be praying. And somewhere lurking in
the darkness a… thing.. sobs.

All is chaos. Two sources of light can be found. That from the stairway
entrance shining down into the darkened club. The other source being a
faintly glowing young woman who seems to be praying. And somewhere lurking in
the darkness a… thing.. sobs. Erh, and there is the heavy smell of vodka in
the air.

Entering the bar, there is a sense of disappointment in Agatha's face. It's
almost as if, she really thinks those around her should be doing something
better with their time. "Excuse me officer's" Her quiet voice is heard above
the ruckus. "I understand that there is some poor soul in need of solace
here." She pats his arm when he tries to stop her. "This is the lords work,
not the work of man sir…" And neatly sidestepping the police man comes into
the room, her prayers are quietly murmured and seemed focused on the peace
and serenity found in the love of Christ.

Roxxy pauses after stepping on in, the dark being one of the very good reasons.
She pulls up a small flashlight off her work belt and shines it around a
little to see what's where and where is safe to step.

GAME> Amalia rolls 69 against 40% <+48%> : 19% success

"Cops are 'ere, we 'ave the reinforcement, yeah?" Wes says as he looks around
at the situation. "'m going to 'ead on out. You lot," Wes says as he passes
the group of cops. "Pray on!" he says as he jogs up the stairs. "Me ears are
bleeding, n' 've just come out of the arse end of a ghost," he says by way of

Amalia pushes herself up once more. Her gaze darts toward Agatha and a grateful
smile settles over her lips. The small woman holds out her cross toward the
dance floor once more. As light once more starts to shine from her. She says
breathelessly to the cops, "This is our work." She continues her prayer, "God
arises; His enemies are scattered and those who hate Him flee before Him. As
smoke is driven away, so are they driven; as wax melts before the fire, so
the wicked perish at the presence of God."

Nalio is kneeling in the last spot she saw Willow, or at least as close as she
can to the sobbing. Looking at the grumpy man she frowns and shakes her head.
"Willow, your not a bitch or any other yucky thing… Your just sad and need
to move on. Being angry isn't going to help dear, no need to stay around here
darling. Please calm down… plase sweetheart." She is trying to sooth the
ghost having dealt with her before. "I want to see you happy again." She's
being sincere it seems.

Abram, seeing the chance for a truly great photograph, maneuvers in position
to take in both of the glowing chicks, the kneeling broad and the ghost
lurking in the gloom. "I can see headlines already," he mutters to himself
before grinding his teeth together as he clamps his jaw down on the
non-existent cigar. The camera goes off — four powerful, noiseless flashes
follow combined with the noise of the autowinder pulling the film through the

GAME> Dakota rolls 30 against 50% <-10%> : 10% success
GAME> Dakota rolls 71 against 50% <-10%> : 31% failure
GAME> Dakota rolls 56 against 50% <-10%> : 16% failure
GAME> Dakota rolls 71 against 50% <-10%> : 31% failure
GAME> Dakota rolls 18 against 50% <-10%> : 22% success
GAME> Amalia rolls 89 against 50% <-10%> : 49% failure
GAME> Nalio rolls 20 against 50% <-41%> : 11% failure
GAME> Roxxy rolls 4 against 50% <-20%> : 26% success
GAME> Agatha rolls 4 against 38% : 34% success

GAME> Jack sustains 2 points of damage <passing injuries>
GAME> Amalia sustains 2 points of damage <minor injuries -05%>

When the light flashes, Dakota yells, "STOP THAT…what ever idiot is playing
with that camera, Stop it now!" Blinking her eyes she tries to regain her
night vision.

GAME> Agatha rolls 94 against 35% : 59% failure

Jack stumbles, lips twisting in a snarl, his forearm over his eyes. "Argh! And
now I'm sodding blind." The Brit doesn't appear to be having a good day.

Nalio covers her eyes and rubs them and cries a little. "Willow stop crying
baby… please your hurting me." There is something oddly pained in her tone.
"Come out, just try to cross over for me. You don't want all these people to
think your bad do you? I mean your such a sweet thing, but when you throw
tissy fits like this? No one can see that and a few of them are even scared
of you… What would Nelson think if he saw you acting this way?"

The wailing starts once more screeching loud and painfully once more at the
mention of 'Nelson'. But not quite as obnoxious as it has been in the past.

The prayer of is taken up by Agatha, though before she begins praying it seems
as if she listens to some voice no one else can hear. "God of heaven, God of
earth, God of Angels, God of Archangels, " The words are unfamiliar to the
simple woman with her back woods accent. "God of Patriarchs, God of Prophets,
God of Apostles, God of Martyrs, God of Confessors, God of Virgins," The
prayer goes on…her own glow is soft comforting. "God who has power to give
life after death and rest after work:"The flash of light causes her to raise
a hand over her eyes…"because there is no other God than Thee and there can
be no other, for Thou art the Creator of all things, visible and invisible,
of Whose reign there shall be…"Again she listens before continuing the

Nalio knew that might be stupid just a touch too late. She ignores the praying
and focuses on Willow. "I'm sorry hun, I know how much it hurts… But
dwelling on things can hurt just as bad or even worse." She isn't so annoyed
at the sound but showing signs of pitty.

Roxxy pauses as everyone is preying and everything is dark and some fool's out
there with his camera doing the strobe effect. "Oi… wha' da fu'?" She asks
while trying to get an actual grasp of what is going on. Sure, they said
something was broken, but she may need differnt tools to fix this. First
thing's first. She repositions her mini light so it shines down, letting the
light pool on and in front of her feet, helping to cut the glare. Then she
peers through the darkness and tries to get a better grasp of what is

Amalia's prayers fail for a moment, her hands clasping over her ears. She rocks
for a moment, and cries out in pain. She seems dazed from the sound, and the
glow around her dims once more.

The wailing continues on. In the darkness at the dance floor. Then it softens
to a sob. A soft begging, "Please love me.. Please love me.."

Seeing that interesting things are now pretty much over, Abram discreetly —
or, rather, as discreetly as a man his size can be — moves over to the exit
of the bar, trying to slip out of the bar. "These things have *GOT* to get
developed!" he gloats quietly to himself. "They'll be worth a mint!"

The cops herd the majority of the civilians from the room. All the time just
helping out the ones who are overly affected by the earlier wails from the
creature…the rest either praying and/or aiming their guns at the creature.
Dakota touches the woman creeping in with her flash light focused down (aka
roxxy)…"Unless you can turn on the lights, or are one of the holy rollers'
she cocks the hand not holding the gun towards the praying duo, "I would
advise you to leave…"

GAME> Agatha rolls 12 against 35% : 23% success

GAME> Jack rolls 92 against 7% : 85% failure

Jack turns to face the sobbing; he closes his eyes, and breathes deep. One
short, sharp, muttered word later, he's tucking his cross away again, and
whatever he'd been holding in the other hand.

The older woman kneels quietly and continues to pray, her words slowly coming
to her…finally she breaks from the catholic rite to a simpler prayer. "Lord
Jesus, he who sent his messengers back from death to teach us your
truth…guide this spirit into your arms, so that she can know eternal love."
The words soft as her hands touch the ring on her finger, twisting the metal
round and round. "Let her find the comfort of her loved ones in your embrace."

Roxxy pans the light up a little on the person who touches her, getting it up
high enough to illuminate and see who it is. Then she pans it up to the
ceiling to check the status of the light fixtures "Oi… mi' ta' me 15 or 20
tew ge' da lights on, 'pending on da state of da board. Take me 10 or so tew
run to m'van and brin' down m'port'ble hal'gen spots. Whi' dew yew wan'
first?" She asks while panning carefully with her light, enough to spot Abram
comming towards the exit "Oi. I know yew. Yew're that stupid git dat 'most
go' us ate at da park 'cause yew coul'n keep yew'r flash in yew'r pance." She
looks back to Dakota "I'd bust 'em just on Gen'ral princ'ples." she shrugs
"Sew, yew wan dem spot lighs?"

GAME> Amalia rolls 27 against 40% <+48%> : 61% success

Amalia holds her cross out toward the sound of the sobbing woman. Her voice
becomes a little more gentle as she prays, "Our father who art in heaven,
descend upon this soul. Embrace her in your arms and allow her your love. Our
father who art in heaven, hear the cries from the depths. Hear us and aid us.
Take her pain, and sorrow, and fear, and need. Embrace her in your light and
your love. Give her the rest and love and peace."

Amalia starts to glow even more with a bright divine light.

Dakota nods to Roxxy, "We need lights…get us some…now." She is watching the
women who pray with a suspicious eye.

With most of the people now out of harm's way, Jack heads for the door,
presumably to stop them getting back into harm's way. He nods to Roxxy as he
passes, and then he's gone, his voice clearly audible from the bar for a few
moments as he assures people that there's nothing to see here.

"Ah. Always nice to meet a fan," Abram says with a crooked grin. "Need a hand
with those thing?" A ham-like hand waves in the direction of the equipment
being manhandled. "I think carrying things is more my place here."

Roxxy nods to Dakota then turns on her heel and snags Abram's arm "Oi. Yea.
Jus' kee' up." She says dragging him along, back the way she came "Any I
still go'a bone tew pick whi' yew, tew." Out through the bar, up to the
street and to her waiting van she leads on in an almost full run. Popping the
van bay door open, she starts sliding tripod posts out to Ambram then gathers
up the box lights and their batteris.

And then it happens..

Amalia continues her prayers. Her voice strong, along with Agatha's prayer, and
that of the cops. There is a dazzling display of light. Amalia's lasts were
are, "Please, Father, Love her."

Lights explode over the dance floor. Bright and blinding. Stretching out…
Almost like wings unfolding. And a woman with red hair, and pale skin stands
up. The line shines over her, brighter, and brighter… Until the light seems
to fill up the entire club. Blindingly bright.

"Nelson.." Is whispered, and then lights and the ghost are gone.

Amalia drops to the ground a moment later, seemingly out cold.

GAME> Amalia loses 20 points of psyche <-25 penalty>
GAME> Agatha loses 15 points of psyche <-15 penalty>

Older woman is praying with Amalia and by the time the lights flash, you can
see tears streaming from her eyes. Her own glow a steady light in the
darkness….Though she does not fall onto the floor or pass out it is
apparent that the ensuing release of the spirit has drained her significantly.


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