Werefoxes Faction

The Were-Fox pack, or Skulk, is generally a tightly knit group of shifters. There is no set convention for the naming of leaders, though in Chicago the female leader seems to be referred to as the Queen.

As with every other lycanthropic pack or any other support group, there is no real method for "tradition" to be passed down from old shifter to new shifter other than word of mouth and peer-pressure. As such, it is not unheard of for some packs to eschew the "traditional setup" and go with their own method of organization (EG: Perhaps where the leader(s) is/are chosen annually by the pack? Perhaps no clear leader, with the pack's actions decided by majority vote? Perhaps a triumvirate, where there are three leaders of equal political power?). As with all shifter packs, whatever is "right" and whatever is "wrong" is purely based on what the pack's leader decrees, up until the leader is deposed for their unpopular views.

In most cities the population of werefoxes is hardly large or influential enough to be considered an actual group. There are exceptions to every rule, of course, and Chicago is one of these. The Skulk of Chicago is part of the CLAW alliance, and claims ties of allegiance to the local Pack as well as the Kiss. While they do not number as largely as the traditional 'Big Three', their sphere of influence seems to make up for such things.

The exact number of werefoxes in Chicago is unknown to most. They are sly, crafty creatures after all.

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