Zander's Vitals
Name: Alexander Jean Mulyir
Race: Psychic Human
Shortdesc: A tall man with emerald green eyes.
Position: Clerk at Moonlight Music
Fame: Ask me
Temperament: Cool, Calm, Collected
Themesong: "Hate on Me" by Glee Cast
Taylor Kitsch as Alexander Jean Mulyir


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


Alexander is someone who does not talk about his past, family, or what he did for a living. He has recently arrived in Chicago after being out of the country for close to three years. As he gets settled into restarting his life, he has gotten himself an apartment, a job, and a hobby. He loves having this "normal" life, yet the issue is…he is not normal.


Zander has a complex personality that many never explore in its entirety. He is daunting and possessed of many layers. On the surface, many see gentle kindness and a soft-spoken, delicate young man. Certainly concern for others is something that shows through in his relations with them. He rarely raises his voice in conversation, unless it is necessary or unless something has deeply affected him. Similarly, he tries not to be unnecessarily confrontational, considering that it might be hurtful.

He is not deceptive, but he is not an open book, by any means. To most, he shows a disciplined, deeply focused individual, able to withstand whatever could be thrown at him. Even if others cannot be strong, his unique position forces him to do so. If allowed to become more familiar with him, his friends will find a perhaps surprisingly vulnerable man, one who must maintain his strength so that he of all people will believe in it. He would like to be cared for, but more important on his list of priorities is the protection of others, the caring for others so that they will be able to live fully.

Nonetheless, he is remarkably sensitive and can sympathise with others effortlessly. He knows when the time is right to show what is necessary, in order to win the trust of another or to show them that he is acting in good faith, or that they may reciprocate. He is very sensitive to the things that others will respond to, naturally, and tends to employ this empathy in his relations with others. Yet he carefully makes it so that most will not get too close to him, for their safety and his own. He often maintains himself as an outsider until or unless he can be persuaded otherwise.

It can be difficult to get him to volunteer information unless it is directly applicable to the situation at hand. Usually he is not a fan of filling a void with chatter, but he can discuss intelligent topics in depth. Meaningless chit-chat does not fit into his area of expertise, and it may contribute to others thinking that he might be awkward in certain situations. He can and does express himself freely, though, and that occurs not only through words, but through actions. When he meets someone to whom he can relate deeply or easily, he will express himself in his unique ways to them; to him, communication occurs on so many levels, and only one of those happens to be the verbal level.



…. to most people.


Recent Unfoldings

After his flight, Zander checked into his hotel and decided to go for a walk to see the city. He found a nice cafe by the Navy Pier. He decided to get a coffee and came across Kai. The two decided to have a cool conversation as guests came and gone. After getting better feel for the city, Zander got himself an apartment at Ravenswood Manor. He is working part time at Moonlight Music for Sable. He has returned a few times back to the Cafe in hopes to see Kai yet no luck. Not an eventful month but he at least has got some roots now and is ready to find a second job to help pay for the bills.


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RP Hooks

Zander has a hidden past. He has traveled the world to get away from his past. However, if you are a criminal or know of criminal types, Zander might be known by you…he might not be known to you. If you think you would know him or who he was please send me a page or @mail and we can discuss it basied on your own background. Zander is open to all kinds of roleplay and possible roleplay hooks.


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