Rex Wintercoat's Vitals
Name: Rex Wintercoat
Race: Fae
Shortdesc: Tall, light and friendly.
Position: Fool, Pooka and Easterbunny
Fame: He is gaining notoriety as a volunteer entertaining sick adults and children at the hospital, and for openly being of the fae. Rex is also becoming known as the Easterbunny. He gives and hides magical eastereggs, and puts in quite a bit of effort into reminding people of the wonders of life.
Temperament: A lover of life and one who lives life to the fullest. Having been a rabbit for a long time, he knows how abruptly life can end.
Themesong: Be
Harvie, the invisible rabbit. as Rex Wintercoat


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Rex is gaining a public reputation as openly being of the fae, and tends to look to be half rabbit and half human much of the time. He is quite friendly and out going, delighting in speaking with any one that can be polite and wishes to speak with him. He is quite kind and forgiving with humans and does not seem interested in many of the pranks that the fae are so well known for. Since learning that he is the easter bunny, he has put even more effort in to working with and understanding humans. He doesn't talk about the religion behind Easter, other then to say that his mother is not concerned about the co-opting of her celebration. She feels that it is the celebration of life and renewal that matters, not what faith you hold to, and Rex honors her feelings on that.

Rex is known to be some where around 400 years old, though he does not know the exact date of his birth. He says that rabbits had no interest in keeping track of such things, and as he came into the world as a rabbit, it was some time before he found reason to take interest in time. He is known to volunteer at the hospital entertaining children and adults that are ill or just feeling down. He has shown that he is quite caring and has a deep understanding of life and suffering, and does his best to help any one that needs their mood lifted. He is rumored to have some healing abilities, but they do seem to be limited and are rarely used. He shows quite a bit of interest in mortals and in learning of them, he also delights in entertaining them. He has spoken of having been a fool in the human courts in France before the revolution and still sees him self as holding such a post. He is known to be able to change his form at will, and there are rumors that he can change others form at will as well, though there are few that will claim to have seen him change others. There are also rumors that he once became some sort of nightmare rabbit creature to defend Rowan from a zombie attack. But hi is normally so mild mannered that many doubt that it happened.

Rex has recently gotten married to Rowan, and seems to feel quite blessed at the event. They have a child, though Rex is not the blood father he does not show it in action. He is quite open with his affection for Ro and the child, no matter his form. He is quite delighted with the toys and such that humans come up with and has tried his paw, er, hand, at photography. Rex is also quite fond of human cooking and the wonderful taste combination they come up with and rather favors oatmeal cookies, with raisins.

Rex and Rowan have been doing well, and now have three children, a mortal, and twins that are half fae. He has been dedicating his time to his family and to the hospitals, helping to keep spirits up. He is careful not to bring religion into his position as the Easter-bunny, which is not a simple thing, and maintains that life should be honored, and not any specific god or goddess. Honor creation and renewal, as this is something that is a part of us all.

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