Zachary Michael Evans's Vitals
Name: Zachary Michael Evans
Race: Were-leopard (Persian Leopard)
Shortdesc: A fragile looking teenager with pale blond hair and grey blue eyes
Position: Nimir-Raj of the Chicago Pard
Fame: Highly gifted musician
Temperament: Tormented soul
Themesong: Invisible - Adema
Jeremy Dufour as Zachary Michael Evans


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Reflections in the Mirror

The young man is pale shadow of a fair haired ganymede, just from the cusp of youth but not yet cast to the appearance of adulthood. His blond hair darkens at the roots to a light caramel color and fades to a pale honey just a few inches from the tips. His mop of hair is an unruly mass of locks which hold no particular direction or part, the bangs of which reach easily to his chin. His skin holds an unhealthy pallor, which makes the shadows around his grey blue eyes all the more noticeable. His face is way too thin and shows some signs of malnutrition. But beyond that, there is an almost haunted look held deep within those piercing blue eyes.

Zack appears to be somewhere around his mid to late teens. There is something that is almost androgynous about the teen, but not quite, something that manages to straddle the edge of delicate and fragile; the line that also stands between sensual and sexual. One could almost describe Zachary as not handsome, nor cute, but almost beautiful, almost angellic.

Zack's clothing has been well worn. His jeans are faded and tattered, as the edges of the hem are frayed across the back, and the knees have worn through, leaving a horizontal curtain of nobby white threads. The slate blue henley that he is wearing has faded to a dull grey, and although it is only a small, it appears to be somewhat too large for him. Although his sneakers are of a current style, they have the wear that is generally attributed to years of wear. Engulfing his way too slender form is a large black woolen pea coat. The collar of which is often flipped up slightly, so that can offer as much protection from the cold as possible.

The Leopard
The Persian Leopard before you is quite large, much larger then it probably should be. The leopard has a lean build to it but an almost natural grace about it that makes its very motion awe-inspiring. The male leopard is a soft butter cream color, almost white fur with dark black rosettes on its body, with smaller spots leading to the head and face. The leopard has bright blue eyes that hold a very intelligent gleam. It's long tail is thin and slightly curled.

Zack is specifically a Persian leopard (panthera pardus saxicolor). Of the eight recognised subspecies of leopard found in the world, the rare Persian leopard is one of the largest. While size varies considerably throughout the geographic range of the leopard, the main characteristic features are shared by all subspecies. Typically, they have short legs and a powerful stocky frame, uniquely patterned with black rosettes on the back, flanks, shoulders and haunches and black spots and blotches on the head, throat, chest and belly. The background colour of their distinctive coat ranges from pale yellow to deep gold, with the exception of the underparts which are white from the chin to the tail. The pattern of rosettes, spots and blotches extends to the tip of a long tail, which measures between 60 to 75 percent of the head and body length. The skull is conspicuously large in proportion to the rest of their body and allows for the powerful jaw muscles required to take larger prey.

The Other Side of the Looking Glass

Zack is a contradiction in many ways. He is fiercely protective of those that he cares about, and since becoming a were-leopard, includes every member of the Pard. He is the constant nursemaid, wanting to take care of everyone who needs it. Yet at the same time, he often has little concern for his own safety of well-being. Often, in mixed company, Zack prefers to stay quiet, listening and watching everyone else. He is generally very polite, almost to being old-fashioned, which sometimes carries across in the way that he speaks, as well as his actions. For those that he cares about he would sacrifice everything for them. Eventhough Zack is a very emotional young man, he has a tendency to try to keep it all internalized, even when it is to his detriment and eats away at him. Despite his many charms, Zack can be incredibly stubborn, and as the days pass since he became a shifter, the young man is finding himself to be much more confiident in himself.

The Path that Leads behind Us

Zack grew up in California, just outside of Los Angeles. His father, Michael, died when Zack was three years old. He had been a musician and played the cello in the Los Angeles Philharmonic. When he was eight years old, Zack's mother Caroline remarried. Dennis, Zack's stepdad, never really liked the idea of raising another man's kid, but the brat came with Caroline, and despite his best efforts, there was nothing he could do about it.

Zack inherited his father's gift with music, and by the time he was ten, was already a talented pianist. All of his music teachers commented about how he had a natural ear for music. Caroline encouraged Zack's love for music, but for Dennis, it was just another reminder of Caroline's late husband. Though in truth, Dennis seemed to disapprove of everything that Zack did. Dennis always thought he would have a son that was like him, not some little limp wristed sissy boy who would rather play the piano or take dance lessons. Dennis regularly told Zack that he was like having a daughter and not a son - at least whenever Caroline was not around.

The Ties that Bind

Ahikam - Zack sees himself in Ahikam so much it hurts. Because of their similar pasts, he feels a strong connection to the little blond panther. He misses Ahikam, now that he has left for other parts.
April - Zack realizes that April is technically part of the Pard, but he thinks of her as the big sister that he never had. He wishes that she would come back, but he understands that she has to take care of her family back home.
Forest - Forest was the Nimir-Raj of the Pard, when Zack was infected. Zack doesn't see Forest as a father figure, but more like an older brother.
Jeremy - Zack is puzzled by the snow-leopard healer. At times, he is very affectionate and other times very aloof.
Keith - Keith is one of those people that you just like being around. Zack thinks that he's a bit of a goofball. Zack is beginning to think of him as the brother he calls himself.



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