Wereleopards Handbook

This page is a handbook for players of current wereleopard characters and those considering apping one in the future.

Important Information for All Shifters

Please read this as it is helpful information for all Shifters to be aware of OOCly. Shifter Behavior Tutorial

Some facts about wereleopards (from the Anita Blake Wiki):

  • The cat lycanthropy virus is difficult to catch. That is one of the reasons that the groups are so small.
    • In-Game, it (and all the other types) are just weaker than the wolf-type.
  • Silver is very harmful to them and can cause permanent injury and death.
  • When in full leopard form, they are considerably larger than their feline counterpart in nature.
  • Fur colors in shifted form match those of the animal their strain is from with a slight adjustment relative to their natural human hair-coloration (EG: Someone of African descent will turn into a panther, while an albino will turn into an albino leopard).
  • They can talk when in ‘cat-man’ form.
  • The principle social characteristic of the pard members is a common use of physical contact as a source of emotional reassurance.
  • Cat lycanthropies are typically the type they use in the anti-lycanthrope treatment.

NOTE: Technically, a were-leopard pack is comprised of just were-leopards. Snow leopards, clouded leopards, etc.. are not actually leopards. Never the less, much like how were-wolf packs have been known to 'adopt' were-dogs and other were-canines into their pack, some were-leopard packs have been known to break from tradition and allow were-things that aren't leopards (like snow leopards) into their pack.

Other Known Leopard Leaders

These are the other known leopard leaders from player backgrounds and RP, as well as canon. If the leader has a co-ruler their name follows in parenthesis.

  • Unnamed - The Pard of Detroit, MI is stated to be overbearing, corrupted in the extreme, and very brutal.
  • Adair - Nimir Raj of the San Francisco, CA Pard circa 2006. (Nimir Ra: Zoe)
  • Rufus Mills - Former Nimir Raj of the Aurora, NE Pard until late April of 2010. Killed by Devin Masters.
  • Devin Masters - Nimir Raj of the Aurora, NE Pard as of late April of 2010. Killed former Raj Rufus Mills.

Helpful Tips

Here are a few points of interest that some people have misconceptions about regarding wereleopard, many of which stem from the vast differences between the Anitaverse and other legend, lore, and fiction about lycanthropes. So to clarify things on this game:

  1. Beta does not mean weak. Being a beta wereleopard does NOT mean your character is weak, submissive, or malleable. It does not mean you are easily manipulated, fearful, or cowardly. The designation of Beta is not a personality dictate. It is more a simple societal pecking order (which is buckable, to be honest). Think of the Pard as a large corporation. The Alphas are upper management who started at the top when they came into the company. Betas are not just the grunt workers and middle management, they may also be in upper management via HARD WORK. Through the wonders of XP, you are likely to run into Beta leopards who are physically stronger and more powerful than Alphas, and ones who hold rank and titles in a Pard. If you are considering a leopard and Alpha apps are closed, don’t let that dissuade you from apping one.
  2. The Dominate power is NOT about sex. It's about a metaphysical energy presence and power creating a /pecking order/, not a BDSM consortium. The Pard does not stand for trying to force someone to be a mate. These are people, not animals. And no one should feel pressure to be mated. Yes, the books had an example of a Nimir Ra and Nimir Raj being metaphysically forced to be together whether they wanted to or not. Turned out later that had nothing to do with anything but Anita's own whacked out powers forcing something she needed on her. That isn't how it works with the rest of the universe. The other leopards are not forbidden to romance each other and will not be killed for dating, marrying, attempting to make babies (and failing), or just playing bedroom games. They most certainly are not forbidden to fall in love, settle down, and enjoy life with a non-leopard. The only time you will run into dating trouble is when you do something that even a human will punch you in the face for, like trying to get into the pants of someone else's boyfriend or girlfriend.
  3. Being in the Pard doesn't mean you can only interact with the Pard unless there is a current ban on interacting with a specific group (See the Enemies section). That would be stupid and boring. Yes, there are things you shouldn't be telling non-leopards about, and as always IC actions have IC consequences if you betray your Pard, but you can interact, date, marry, schtup, and dance the fandango with whomever else you want. It'd be nice to have good lines of communication between the leopards and other factions regardless. Isolation does no one favors.
  4. There are a lot of opportunities for people to come in and rise quickly in the Pard if they choose to play a good political game. Having a large group means that there is more likelihood of having a good number of people on at any given time to do "Pard things" if they wish.
  5. None of this means massive stupidity and doing things that are likely to get your tail chewed off will be overlooked by the Pard. IC actions have IC consequences. The leopards do take care of their own and they mete out punishments and justice when necessary. There /is/ a pecking order. It /will/ apply IC. If you tell your boss to piss off at work, there would be consequences, and the same goes here, only these consequences may come with teeth and claws attached!
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