Woman In Red


This scene went through three different settings:

Red Brick House: Living Room - Hyde Park - University of Chicago - Woodlawn Avenue

The color these walls is called "Imperial Blood". For those who don't know this color, it is a rich plum boarding on red. On the walls hang several parchments of Chinese Calligraphy. The center of the room is dominated by a black leather sectional that angles to form an "L" shape. It is not against the wall, though, allowing one to walk all around it. In the center is a coffee table of highly polished cherrywood. An oriental rug spreads beneath the table and sectional, creating a perfect rectangle. Along one wall is built-in entertainment center, also of cherrywood. A television and stereo system fill it along with the owners collection of music and dvds.

An archway leads to the Entryway at the front of the house while the far wall holds a rice-paper screen sliding door that gives access to the Bedroom.

Navy Pier - Grand and Lake Shore

Located on Lake Michigan, just East of Chicago's Downtown, Navy Pier has been a Chicago landmark since it first opened in 1916. Originally designed as both a shipping and recreational facility, the Pier also served as a military training site during two world wars, a venue for concerts and exhibitions, and the temporary home for a once-fledgling University of Illinois Chicago campus.

As the Pier fell into disuse during much of the 1970s and 1980s, the State of Illinois and Chicago embarked on a joint plan whereby, in 1989, ownership of the Pier was transferred to the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, the same body which oversees Chicago's McCormick Place. The Authority moved swiftly to redesign Navy Pier into one of the countries most unique recreation and exposition facilities.

Navy Pier now showcases a unique collection of restaurants and shops in addition to unequaled recreational and exhibition facilities — in a setting like no other.

Snow flurries drift silently down from the pale grey sky. The air is damp and cold, and there is little wind. The winter Hawk wind is concentrated in the Loop. There is about forty-six inches of snow on the ground.

Dungeon - Left Hall: Underground Compound

Darkness. There is nothing but darkness and silence in this room. There's a damp, fetid stench that fills the room as if something, or perhaps many things, have died in here.

IC Date/Time

Monday, Feb 07 09:07:10 2011 - Winter Morning < Blizzard >


Woman in Red
9 total guards


A message left once Aakav agress to allow the meeting to take place here, Stormy waits for the arrival of Nuri. She has already gone out to feed earlier, then returned, not going too far from the house near the campus. When the knock comes to the door, she walks with Aakav to the door, opening it herself, "Nuri.." A dip of her head is given to the other vampire, allowing the man at her side to issue the invitation to Nuri to enter his home.

Bowing at the waist as his hands move to his solar plexus, the Egyptian recognizes the other vampire. His fingers splaying out as they are covered with his other hand to form the eye of Ra, he rises up and welcomes the other into his home, "For so long as my Mistress wills it you have my invitation to enter and be apart of this household." Then stepping back Ibn moves behind and to the right of Stormy.

Nuri is not alone at the door. The two golden leads in her hand trail down to her two golden jackals. Perhaps they needed the exercise of the walk over here. "Stormy," she greets, lips lifting almost enough in the corners to be considered a smile. A brow is very faintly lifted at the sight of Aakav, but it is small, and only for an instant. "Thank you," she murmurs, then glances down to the jackals. "I will leave them outside, if needed. They will not terrorize the neighborhood."

"Thank you for coming, Nuri." Stormy offers the other vampire, stepping back to allow her in. Seeing the jackals, she does smile, leaving the option to Aakav as to whether or not he minds them entering. It is his home, after all.

Shaking his head from side to side, Ibn moves to crouch, "Lord Anubis is always welcome in my home, as are his children." An affectionate smile is upon his lips as he speaks to the animals as only the two of them understand, greeting them each in turn and inquiring as to how they have been taken care of and kept. Then remembering to whom's presence he is within he immediately stands up and apologizes to the women, "I apologize I have an affinity for the Gods and their children regardless of form."

Nuri, jackals in tow, enters. To Aakav, they seem content; bellies full, care given, their mistress kind. "Anubis has always been kind to me, and I take care of his children, as he takes care of me." Her attention moves to Stormy, then, "You wished to speak?"

Stormy smiles quietly as she watches Aakav speak with the jackals, her gaze to linger on the young man before he finally staightens to allow Nuri and her protectors inside the house. Door is closed, and she nods, "Yes, with Amun's permission, I've been told to enlist your help in hunting down three women in the city." That said, she does getures towards the comfortable seating within the living room, heading there to continue, "I was tasked to find out why my brother went off on the Pard by the Master of the City. With my Pomme's help, we entered Justin's house the other night and discovered troubling information."

Following behind Stormy and Nuri at a polite, respectable distance, the Mages hands remain clasped befor him, the wrists touching at all times as though bound by invisible tensile. He waits for the do to take their seats before moving to kneel as though in prayer at Stormy's left hand side.. His back straight, chin held high though gaze politely diverted downward. He is placed so that the deftest gesture from Stormy's hand may find his form, yet out of the way should she wish to rise or move.

Nuri follows Stormy into the living room, and, once there, takes a seat. The jackals come to heel, and recline. A casual observer may think they are relaxed, but a keener eye would note that they are highly alert. Guardians, perhaps, too soft a word for them. "I had heard precious little of what it was that caused Justin to hunt the Pard. A shame we have lost such a potent weapon, due to a lack of control." She tsks, and then looks between the two. "What was it that you learned?"

As Ibn takes his seat there at her feet, Stormy's hand reaches out to lay on his shoulder, as if the petite vampire sought out the warmth of his skin under her touch. To Nuri, she nods quietly, "It was a waste, but it seems he was bored, and when approached by a trio of witches with a deal, took them up on it. He was to be paid $50k per pelt that he brought to them of the leopards, and $100k for a pelt from a known alpha. While he did not succeed in bringing them pelts, these witches remain in the city and are likely gearing up to approach another to do the hunting for them. The Master has tasked me with tracking them down, and bringing them in to him - alive - so that he might hand them over to the Pard."

The energy of the powerful mortal rolls lightly about him, a steady warmth eminating from his flesh supernaturally so. The hood of his tunic is laid down to reveal his swan-like yet masculine neck and the marks of the fang there upon. He seems to welcome the touch from Stormy as his posture momentarily slackens in it srigid form to become more at rest. his lips remaining pursed silently as he allows the others to speak uninterrupted.

Nuri's lips press together in thought. Her fingers drum against her own thigh as she considers. "Do you have any leads, as to the locations of these witches? A time or place Justin planned on meeting them, before his demise?" Her head tilts, "And have you spoken with the leopards at all, yet?"

Another touch of her hand to Ibn's shoulder before Stormy nods her head, "It was mentioned that there would be a meeting later tonight upon the Pier. But we have not gone there yet.." She states, "I was hoping to get in touch with you before seeking to go to the pier, though I was prepared to do so. Beyond that, I have not spoken to the Pard. The Master said I was not to tell them until we had them captured, made harmless, so that he could hand them over as a surprise to them, I do believe."

Nuri smirks. "Something of a present, then. I do hope they appreciate it." She is still for a few moments, utterly and perfectly, before she speaks. "I will join you at the Pier, if that is your desiring. I will need a few brief minutes to return to my home, and gain my weapons."

There is a quiet smile from Stormy. "Thank you, Nuri. I felt you would enjoy such hunting more than some of the others. I am glad to have your help." Nodding as she mentions needing to return home, the petite one smiles, "Then shall we meet near the pier in say…" She names an hour or so, enough time to get into place, scope it out before the meeting is to take place.

-They all travel to Pier-

Time folds forward and an hour comes and goes.. The snow that falls overhead casting the world into a pale light of its normal self? Black and grey make up the existence with many of the stores already closed for the evening, even those that are traditionally open quite late.. The bitter cold of the blizzard having driven the populace indoors. Almost like a scene from an Old Noir fiction, there stands a sultry blonde in red, her garments would belie her profession to be that of the oldest in the world.. A simple crimson overcoat with white feathered lining serving to keep her warm on the cold winter's night.. Her aura projecting one of human power, warm and alive, she carries the scent of overpriced perfume upon her form like a halo.

When Nuri returned, it was wearing a long jacket, and without her precious jackals. Her hands are kept within her pockets, and only those extrememly keen-eyed would notice the raise of fabric at her back, the slight curve to it. Following Stormy's lead, here, as it is the other vampire's hunt, not her own.

Changed into black jeans and a turtleneck, Stormy arrives with Ibn, the pair to meet up with Nuri there. When the woman in red is spied, she's studied before a glance to Nuri is given, "All that I sense is that she's human with power. I do not think I pick up anyone else here.." Oddly, she will look to Aakav to see if he agrees with that, taking his opinion intently - he better knows these humans with magic.

For his part Ibn has changes aswell, wearing a formalized uniform almost in a gakuran stylization, it bares a an ankh with a serpent bowing through it at the collar and cuffs.. His form is leisure and complacent as he feels the asp beneath his clothing dancing along his flesh for warmth.. His energy far from hidden, infact Ibn has already considered a cover story in the hour's absence as he approaches the woman with Stormy at his side.. Assuming a momentarily dominant role as he speaks in Latin, "Hail beauty, may Horus gaze upon you and your sisters.. I am Ibn of the House of Life and stand in the stead of the Vampire Amsel." Performing his usual greeting with the eye of Ra at his solarplexus.

Taken aback at first by the man approaching her, the woman smiles as she hears his declaration, bowing her head lightly she speaks with a soft local accent, "Greetings to you Magi.. I wasn't aware that our big black bird had enlisted the aid of the House of Life, are you to accept the tithing on his behalf?" Apparently such blackmarket deals are common place for the House of Life as she speaks freely of the tithing.

Nuri is silent, off to the side. One may not even notice that she is there. Part of the group. Or at least this is, perhaps, the vampire's intent. Her gaze only moves to the woman in red on occassion. Brief.

GAME> Aakav rolls 71 against 80% <+25%> : 34% success
GAME> Aakav rolls 74 against 50% <+43%> : 19% success
GAME> Aakav rolls 59 against 50% <+48%> : 39% success
GAME> Aakav rolls 65 against 50% <+27%> : 12% success

Aakav pages: You spot a bright red cadillace nearby that is a bright red. Smells of the woman's perfume.

Looking about, Stormy does make note of a particularly bright colored car that matches the woman's outfit before her gaze turns back to the introductions that arae going on. Playing her part, she seems to be with Aakav, mostly a guard, perhaps. Who knows. Such rolls are exchanged between the petite vampire and the magi.

As the exchange begins, Ibn shakes his head from side to side, "Not quite as the merchandise sought after has not been so readily attained.. What's more the tithing's cost as you are aware per tradition is paid in gold.." Gesturing about he explains, "We are here to renegotiate the terms of the agreement between the parties involved."

The beauty seems to grow abit upset as she hears this and stomps a heel into the snow, letting her power flare up, "Don't toy with me Magi, the Coven didn't go to the House of Life because of that reason. Gold is not so easily obtained. How much does the Fang want?" Her tone quite beligerant.. A smell red dot appears upon Ibn's chest just above his heart as the woman speaks, the source and existence apparently unknown to the victim as the beauty starts to pace about in a circle, "We expected as much and are willing to pay two hundred thousand per Alpha pelt, but only Alpha. Cursed Therians and the weaker ones are no good to us, we could curse ourselves."

Aakav pages: You can make out the beam slightly in the blizzard it comes from a snowbank near Nuri.

Nuri's jacket is one with a high neck. When her head turns, lips are hidden from sight. She whispers, quietly. But it is enough to get to Stormy's ears. "There are five other men here. Three of them of power, the others blessed. Also, a van nearby." The words are given in French, and quickly. Nuri's watch is hawkish, and only her eyes move towards a snowbank. "We're being marked," is added to Stormy in another whisper. Subtly, Nuri moves to the side, like her path is not the same as the duo. Like she is not with them at all.

Never does Stormy look to Nuri as the other vampire whispers quietly the informatino that she's gathered. Barely does she even look to the snowbank where she's noticed the beam of light from. Her steps do take her to the side, putting herself neatly between the shooter and Ibn. Her form is alert, tense with anticipation of what might come as Ibn handles the 'renegotations' with the woman in red.

Shrugging his shoulders lightly Ibn meets the woman's gaze evenly and says, "I am here on the part of the Vampire Amsel, as such it is for him to pay the tithing, not yourselves.. Though I must ask, are you also a Psychic?" Offering such women praise is often a good tatic, "As you knew right away.." He chuckles good naturedly and says, "Then I have been instructed to escort you to his Estate as.." He gesture about, "Its hard to transport such materials in a servicable fashion.."

Nuri wraps herself in shadows.

Standing quietly at Aakav's side, Stormy remains quietly, her gaze forwards upon the woman in red. And yet, her attention is taking stock of those about that were pointed out to her by Nuri before she disappeared. Hands held before her, she continues to play the 'bodyguard' for Ibn.

The woman in red seems quite taken by the praise as she brings her fingers up, "Just a smidgen.. though not like the elder Sisters.." Then as he continues she pouts and stomps her feet once more shaking his head, "Nut uh, terms of the contract state delivery here, neutral ground, in the open." She gestures about, "You go get the Merchandise.. We'll wait for you.." She lets it slip she's with others…

GAME> Aakav rolls 46 against 80% <+15% +15%> : 64% success
GAME> Aakav rolls 26 against 50% <+23%> : 47% success
GAME> Nuri rolls 56 against 50% <+38%> : 32% success
GAME> Stormy rolls 17 against 50% <+27% +14%> : 74% success
GAME> Aakav rolls one 3-sided die : « 1 »

Nuri is a silent, and sneaky creature. When one has no need to breathe, there is no sound made that indicates life. The shadows wrap around her, bending to her will, as she moves into a position that will bring her behind the men with a target on Aakav. From beneath her coat, she withdraws a short bow. One arrow is put in place, the woman at the ready. Watching, from a distance a wary vampire gives those of Faith.

Stormy is silent still while the woman in red makes her little temper tantrum over the written contract. When she lets slip that she's not alone, she but quirks a brow upwards and speaks quietly, aside to Ibn, "Were not the terms of the contract that such were to be done alone, not with others present?"

GAME> Nuri rolls 15 against 90% <+46%> : 121% success
GAME> Aakav rolls 47 against 90% <+46%> : 89% success
GAME> Stormy rolls 80 against 80% <+34% +10%> : 44% success
GAME> Nuri rolls 83 against 90% <+46% -10%> : 43% success

GAME> Nuri's ranged attack does _4_ damage.
GAME> Success: 43, Obs: 13, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 24

GAME> Nuri rolls 44 against 90% <+46% -10%> : 82% success
GAME> Nuri's ranged attack does _28_ damage.
GAME> Success: 82, Obs: 13, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 40
GAME> Nuri rolls 73 against 90% <+46% -30%> : 33% success
GAME> Nuri's ranged attack does _8_ damage.
GAME> Success: 33, Obs: 13, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 20

Nuri has spent centuries learning to know when to take action. There is a narrowing of her eyes within the shadows that hide her as she lines up her first shot. One must keep the claimed human of what may be a friend safe, after all. The arrow is drawn back, slow and steady, viciously let go with an aim for the heart of the man that has his gun's laser sight on Aakav. It is merciful, in the fact that her victim likely does not suffer too long before her Lord Anubis comes to claim him. A second arrow is taken, quickly followed by a third, that takes out first the shoulder and then the heart of the other Blessed man. A fourth arrow is also sent into motion against a third of her enemy, burying itself into the meat of his back.

GAME> Aakav rolls 35 against 18% <+10%> : 7% failure
GAME> Aakav rolls 39 against 17% <+15%> : 7% failure
«OOC» Aakav says, "okay magic actions fail for first.. second's actions.."
«OOC» Aakav says, "oh wait nvm…"
«OOC» Aakav says, "forgot he had modifiers for prep.."
«OOC» Aakav says, "both of those are successes. You'll see outcome shortly."
GAME> Aakav rolls 30 against 10% <+12%> : 8% failure
«OOC» Aakav says, "My defense.. aww damn.."
GAME> Aakav rolls 85 against 50% <+14% +10%> : 11% failure
GAME> Aakav rolls 33 against 50% <+14% +10% -10%> : 31% success

(Rolling for NPC)GAME> Stormy's ranged attack does _12_ damage.
GAME> Success: 31, Obs: 14, Multiplier: 3, Max.Damage: 12
GAME> Aakav sustains 12 points of damage <major injuries -15%>

The other two men, headless of their comrade, leap from cover, the first working his magical abilities to summon forthe the wind and casts it out towards Aakav and Stormy, sending them both flying backwards. Though Aakav makes the attempt to rip down the spell it is in vain as in the next moment two bullets burp from one of the men's side arm, the first one missing Stormy while the second catches the Magi in the stomach and tears out the backside sending him not only flying backwards, but also with a gaping hole in his chest.

GAME> Stormy's melee attack does _1_ damage.
GAME> Success: 14, Muscle: 32, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 5
GAME> Stormy rolls 37 against 80% <+34% +10% -10%> : 77% success
GAME> Stormy's melee attack does _4_ damage.
GAME> Success: 77, Muscle: 32, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 11
GAME> Stormy rolls 96 against 80% <+34% +10% -15%> : 13% success
GAME> Stormy's melee attack does _1_ damage.
GAME> Success: 13, Muscle: 32, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 4
GAME> Stormy rolls 37 against 80% <+34% +10% -25%> : 62% success
GAME> Stormy's melee attack does _4_ damage.
GAME> Success: 62, Muscle: 32, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 9
GAME> Stormy rolls 28 against 80% <+34% +10% -25%> : 71% success
GAME> Stormy's melee attack does _2_ damage.
GAME> Success: 71, Muscle: 32, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 10

Just as Stormy is moving forwards, the wind comes and pushes her back, the shots of the gun heard. For a moment, she stares as Ibn is hit, the blood smelled on the air, but she doesn't let that stop her, oddly enough. Or perhaps not so oddly, for the petite vampire hisses and goes after the lovely lady in red. Jabs from left and right catch the woman, sometimes only clipping her, at other times - the nose is broken, as is her jaw, leaving the woman in serious bleeding pain, stumbling backwards from the onslought.

GAME> Aakav rolls 24 against 80% <+21% +5%> : 82% success
GAME> Aakav's melee attack does _18_ damage.
GAME> Success: 82, Muscle: 10, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 18
«OOC» Aakav says, "it'll take 4 rounds but she's dead.."
GAME> Aakav rolls 37 against 50% <+17% +10% -10%> : 30% success
GAME> Aakav rolls 16 against 50% <+17% +10% -10% -10%> : 41% success

Crumpled to the ground, a mental command issues forthe from the Asp bearing Ibn as his hands are thrown outward, the asp immediately leads from Ibn's sleeve and catches the woman in the neck, coiling about as it pumps that deadly venom into her face Ibn 's eyes then turn towards the two standing near Nuri, firing off the first ball of fire, its about the size of a baseball, towards the man it catches him in the chest and ignites his clothes… Causing him to scream and roll in pain before he rolls his wrist and casts out another ball of fire towards the one who shot him. Returning the favor as the man's face catches the blast and literally begins to melt and smolder…

GAME> Aakav rolls 65 against 25% <+25% -15%> : 30% failure

Beaty does her best, flailing at the serpent bound to her neck attempting to free herself from it while summoning up her magic, the wind about them catching as it is called forthe but to no avail the beauty is not granted the gift of flight in this moment…

GAME> Nuri rolls 94 against 50% <+23% -10%> : 31% failure
GAME> Nuri rolls 50 against 50% <+23% -10%> : 13% success
GAME> Nuri rolls 14 against 50% <+23% -30%> : 29% success
GAME> Nuri rolls 86 against 50% <+23% -40%> : 53% failure
GAME> Nuri's ranged attack does _8_ damage.
GAME> Success: 29, Obs: 13, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 16
GAME> Nuri's ranged attack does _4_ damage.
GAME> Success: 3, Obs: 13, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 8

GAME> Aakav recovers 1 point of damage <major injuries>

Nuri's face, if anyone were able to see it, is a mask of concentration and completely devoid of emotion. Her bow is lifted up once more, taking aim on different target, the recently-appeared mage. The first arrow is let loose but goes wide. A second arrow is aimed, and while it hits, it is only a bad knick. She murmurs an ancient oath under her breath before letting loose her third, and this one thunks more solidly into the upper shoulder of the man, almost his neck. A fourth arrow ends up in the ground, near his foot.

GAME> Stormy rolls 28 against 80% <+40% +34% +0% +10%> : 136% success

[Weather] Snow falls heavily in the deepening twilight, making it hard to walk through the accumulating drifts, and hard to see. The wind blows the snow about from the east, and it swirls around objects and never falls straight down. The winter Hawk wind is concentrated in the Loop.

As the woman struggles with the snake, and fails to shift, Stormy moves forwards to hit the woman again. She's careful to not kill her with her injuries, but makes sure she knocks the woman unconscious, "Give her the antivenom.. I want to take her with me to play with.." Such a happy voice Stormy does have then, singsonging a touch before she turns to looks. Two on fire? Not going to touch 'em. One who's being targeted by Nuri? He's left for the other vampire to handle for the moment, not getting in her way. Instead, she glances about, perhaps making sure there's no one else sneaking up on them.

GAME> Aakav rolls 100 against 30% <+15% +5%> : 50% critical failure

As Stormy knocks the woman out and seems all too pleased with herself the van idling in the alleyway peels out, which is no simple task in a blizzard… What's even harder to do is control the fishtailing vehichle as it careens out onto the pier, where vehichles aren't supposed to be anyways.. and slams into a lamp post.. The driver, not wearing his seat belt flies through the windshield with a scream.. Being scent askew while the airbag deploys for the passenger.. Those two in the back are just completely jostled about, one even breaking his arm..

Crawling upwards Ibn does his best to hold in his guts, the fire steadily emitting from his hand still.. Working and lapping at his flesh as the wounds heal.. Slowly.. The asp responds to an unspoken command and quickly returns to the warmth of its master while Ibn uses his free hand to draw out the syringe of antivenom and steabs it in an unabashed fashion into the woman's chest.. It is then and only then that he notices the Van that has just shot out of the alley way and he casts his hand out towards the injured man.. Intending to char the already injured man.

GAME> Aakav rolls 20 against 50% <+17% +10% -10%> : 47% success
GAME> Aakav rolls 56 against 50% <+17% +10% -10%> : 11% success

Two arrows of flame pass from Ibn's hand as he casts it out towards the man, catching his form and immediately burning him alive as the scent of burnt flesh and clothing fills the air. The snow melting about him as he literally spends the last moments of his life screaming in agony.

The man who has had his face quite literally burnt off burys his flaming head in the snow as his eyelids melt away.. The other simply falls and collapses, both passing out from pain and mental exhaustion.

GAME> Aakav rolls 90 against 20% <+20%> : 50% failure
GAME> Aakav rolls 26 against 20% <+20% -10%> : 4% success

One can be shot by arrows only so many times before one decides, fuck it.. And Mike has quite honestly decided, fuck it. Watching what's going on he draws out what looks to be the pelt of a small rodent and starts to shift, the arrows being pushed from his flesh as he shrinks down and takes on the form of believe it or not, a wharf rat and starts to scurry away as quickly as his paws will carry him.

GAME> Nuri rolls 75 against 50% <+23% +20%> : 18% success
GAME> Nuri's ranged attack does _12_ damage.
GAME> Success: 18, Obs: 13, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 12

Despite the talents of her brother, and his attempts to change her feelings, if there's one thing in this world that Nuri hates, it's rats. As such, she takes a few precious moments to line up the shot for this small target, careful…careful…and then, release. Her arrow finds itself a home right through the head of the rodent. Satisfied, she looks over towards the van, a new frown on her lips. She moves with the speed given to her kind, and with the strength that comes with it, grabs the handle of the back door and -yanks-, pulling it off the hinges.

GAME> Aakav recovers 4 points of damage <minor injuries>
GAME> Stormy rolls 41 against 90% <+34% +10% -10%> : 83% success
GAME> Stormy's melee attack does _10_ damage.
GAME> Success: 83, Muscle: 32, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 24

For Stormy: Aakav pages: You spot several men in camoflauge nearby covered in the snow. Also van nearby idling aswell as a cadillac. The cadilac is a bright red. Smells of the woman's perfume. Its engine is turned off."

GAME> Stormy rolls 61 against 80% <+34% +10% -20%> : 43% success
GAME> Stormy's melee attack does _14_ damage.
GAME> Success: 43, Muscle: 32, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 16

Flying forwards after a quick check on Aakav, Stormy murmurs, "Keep her from dying if you can." She points to the woman, and then is off towards the van, moving with unnatural speed to the passenger door. Reaching in through the busted door while the man is dazed, the petite vampire slams him into the dash, then snaps his neck in one go. Turning slightly, she reaches in to grab whoever is closest to her, grabbing them and pulling them forwards, short and hard, banging their head into the seat up front.

For his part Ibn simply works on healing himself, nodding towards Stormy as she gives him the command he also heals the woman slightly.. Focusing upon the task before him his magic though only works for himself.. Opting instead to just bandage the woman up to prevent blood loss.

GAME> Aakav recovers 2 points of damage <minor injuries>

GAME> Nuri rolls 78 against 80% <+60%> : 62% success
GAME> Nuri's melee attack does _16_ damage.
GAME> Success: 62, Muscle: 36, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 20
GAME> Nuri rolls 32 against 80% <+60% -10%> : 98% success
GAME> Nuri's melee attack does _14_ damage.
GAME> Success: 98, Muscle: 36, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 26

GAME> Aakav recovers 2 points of damage <passing injuries>
GAME> Aakav recovers 4 points of damage <no injuries>
GAME> Stormy rolls 55 against 80% <+27% +14%> : 66% success
GAME> Nuri rolls 32 against 80% <+48%> : 96% success

«OOC» Aakav says, "Okay so. 3 shotguns 5 rounds of silver buck in each in the van. the two brief cases aforementioned, Nuri notices something's wrong with one of them. Turn's out they are bombs.. She finds the detonator for said bomb in the cadilac. Cadicaly holds a silver switch blade. and 9 mm. The charred bodies dont have any body armor or anything to scavenge. the arrow ones don't really have anything of note ebyond ya know basic taticle gear. One of them did drop a .357 magnum. And silenced rifle. "

And so, after all but the woman in red, are dead or near dead, the search is made of van and people, the cache of weapons, ammon and bombs are put together. Loading the woman in the caddy along with Aakav, the other bodies are tossed into the van with one of the bombs. Nice of them to provide their own clean-up, hmm? Returning to the caddy, Stormy glances to the pair of them, "Nuri, you want to come with, or you going to make your own way back home?" Either she'll offer a ride, or not. Aakav is brought with Stormy to help with the woman as needed, heading to her place to ditch the woman in the dungeon.

The caddy will be driven off, and the second bomb used to blow the caddy up. Yay for a night of fun. Poor police who gets to deal with it.

-They travel to dungeon.-

Once things have been taken care of, Stormy returns here to the secret place she calls home. She's trusting him big time, but feels she will need him and his magic in some ways. There's a secret entrance here located in the video store. A tunnel moves from there, strung with horrible spider webs that gives you the image of an Indiana Jones movie or something. There are even some that she carefully points out as being razor sharp. carrying the woman, she finally steps into the main hall. It's large. Fancy, Medieval. And empty beyond furniture.. To the left she moves, and then finally, into this dungeon area. "Should be alright here. Can make her.. as comfortable as she should be." The petite vampire states as she glances to him over her shoulder.

Having changed into his sarong along the way, Aakav follows passively behind Stormy.. He doesn't question the secretive nature of the lair in the slightest and infact he fully expects such.. Following behind Stormythe entire time he pumps healing energies into the woman.. It's a slow but steady process but her wounds do mend and begin to heal and she looks almost normal when she is placed down by Stormy.. Ibn's hands still weaving quietly through the air as Stormy turns to face him, arching a curious brow.

Laying the woman down on a stone slab, Stormy does look to chain her down to it, keeping her in place. Especially once she realizes that there has been some healing done to her. There's a quiet little burst of happiness from the petite vampire who almost skips around the slab to lock the woman up. Reaching up, she does seek to rip her clothes apart, to strip her of the dress and coat she wears. No going anywhere's for her, not that she could fly very far here.

Watching Stormy work, Ibn moves closer as the woman is laid upon the slab, murmuring softly in coptic as he works the magic over her wounds. Aakav's magics seeping into her he pauses upon the cusp of consciousness, inquiring, "Do you wish me to wake her?"

GAME> Aakav loses 20 points of psyche <-20 penalty>

Stepping back, Stormy watches him, listening as he speaks words over the woman. When he finally pauses to look at her, she blinks in surprise and then peers at him, "You can wake her now? If so…" She ponders, "Go for it. I want to question her. You think we'll have trouble from her like this? Don't know what sort of psychic she is.."

Looking her over he says, "You will want to break at least one bone in eac finger first Mistress, otherwise she would still be able to work her magic.. Also if she begins to speak and its in rhyme or any way odd I recomend punching her in the mouth to prevent the incantation.." Looking the woman over he explains, "Witches tend to rely upon their hands more than their mouths aswell as external focuses.." He gestures towards her clothes, "Its their weakness and their strength if they are properly prepared."

Listening to his suggestions, Stormy nods and moves forwards, "Once you stop healing her, I'll do the fingers. Then I'll be sure to keep track of her words." A pause, and she moves forwards, to kiss him softly, "Thank you for your help tonight. I.. almost freaked seeing you shot, until I remembered you could heal yourself.. " She was very worried, but stayed focused.

Returning the kiss he warns her, "I can heal so long as I can survive and given enough time.. I am not like Vampires or Therians.." That said he places his hand to the woman's head and in a few moments she rouses, looking quite alarmed while Ibn himself moves away, looking abit drained and distant..

"I know. I am sorry you got shot tonight, Ibn. I really am." Stormy offers quietly before ducking her head, turning as he wakes the woman. And so, it is to the pale vampire that the woman will see when her eyes flutter open, "Good evening.. it is good to see you awake.." And with those words, the first finger is broken on one hand with an easy snap of a bone. It is quickly followed by another, the vampire's gaze to linger on the woman's face.

The woman simply looks up at Stormy in absolute fear, immediately trying to work her magic, fumbling with her hands she whimpers as she finds her clothing missing.. And then.. then there's pain.. Pain and suffering as her magick ends with a scream from her fingers being broken like chop sticks.

"Shhh.. shh.. " Stormy murmurs, that singsong tone back in her voice as she works. With several broken on one hand, then on the other, Stormy finally moves to stand where she can see her again, "You are going to talk sweetie.. and you will tell me all you know." She murmurs, leaning in, a flash of her fangs to be seen as she peers into the woman's fear-filled face. How the petite vampire /feeds/ then, soaking up the emotion like a sponge, shuddering with pure pleasure, "Oh, yes.. you taste.. lovely."

For the longest time the woman simply screams and sobs in pain, the fear palpable as it bleeds from her, quaking form head to toe she whimpers while looking up at the Vampiress.. Speaking between sobs, "My sisters will come for me.. You'll be sorry.. they're the fates themselves and none can escape them.."

Stormy whispers huskily, her gaze darkening as she feeds from the woman's fear, drawing it in to her. "I am outside the touch of Fates, don't you understand? I am the Undead. Ask anyone out there who believes in life and faith." She giggles then, the sound that of a young girl as she licks her lips, "Don't you see, they sent you instead of going themselves, knowing that you'd likely end up dead. You might as well be dead.. everyone else is. Nice little bombs you had. Too bad about your car.."

Whimpering softly the woman shakes her head vehemetly from side to side as she stares up at her, "Nut uh.. No.. You're lying.." He turns her head about doing her best to look away, s[otting the drained Ibn she calls out to him, "The house of Life.. I call upon you.. I ask for my life, protect me from harm and I shall pay any tithing…" Though in truth, Ibn just offers her a far away drained expression in return.. saying nothing.

"No, just telling you the cold… hard.. facts." Stormy states before finally reaching out, a nail pressed to the woman's chest, raking slowly downwards to scratch her hard, leaving her bleeding just a touch. When she dares to address Ibn, she slaps her lightly to shut her up. "No, no no.. sorry darling, but you see.. he's mine."

Her back arches up from the cold stone slab as he cries out in pain, a shuddering horrified scream eminating from her lips as she hears the Vampire's words.. The beauty's hair askew as she shakes her head side to side again, "Please.. I didn't do anything to you.. I just came for the exchange.."

"Tsk.. tsk.." Stormy says before leaning down to lick the blood slowly from the woman's chest, her gaze to linger, "You see, this is our city, protected by many strong men and women. And we do not like what your sisters.. wish to do here." A smile appears, the fangs to show, "You will tell me of your sisters, and where they are. You will tell me what they will do when you and your little army does not return tonight." Licking her lips, painting them crimson with the woman's stolen blood, she whispers, "If you tell me what I wish to know, I will give you a quick death. If you lie.. then.." She grins again, "Then your skin will decorate my wall, just as that swan's did your coat."

Fear spikes again within the woman and she shakes her head from side to side, "Please no.. I'm harmless.. we just want to be able to shift that's all.. Please oh please.. I don't know.. Please don't kill me.." She squirms as she looks up at the Vampiress with those pleading eyes, "I don't know anything.. they just assigned me to meet with a Vampire named Amsel.."

"You are not so harmless. You were prepared to kill us all tonight." Stormy points out before she traces a finger along the woman's cheek, down along her throat, her shoulder, and to her hand to flick one of the broken fingers there, "You know where they are, you know how to get in touch with them. You know so.. much.. " And pause, and a curious tilt of her head is given before she steps back, just enough to being to strip out of her clothes - wouldn't wish to stain them with blood, even if they're black, "Your sisters killed my brother with their request. And until I get my hands on them, you will have to entertain me, mon ami." Just to the side, there is a knife, a wickedly sharp blade that is lifted into her hand, "So, have you ever killed a shifter, skinned them while they were alive? Or do you generally kill them first?"

A sharp cry comes from the woman's lip as her broken finger is flicked by the immortal, shuddering with pain, "I don't know anthing!" She pleads as her eyes water up, watching the blade in the vampire's hands, "ALive.. alive.. we need them alive there.. The pelt has to be skinned alive but the shifters usually die in the process.. "

"That is what I thought.." Stormy questions lightly before she asks, "And what about these shifters you skinned? What of their families? Their lives. What gives you the right to kill them, just so you can get the pleasure of shifting?" The knife flicks out quick enough, cutting skin along the other side of the woman's chest, a shallow cut before she finally reaches up to catch the woman's chin, looking into her eyes, and this time, bending down to bite the woman, sinking fangs into her to draw a mouthful or two of blood before lifting her head. Licking her lips, she murmurs, "You will tell me about your sisters. You know where they are.. and if you're smart, you will tell me what I want to know. Or.. you'll learn just how those shifters felt."

Shaking her head violent from side to side the young witch says to the vampiress as she weeps, her will steadily breaking, "I don't know.. please.. I can't tell you.. you'll murder the coven,, I can't do that.." She starts muttering quickly in gaelic.

Stormy snaps out a hand to slap her, to keep her from speaking again, busting her lip in the process, "No, little birdie.. no speaking in languages other than English.." She says as she places her hand over the other's mouth then, soon to flick a finger again, to bring the pain back to the front. "You will tell me." With her hand holding the woman's head still, her gaze meets hers, "Tell. Me." The words come out strongly, a hard whisper that speaks of coldness of death, and in that moment, she.. rots just a little.

The woman's eyes go wide and Ibn himself actually finds this mildly disturbing even as he casts his gaze away, figuring its probably no different han her own feeling when he summons fire.. THe woman though just shivers and trembles, whimpering in absolute fear as she gives the addres of a place in Waconda.

As the woman begins to ramble, giving her the address, Stormy smiles quietly, "No, was that so hard to do?" She questions, her face reforming, her body going back to normal. A pat upon the cheek of the woman - was there a sticky wetness left behind there, or her imagination? Looking up at Ibn, there is a curious look within her eyes as she sees that he's looked away, and for a moment, the petite vampire frowns, soon to turn away again. Moving to the cabinet, duct tape is pulled out, and a strip torn off to be used to gag the woman after a piece of her dress is torn and stuffed into her mouth. "I will be back to play more, if that address does not give me what I want, my little birdie."

The woman just lays there, shaking, breathing heavily through her nose… Ibn for his part looks back to Mistress when she reforms, flushing slightly and still looking drained, "Sorry.. was.. just abit off putting.." She is nude afterall..

With the gag in place, Stormy makes sure the woman remembers well what she's up against, and breaks one more finger. Just for fun. Turning away from the woman, she steps closer to Ibn, but only a step or two, her expression going to something.. shy, uncertain. "I would not have had you see me like that.. I am sorry." A pause, and she glances back, then to him, "Shall I take you home?" She's figuring he might wish to be back in his familiar surroundings, away from her. Voice lowered, she murmurs, "I will use this information tomorrow night.."

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