Wesley Ozmund's Vitals
Name: Wesley W. Ozmund
Race: Shh. 's a secret.
Shortdesc: An English blondie. 5'11, medium build.
Position: The Magician, Oz. See him at a club near you!
Fame: Local magician. You wouldn't recognize him unless you've seen him perform. In which case you'd know him as Oz.
Temperament: Cheerful, generally easy going.
Themesong: Rake at the Gates of Hell — The Pogues
G.S. as Wesley W. Ozmund


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

The Magician, Oz. Has an incredibly infrequent show at the House of Blues. Doesn't show up a lot for it, but continues to be employed there in progressively less prominent jobs. Want something from Chicago's underground? Want to know something? He's the man to ask.

RP Hooks

  • Criminal: Looking for any kind of person in any kind of trade that wouldn't mind some less than legal work. Can find work for you even if you're a linguist, or a computer scientist, or a biologist. Surprising what might come up.
  • Occult: Want to work together? Want to mess some critical ritual up royally together?
  • Trouble: It's hard to tell exactly who Wes works for. Everyone seems to think that he works for someone else. Do you want to be the one to work out that Wes isn't paying his dues? An RP Hook that comes with a +warn…
  • Information gathering: need some information? Lost someone? Now introducing Oz Information Services, getting you what you need, without having to walk down the whole yellow brick road.
  • Friends: Never can have enough of them.
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