Whispers of Change

Strange things happen Gronk is at his firepit, where he has also collected an odd assortment of blacksmith tools, and he is hammering away on a copper disk. It is about 24" in diameter and you see a number of them in different stages of completion. You see the finished product on a stand that is behind a lantern, a torch, and a large candle to show how the reflection would add to the light source. His shirt is off, he is sweating, and well there is an aroma. There is also a post that has a number of 'tickets' posted on it showing that Gronk has paid the parks service for the right to be here.

Yamiko slinks up through the shadows, she is good at that whole melting her way through the shadows business it seems. "A blacksmith?" she queries curious though her eyes display no emotion as she looks over the scene.

The wind whips through the trees, shivering leaves, as branches seem to bend in towards the campfire.

Gronk moves to the next copper disk and begins to beat the snot out of it with a hammer that most men wouldn't even think about lifting let alone use as a tool. He stops to go to a large skin that is hopefully filled with water and it looks like it is as he spills, it would seem on purpose, a goodly amount on him as well as drinks to hydrate as well as just cool off a bit. Very intent on his work he really isn't paying attention to the world around him, most people due to the smell give him a pretty wide berth to begin with.

Yamiko clicks her tongue lightly as she is well ignored but then hammering perhaps he didn't even hear her. She walks over closer coming fully into the light now "So what are you making there big guy?"

A leaf flutters down to the campfire, then seems to be whipped around in a small dirt devil that appears from no where to drift over to the root that juts out from the ground. As the ogre splashes himself the water slushes over the root, flattening the leaf to the ground.

Gronk looks up from his bird bath. "Gronk make plates of bright, you come to get a plate of light from Gronk? Gronk makes good ones, best in Place of Many People. Gronk has plates made of copper, silver, and is trying to make some out of pretty, pretty glass, but that harder then it looks. Gronk is me, who you?"

Yamiko offers a smile, doesn't quite reach her eyes but then how could you tell "Silver hmmmm well I could perhaps take one of silver. I imagine glass would need to be blown.. not hammered?"

The trees around you sway in the night air, branches dripping lower and lower.


The ogre in front of you looks at you as if you had just said that the moon is made of blue skeletons or something. "Gronk know that, Gronk take itty bitty pieces of pretty glass and stuck them with sticky pot stuff, then when make nice? Put candle behind new glass pretty and pretty colors show. Gronk use hammer on glass." If you don't move out of the way you get a comradiere(sp) smack on the shoulder. "You not tell Gronk name, you need one, Gronk good at giving names."

Yamiko takes the smack .. likely like a wall of brick seems she is made of sterner stuff then the very small young lady looks. "Ah yes, well my name is Yamiko, though Gronk may call me Yami" she looks towards the tinkle sound.

The tinkle sound seemed to be coming from behind, or perhaps in Gronk's tent. Though as soon as it's glanced at there is a breeze that makes the candle flames and the fire dance. The paper tacked to the tree flutters and one goes floating off the tree towards the fire.

Gronk looks over towards the tinkle sound as well. Offering his hand out: "Gronk pleased to meet Yummy." Looks around a bit suspiciously. "Yummy making things happen? Gronk knows some can make things move without touching, Gronk not unknown thing like this." Looks at ticket floating away. "Gronk think something funny going on Yummy."

Yamiko nods "I would tend to agree Gronk.. something funny is definitely happening in your camp site.. I think perhaps more prankster then malicious though." she looks around slowly

The wind continues to blow, but leaves ruffle as tree branches lift up.

Gronk nods. "Gronk just like things like Gronk like them, Gronk take time to put things in their places. Hammer goes there, tongs go here, and if there is a puka or something messin things up. Yummy sure she not doing or bringing sumthin? Things not happen till Yummy comes to Gronk's place.

Yamiko nods "I can assure you random mischief or the like is not my domain Gronk. I wonder what is causign it though.." she mmms and steps towards the tent curious

A tree down the park path suddenly shakes as though something big has brushed against it.

Yamiko senses she can still hear a slight movement from the tent under the brush of the tree.

Gronk eyes narrow a bit at the tree movement and he goes to get his club. He yells in a loud voice. "Hey YOU! Get out, Gronk Bash if you not.

Yamiko rolls her eyes and smiles heading smoothly and .. unnaturally agile to the tent to try to grab something now.

Gronk heads towards the tree with his club. "Gronk warn, Gronk bash if not come out from behind tree. Gronk no like to be tricked, Gronk no like at all. Gronk bash sneaky sneaky bad person. Gronk make head leak red."

The shiver of the leaves and the movement of the tree stops as suddenly as it began. Then another tree from the opposite side of the clearing shakes. Leaves have blown into the tent but near the lamp in the tent a leaf rests, half torn into as if it was torn away .

Yamiko peers at the leaf and then looks around "well.. I can hear them moving about but I cant seem to find them

Gronk sighs. "Gronk no see them at all, maybe too small for Gronk's little eyes. That never made sense to Gronk, Gronk have little eyes, should be able to see little things, iffin Yummy had big eyes she see big things…Gronk not understand. Gronk need to talk to Smart Man again, maybe he know."

Another gust of wind lifts the leaves off the ground, blowing them out and up in a circling pattern up…up…up into the trees. Then they suddenly rain down on the camp site, as the gust of wind dies.

Yamiko blinks "Perhaps it is a zephyre of some sort.. wind spirit or elemental?" she looks around "or someone playing a prank…"

Gronk looks at Yamiko. "Gronk ony know that Gronk not have problem, then Yummy show up, then Gronk have problem. Gronk not sure if Yummy did not bring it with her. Did Yummy do that? Bring trouble with Yummy? Maybe Yummy in CAAAAHoOOOOttzz with people that want to make Gronk leave pit, Gronk like pit, you do that?"

The summer evening lapses into silence, with only the slightest breeze playing in the fire.

Yamiko looks up to Gronk "Oh hush… if I wanted to move you out of your nice pit I would just do it.. So be careful of those accusations.. but fine if you want to deal with your infestation alone I will leave."

Gronk just looks at the woman. "Yummy bring it, now you want to leave it, that not right. Gronk knows that not right. Yummy is just being mean now. Like bringing flys to a picnic, they just buzz and be all bad."

Yamiko sighs slowly "I did not bring it…I arrived to investigate probably as they did .. or thwey have other reasons. It seems to have gone now though?" looks around

Its a forest clearing, in a state park.

Gronk now looks thorougly confused. "What Yummy need to put a vest on a gate? Gronk really not understand city people at all. You and the city people can just be not right in the head.

Yamiko blinks at Gronk and sighs "I'll let that pass as unintended… Well it seems your problem is gone now."

Gronk looks around. Sniffs, squints his eyes looking harder. "Gronk think so, wind died down, that good, wind can make sparks go higher, not good, cause fire. So, what did Yummy come to see Gronk bout?"

Yamiko shrugs "I was curious when I heard an Ogre has come and claimed an island… I try to meet people even if I am mostly anti-social

Gronk nods. "Gronk told that dog people had claimed island and I talked to Man in Hat if Gronk had to leave? Man in Hat said as long as Gronk paid for his spot no one could make Gronk leave, less Gronk broke rules. Gronk got Lady to read rules to Gronk, Gronk sure not to break, Gronk not want to leave."

Yamiko nods "Wait… the werewolves claim this island as well?" she looks around amused "well.. this should be amusing if nothing else."

Gronk nods. "Gronk not find it amusing, make Gronk mad. Gronk not claim dirt before but Gronk not being told to move. Gronk have hard enough with people pointing at Gronk, throwing dirt at Gronk, so Gronk go out of the way, now dog people picking on Gronk, Gronk decide had enough, Gronk stay."

Yamiko nods "I take it you cant manage a glamour to hide yourself when you move amongst the humans?" she mmms thoughtfully.

Gronk shakes head. "Gronk just strong, Gronk bash good. Gronk not like others, Gronk like it that way, no one bothers Gronk when Gronk alone and Gronk no bother anyone else. Gronk not want to bother, Gronk wants to work and get paper to give Man in Hat to live here and leave others alone."

Yamiko nods softly "Ranger I imagine?" she nods "So how do you sell your disks then to people?"

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