Yo Yo
Yo-Yo's Vitals
Name: Ashleigh 'Yo-Yo' Mason
Race: Human
Shortdesc: 5'5" brunette w/ hazel eyes
Position: Desk-Clerk at Divine Torture
Fame: n/a
Emit: Staff
Unknown as Ashleigh 'Yo-Yo' Mason


A slim five foot five with chestnut brown hair tied away from her hazel eyes under narrow arched eyebrows in a braided ponytail, Yo-Yo is one of the young and chipper attendants at Divine Torture's front desk. Her adornment consists of dark red lipstick, small ear-rings, and her name on a polished brass nametag.

Her clothes match the decor of the front parlor, a rich cherry red-pink velvet tuxedo jacket with hem cut high in front and hanging low in a swallow-tail in back. The narrow lapels are a darker red and hang wide enough to show that the white ruffled shirt underneath is sleeveless and shoulderless. A knee-length pink skirt with a dark red cummerbund is worn in place of pants, although it bears the velvet trim of tuxedo trousers on either side of a high slit up each side. Black fishnets and low black dress-heels complete the uniform.


  • One of the two more frequently seen desk clerks at Divine Torture, along with Slinka.
  • Like all D.T. employees, Yo-Yo will not do anything actually sexual while on the clock (thus avoiding any prostitution charges against her or her workplace).
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