William's Vitals
Name: William Richmond
Race: English
Shortdesc: White haired man in his fifties.
Position: Retired Judge
Fame: Judge turned Vampire
Temperament: Mild mannered
Themesong: {$Themesong}
John Thaw as William Richmond


Born in Harrow, London, in December 1955, to Mavis and George Richmond, William was one of several children. He went to the Harrow School, and then to Oxford to study Law. His family were not rich, but middle class and they worked hard to put their children through the schools and colleges. He graduated well, having studied hard and put his intelligence and memory to good use, and acquired a job as a solicitor. He began to repay his parents, and to study towards his bar exams, working in criminal law. A couple of years later, and he joined an Inn, working in the courts as a barrister.

Several years pass and he is still there, in his early forties, when his parents both die within a year of each other. He went to the funeral, drifting away from his family with their loss. This was the year that he looked at his life, realising that he lacked a reason to stay in the country. Finally deciding on the US, he prepared to move home, selling his property in Oxford, and selecting Chicago as the city to which to move.

Arriving, he held sufficient funds to work through the State's requirements for the bar, working in a small criminal firm just outside the city. And there he stayed for over ten years, until finally, he was offered a position as a judge in the city. And he accepted, settling into his new role in life with a quiet dignity.

He met and married Aio, and shortly after this retired from the bench. He vanished from public life briefly after his retirement, amid rumours of illhealth.

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