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Pard (WereLeopards)

The Were-Leopard pack, or Pard, is generally a tightly knit group of shifters, to touch and to be touched is often a part of their being. The female leader of the Pard is traditionally called the Nimir-Ra and the male leader, the Nimir-Raj. They can rule together and have significant power, or they can rule as a single entity, with a significantly weaker powerbase.

As with every other lycanthropic pack or any other support group, there is no real method for "tradition" to be passed down from old shifter to new shifter other than word of mouth and peer-pressure. As such, it is not unheard of for some packs to eschew the "traditional setup" and go with their own method of organization (EG: Perhaps where the leader(s) is/are chosen annually by the pack? Perhaps no clear leader, with the pack's actions decided by majority vote? Perhaps a triumvirate, where there are three leaders of equal political power?). As with all shifter packs, whatever is "right" and whatever is "wrong" is purely based on what the pack's leader decrees, up until the leader is deposed for their unpopular views.

Although Leopards are the most common of the Feline Weres, it is not unheard of for there to be WereLions, WereTigers, WereJaguars, and WereCheetahs, as well as the rare instances of Snow-Leopard Shifters, Clouded-Leopard Shifters, and other lesser known cats.

NOTE 1: Cougars? Pumas? Mountain Lions? We go by 'Cougar' for clarity, although all three are the same type of animal.
NOTE 2: Clouded Leopards and Show Leopards aren't the same species as standard Leopards. As such, it is only a common practice and not assured that shifters that turn into such animals will be adopted into a Were-Leopard pack.
NOTE 3: Generally, a were-leopard has to be of quite dark human skin coloration to turn into a 'panther'. There are rare exceptions of a pale person being cursed to turn into "a panther", and we'd generally like to keep that rare.

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