Log:20100106 - Zombie Blues down on the Bayou

Scene ran by Alejandro


The Blues Bayou: Bar - Division Avenue: East

The midnight blue walls have been festooned with pieces of shiny, silvery metal in celestial shapes that catch and reflect the ambient light. Tall, round tables with black legs of wrought iron are surrounded by matching stools with dark blue cushions and curving backs. Darkly stained wood floors sheen with polish beneath the tables, but a dance floor has been marked with shimmering silver paint. Track lighting is arranged at the black ceiling around the wrought iron posts that serve as columns here and there around the room. Next to the gleaming, chrome bar is a stage where musicians often wail out the smoky, lonesome sound of the blues. There are three exits in the bar - louvered 'saloon' doors that allow access to the dining room, a dark doorway beneath a white neon 'Restrooms' sign, and the stained glass doors in the wide transom that leads to the street.



Wednesday, Jan 06 2010 <Fog>

Pushing open the doors to the bar, Riley enters with a casual gait to his pace. A soft hum escaping his lips as he moves to take a seat near the bar. He leans over the bar and looks around for the tender, idly resting his legs upon the barstool.

Rachel enters a few minutes after Riley, her short stride almost a jog as she hurries to join him at the bar where she does a hop to get up onto the barstool to sit.

Within this type of foul weather, Tabby had to find some place to keep warm, or else she'd freeze to death. Being homeless as she was wasn't exactly the keenest of situations to be in, especially in the middle of winter and in Chigaco at that. Making her way into the bar, the young teen holds her slender arms wrapped around herself as she pushes past the front doors and heads inside. Stopping briefly in the main section of the room and nearby the door, the kid takes a look around as she asesses her current environment. With but an afterthought, she makes her way on over to the bar as she slips into a stool there and waits for the tender to take notice of her. Resting her small booted feet on the bottom rung of the bar, the girl sets her forearms down on the counter top as she awaits for her order to be taken.

Ailis walks up to the bar and looks around for the tender, they're always behind the bar aren't they? Her dog taking a seat beside her on the floor.

The night was thick with a near palpable moisture as a stray fog creeps up on little cat's feet and works its way slinking into the darkness there beyond the nethtide of abyssal shadows. Night sweeps on over the city of Chicago in a thick blanket of pitch as dark shadows creep on through dank alleyways and twist through the winding labyrinthine streets. The air was cold and bitter as the north, winter wind chills to the bone and sweeps throughout the city proper.

It howls long, wailing in the night as it may very well cause goosebumps to rise upon one's flesh. Dark, greyish clouds tumble throughout the blackened sky as they roll over each other in a ferverous conundrum. Stars sparkle brightly like diamonds as they glisten agaisnt the backdrop of deep vermillion and crimson, golden hues. The soft palor of the moon shines down in liquid starfire as it caresses the streets below in waves of silvery illumination.

Suddenly there is a loud thud at the back door in the Kitchens.. Then another.. Louder one at the front.. then a third… Then suddenly all goes quite again.. The smell of freshs spilt blood fills the air followed by a blood curdling feminine scream, a moment later a rather curvacious young woman plows through the door wrapped in the arms of a wretched disgusting creature that is doing its absolutely beast to dine upon the soft meaty flesh of her chesticles…

Riley immediately turns to face the door at the scent of blood, moving with supernatural reflexs he worldeslly picks up Rachel and quite literally leaps over the bar to the otherside as the scream comes next followed by the loud crash. Placing himself between her and the apparent zombie.

"Stella. Stella. /Stella/." Gabe says to the kitchen hand, with a sigh. She pushes herself over the table and makes her way toward the pair, reaching out to grab ahold of the zombie and yank it off of the woman. She says mildly, "Stop drop and roll."

Gabe grabs ahold of the creature on her staff's back, yanks it off of her and tosses it into a wall. It bounces a little.

Before all was quiet, or at least as quiet as a popular club could get. Though as the sound of solid thumping is heard within the back and accompanied by a blood curdling scream…Tabby seems to get the idea that not all is right within the world, or in her current situation as it were. When the zombie and Stella come flying out of the back kitchen, Taban reacts more on instinct then anything else. It was that initial flight or fight moment as the kid reaches over the bar with a quickness and takes a bottle, any bottle that she can in the moment. The bottle is cracked on the counter top as she now arms herself with a rather sharp and pointy object in order to do some real damage…or hope to do some real damage at least.

Ailis narrows her eyes at the scent of blood, sliding to her feet as her floofy mastiff jumped lartly to his paws, and looked for a chair to grab.

Ailis runs over to the thing once it's on the floor with her mastiff and takes a good crack at it's skull with her fist.

Rachel is in Riley's arms, over the counter and put on the floor before she even knows anything is going on at all. Then Riley turns to face whatever it is that has come out of the kitchen all stinking and bloody. She peers around him and puts her hand over her mouth. She knows better than to move from where she had been placed and for an unknown reason, she sends out no waves of fear.
And now… Panic sets in.. People rush from the dining hall clambering over one another to reach the exits… Only to find as they throw the doors open that the bouncers themselves are currently trying and doing their best to fight off several more zombies. Two of which take notice of the masses and immediately sprint past the hired hands, their speed quick, not preternatural, but swift for a human.. Bouncing up over tables to catch their prey. There's a crash of a window as suddenly a man is pulled out it by a set of decomposing arms that drag him outside. Nalio is amongst this crowd.. Sadly for her.. The Ghoul rising to his feet he doesn't attempt to fight those that attacked him rather he dives at the next passing target and sinks his teeth into flesh. Veroasciously dining upon the fat italian man. A small child screams from the main room as one of the two ghouls have caught his pudgey, redsauce smeared face behind and is tearing at that soft belly…

Riley looks towards Gabe pointedly and says, "Hey I'm new in town and this is your place.. I'm strong but I've already pissed in the Ulfric's Cheerios once.. help or stand back?" He's clearly not going to get involved as he holds Rachel back behind him unless he is asked or told. He's pissed off Monty enough already.

"I don't care." Says Gabe. Who then cracks her knuckles a few times and claws form. She makes her way toward the door of the main room, and she starts to tear up the zombie on the little kid. Though she doesn't seem to be getting that great of a hold.

With broken bottle in hand, the young teen moves quickly through the room…or at least as one can through a mass hysterical crowded room. The girl follows after Gabe as she strikes to imbed the zombie on fatso into its skull.

Nalio looks over at the Zombie that just pulled the man out the window and growls lightly as she passes through the crowd, looking like a fish swimming upstream. Her eyes go black and a cold burst flesh from her as she hold her hand in the zombies direction and the thing is illuminated in a purple glow before his limbs start to contort as the sound of breaking bones can be heard.

Rachel pulls back from looking around Riley when he puts his hand back to make sure she's staying behind him. She watches what action she can with him blocking her view then leans to the other side to see what she can see from there. As each ghouly gets stabed, kicked, tossed or hacked on she gives out little yells of encouragement for the defenders.

People finally seem to start making it to cover as police sirens can be heard approaching from the distance… Never the less thsoe ghouls that have their food are doing their best to eat as rapidly as they can, the one on the fatman regenerating quite abit as the other releases the boy who holds his innards. A loud cry shouting for his mother who is hoepfully somewhere amongst the masses. That third zombie has finally managed to corner some prey.. Another curvacious blonde.. He pounces her to the ground and bites into her breast.. only he pulls out a large bloody silocone sack instead and has a confused expression upon his face. The Ghoul near Taban and Gabe whirls about on them and roars as best he can though to little avail as he swipes at Tabans face. Missing by inches.

Well seems Riley decides to join the fight now as he leaps over the counter with preternatural speed, his hands englonating as nails turn to claws he rushes the third and rams into it from behind, burying the tips of his fingers into the creature's back.

Gabe growls at the ghoul and grabs a hold of it, her arm tearing down it's back and along it's side. While the other hand misses it's arm that it was going for.

Rachel suddenly stops cheering when she hears the sound of sirens mixes in with the screams of people trying to get away from the ghouls and the yells of the ones fighting them. "oh, we getting rescued." "hey wait." this last is for Riley when he leaps over the bar again. "wait for me." and grabbing something long and pointy from under the bar she tries to climb over the thing, waving her weapon in her left hand and yelling something that might or might not be a warcry.

Taban goes for the eyes next as she stirkes forwards with an uncanny speed, though unfortunately her strike misses as she's a good deal off, most likley from being unbalanced by the zombie swinging at her face.

Ailis clenches both hands into fist as the mastif watches her back, she throws a one-two punch at the decaying mess of a zombie's head.

The zombie eating the fatman finally stops and turns on Ailis as she pops him twice in the head. An eyeball falling out of his socket and rolling across the ground. The one Gabe and Taban double team looks positively thrash and is literally in shambles doing its best to try to flee from the duo though to next to no avail while Riley stays as he is with his claws pinned into the other and Rachel jabs it with the knife used for cutting lemons from behind the bar. The sirens in the background growing closer as the bouncers have managed to push back the remaining zombies and barricade the door. A few of them are injured but nothing /too/ serious. But that one that just lost his eye.. he looks pist and Ailis looks like a meal. He lunges at her and pins her to the floor seamlessly.

Keeping the creature pinned in place with one clawed hand, Riley draws up his other and shoves it into the creature's spine muttering, "First Lions.. Now Zombies.. If I fight a bear tomarrow I'ma go look for a yellow brick road.." One knee shoved upon the creature's back the other bracing his leg.

Gabe /does not/ like zombies, especially in her bar. She grabs ahold of the arm of the thing and tears it clean off, and then starts beating in it's head with a /snarl/.

With zombie X down, Tay quickly turns her head as she spots Ailis pinned under another. WIth a dark frown the kid makes an effort to head thaddaway as she jerks her right hand back ten attempts to plummet her broken bottle into it's skull. Though as her mark seems to do no damage the waif can't help but curse under her breath, "Sunova…"

Ailis tries to fight back and struggle with the zombie but all she manages is some grunting in her efforts.

Growling as he sees his Owner get attacked the Mastiff runs over and bites into the leg of the Zombie. The wretched deformed creature screams in pain as its soul is wretched from the body as it dies anew. The dog shaking hte leg violently back and forthe between his jowls as it is ripped clean off.
Two down.. One to go and its pinned by Riley who is performing a lobotomy upon its spine..

Hearing the Death of the other Riley doesnt attempt to attack he merely restrains the beast beneath him as it scratches and claws at the ground attempting to escape. Its legs and body flailing madly as all of Riley's preternatural strength is laid to bare upon its back.

Angry black woman is angry. She makes her way over to the ghoul that Riley is on, reaching out and grabbing ahold of it's head. Pulling two quick yanks on it, with her claws in it's face. Yar.

Ailis shoves the dead corpse off her and pets her Mastiff "Good boy Jesus, good boy!" then looks around and moves to sneak out the back "Even if I knew how to explain this mess I wouldn't want to.."

With zombie X, Y and Z down…along with several other letters, Tabby turns to face the rest of the lasting others just to make certain that everyone, well at least most of everyone is ok. With little more then a thank you, hello or goodbye, the teen is off towards the back door, or whatever door isn't barricaded at the time. The kid is still a runaway and most likely on the records for being missing, so making a quick exit stage left seems to be the most logical thing to do. After a quick check to make sure that the chaos had at least died down to managable levels, and with everyone, or most everyone looking not too shabby…well except fatso over there, the waif splits like a banana peel and leaves out the door and back int othe urban wilds.

Riley leaves the corpse there and quick as a bolt of lightning he is back in the bar, grabbing his jacket and likewise cutting out.. The sirens growing abit too close for comfort as he shakes his head from side to side, "Not sticking around to play good samaritan this time.."

Gabe is left to explain to the cops.. Sucks for her..

OOC Note: Nalio had to leave mid scene. Hence the disappearance of her from the pose order.

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