Werewolves History

Whispering Creek Pack

Before 2003 (at least as far back as February 2002), the local pack's Ulfric and Lupa were Vincent and Roxie Morgan; Vincent owned some tech company, Roxie was a nurse who had opened the Morgan Shifter Clinic in Bridgeport. The Lupinar grounds were on Wavecrest Island, Dr. Viola Montege was the Vargamor for the pack, and Ezekiel Kincaid had been granted honorary pack-member status in February of 2002. Due to strife between the Chicago were-wolves and vampires (as created clandestinely by then-MotC Ezra), pack-tied Lukoi were not allowed into the Crimson District from January until March of 2002.

Editor's Note: At some point between IC April 2002 and IC April 2003, Vincent and Roxie left. IC details surrounding their leaving are vague as of this writing

Doctor Raphael Maestroangelo was the Whispering Creek Lukoi Ulfric (along with his Lupa, Tessa) from mid-May 2003 to mid-May 2004. He re-opened the Morgan Shifter Clinic in Bridgeport, established diplomatic ties with the vampires, were-rats, were-leopards, independent shifters, Chicago political offices, and local businesses, as well as taking in wandering fae at the Clinic. Known more for relying on mundane diplomatic and leadership skills instead of preternatural tricks.

Damian Reynolds came from New York, where a little digging will reveal that he was briefly part of a pack, but left of his own free will. He became Lukoi Ulfric following Dr.Raphael Maestroangelo (in what was intended to be a peaceful change of guard, but Mr.Reynolds had other plans), from mid-May 2004 to Mid-July 2004, until usurped by Oren.

Spirit Rock Pack

Oren McCrickard was Whispering Creek Lukoi Ulfric after Damian Reynolds, starting Mid-July 2004. Around late winter of 2005, Cain Jensen (Freki under Oren) broke off from the Whispering Creek pack and formed a separate Spirit Rock Lukoi pack in Chicago, declaring this new pack the 'primary pack' in Mid-March 2005.

With the split, the new Spirit Rock pack cut a deal with the Starved Rock State Park rangers, setting up their Lupinar grounds in one of the many valleys of the Utica park. Andrew Bonnor remained on Wavecrest Island, overseeing the Whispering Creek's Lupinar grounds. Although Wavecrest Island continued seeing its share of tourists, it was thought best to leave someone to keep an eye on the Lupinar grounds directly.

In mid-August of 2005, Ulfric Cain Jensen died, leaving the Ulfric office to Raphael again. With the unexplained vanishing of Oren, Sanura Sinclair assumed Ulfric (possibly due to being Mr. McCrickard's murderer) for the Whispering Creek pack in early September of 2005.

Spirit Rock Pack usurps Whispering Creek Pack

In January of 2006, Dr.Maestroangelo was hit by a double-punch of being accused of killing Ulfric Sanura of the Whispering Creek pack (in early November of 2005, leading to the end of the Whispering Creek pack in Chicago, leaving only the Spirit Rock pack) as well as the Morgan Clinic being engulfed in flames. Along with his new Lupa (Mr. Austin Roberts) and two higher-ups, he vanished off into the snow to track down the culprits.

After Raphael's second departure, the office of Spirit Rock Ulfric was taken up by Professor Peter Smith (a respected member of the University's Preternatural Science dept. His claim to fame came from a series of documentaries he did for Discovery Network. The launch of his career came from a close encounter with Champ, the lake monster of Lake Champlain) in Feb 2006, previously from the Thundering Water Clan in northeast Pennsylvania.

In February of 2007, Mr.Smith's absence was filled-in by ex-officer John Glass (Honorable Discharge from the United States Army. Rank: Sergent. MOS Demolitions & Ordinance. Galveston TX Police Department, Bomb Squad and SWAT member. Rank: Lieutenant. Served 2002 to 2005. Chicago IL Police Department, RPIT from 2005 to 2006). Almost three months later, in late April, Mr.Glass left town. Rumours about as to why he left and where he left to abound, but the werewolf ballet dancer Ivy St.Claire and the Turkish vampire club-owner Ember (believed by some to be part of a relationship with Mr.Glass) left at around the same time for equally mysterious reasons.

Around the time of Mr.Glass's departure, Mr. Mason West arrived in town from Las Vegas. With no-one claiming the office of Ulfric, he took it upon himself in mid-July of 2007. At first glance a man of very little financial means, rumors of a vampire or Vegas patron were occasionally whispered. Mr. West was semi-peaceably usurped by Ms. Gabrielle Watson (Gang member with no legitimate profession) in early October, then Ms. Watson by Mr. Yiska Onacoma (restaurantier and new owner of the Wyld Hunt) in early November of 2007.

In April of 2008, Ms. Watson returned to Chicago after her brief visit to Europe, took up management of the Blues Bayou, and began to associate with Mr. West in Mr. Onacoma's absence. Rumors conflict, concerning if the two were making plans to seize control of the Spirit Rock Pack, or were making plans to create a branch-off splinter pack, or were merely covering for Mr. Onacoma in his absence. On August 13th of 2008, Mr. Onacoma was killed (along with Chance Bishop) when the Wyld Hunt exploded in flames. Under a week later, Mr. West declared himself as the Spirit Rock Ulfric for a second time, lending credence to the seizing rumors.

In November of 2008, then-Ulfric Mr Mason West left town to head to Australia, along with the Spirit Rock Vargamore Mr Elijah Banks. Since the Spirit Rock Lupa, Mrs Gabrielle DeCarmillo, left around the same time, the Spirit Rock Geri, Ms Lupe Connolly, ended up as de-facto leader until Agent Darius Caine (preternatural adviser for the FBI, moved to Illinois from Louisiana with Ms Dakoda Justice when Mr. West left town) was uncontested in his claim on March of 2009. The summer of 2009 was marked by a string of murders committed by Mr. Eric Jameson. In late July of that year, Darius attempted a sting operation to apprehend and/or kill Mr. Jameson, resulting instead in the death of Agent Caine, leaving the office of Ulfric vacant (and prompting Ms Justice to leave town in mourning).

Within a day or two of Agent Caine's death, Ms Amy Bright laid claim to the Spirit Rock Pack. Within a day of that claim, Mrs Gabrielle DeCarmillo disputed it and laid her own claim until a more suitable (in her eyes) leader could be found. Before August of 2009, such a leader was to be found in Mr. Monty Harris (a stoneworker by trade).

In June 2010, Monty Harris had to leave the city for personal reasons, and Jacob Kramer (jazz & blues singer) claimed the position of Ulfric for the Pack within Chicago city limits. He secured the pack a home within the city limits, and put into positions those he felt worthy, including a Geri, a Eranthe and a Bolverk.

In December 2010, Robert Moye travelled to Chicago with the remains of his pack from New Mexico to seek refuge, and added their numbers to the Spirit Rock Pack. A month later, Mr. Kramer was found dead in Lincoln Park, his men-at-arms speaking of vampire involvement. Robert Moye claimed the position of Ulfric for the Spirit Rock Clan, putting into position a Geri and a Hati. He welcomed Monty Harris back to the pack, stating that all wolves were welcome to begin his reign with a clean slate. He had to leave the city abruptly in May 2011, leaving the pack with MaryJane Faulkaiesen. She was Ulfric until Robert Moye returned in November 2011. After a brief discussion, it was agreed that she would step down to hand it back to him.

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