The Village of Wauconda is located 30 miles North-Northwest of Chicago in Southern Lake County, Illinois. It has evolved from summer resorts and cabins to a prosperous and diversified community of just over 10,000 individuals. The small town atmosphere is still prevalent in the tree-lined neighborhoods. Retail centers are conveniently located along Rt. 176 and Main Street and nuisance-free industrial parks are located northwest of town. The jewel of the Village is Bangs Lake, a 309-acre natual glacial lake that is among the top fishing spots in Illinois.

A small town of barely 15,000 individuals, Wauconda sports a single Elementary School, a single High School, a single Post Office and a single library, often relying on the bustling metropolis of Chicago that looms a half hour's drive to the southeast. Seeming to be little more than an excuse to have buildings around Bangs Lake, it is often traffic for Chicagoland tourists seeking to experience the "simple life", but without having to get their hands dirty. Clean and flat paved roads curl about in a loose grid, bearing many candy-colored pastel houses and store-fronts.

A few were-packs have set up their home bases in the outskirts of Wauconda, but history has no record of a vampire Master of the City for Wauconda, nor have there been any known bouts of extreme fae (or zombie, etc…) activity.



Although Wauconda is on the 'game grid', it is obviously not a part of Chicago, nor is it even really near Chicago. When preternatural societies set up their 'pack/vampire domains', they're generally no larger than a given city, and thus anything that falls under the Chicago domain does not pertain to Wauconda. This gives a character who is ostracized from Chicago the ability to still be able to be played.

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